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Trek Director Cliff Bole Talks To TV Zone

Posted: 19:03:14 on August 31
By: Anonymous Coward
Dept: General Star Trek

The April 2000 issue of the british TV Zone magazine features an exclusive interview with veteran director Cliff Bole, who talks to journalist Steve Eramo about his work on the various incarnations of Star Trek, and creating some very iconic shots for TNG's 'The Best of The Both Worlds Part 1 and 2" and "Unification Part 2", which guest starred Leonard Nimoy as Ambassador Spock. Here are some excerpts of the interview :

About 'The Best of The Both Worlds" two-parter : "That's probably one of my better shows. It all just came together. Michael Piller wrote it and despite our differences, still considers one of his greatest accomplishments on the series.[...] The Borg set itself was very small because of budget restraints. If I did one shot facing down a hallway, I'd change something on the wall, do something a little different and then use the same hall again on another shot. This trick came in handy during the scene in which Lieutenant Commander Shelby (Elisabeth Dennely) and her Away Team are using phasers to fight off the borg. I rotated the actors and changed the lighting as I did all my shots to make it appear as if the Borg were advancing from different section of their cube. So we basically cheated our way thought that set and it came out just fine."

About "Unification Part 2" : "The one unfortunate part about that story is that Leonard [Nimoy] was only available for four days, so we couldn't do much with him. We had to film lots of dialogue rather than lots of action. It would have been terrific to integrate him more on the story, but it was a pleasure to work with him just the same."

About Deep Space Nine : "I only did a handful of Deep Space Nines, both for personal reasons and the fact that I was busy with my commitments to The Next Generation and a few other shows. However, I did enjoy doing Deep Space Nine because was a bit darker and also whenever Armim Shimmerman [Quark] and Rene Auberjonois [Odo] were together on the screen was pure magic. I recently directed a series in Canada and ran into Rene, who happened to working on another show up there, and we met for drinks and reminisced about Deep Space Nine"

About Voyager : "Jennifer Lien did a solid performance [in "Cold Fire"]. I wasn't working on the show when she left, so I don't know what happened there. Peharps they hit a dead end with her character, but I thought she had tremendous potential as an actress. It was also good to work again with Tim Russ. I'd hired him for a part in The Next Generation episode "Starship Mine" and that was kind of a screen test for his role of Tuvok in Voyager. He did one heck of a job in the next episode I directed, "Meld" [...]."

For more on this issue of TV Zone, go to


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