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John Ordover Interview

TTN got the privilege to interview John Ordover, who is a Star Trek book editor for Pocket Books.

Here's the full interview:

BW: What exactly do you do at Pocket Books?

JO: I develop and edit the majority of the Star Trek fiction line; I also edit fantasy novels, thriller novels, horror novels, and will wash cars remarkably cheap.

BW: What upcoming Star Trek books are in the process of being released?

JO: Right now, we have out the first two books of the Star Trek: New Frontier Excalibur Trilogy, with the hardcover finale coming in late October/Early November, and just hitting the stands this week are two new Rihannsu books by Diane Duane. Also out right now is the TNG novel THE GENESIS WAVE, which is a killer book.

BW: What do you think of the Excelsior Campaign?

JO: Not sure how to answer that. Clearly, their rally did not work out as hoped.

BW: Were you pleased with the results of the letter writing campaign, even-though it didn't get in the best results?

JO: Not sure what you mean by "pleased with the results." No one would have been happier then I had we gotten enough letters to justify a Sulu novel. I was kind of sorry we didn't. But we didn't, and that's that.

BW: Do you possibly have any idea what the next Trek series will be about? We have heard nothing but rumors lately.

JO: I have no idea whatsoever.

BW: Do you appreciate the fact that there is such a great Star Trek fan-base who love Star Trek?

JO: Of course - that's why I have a job.:)

BW: Star Trek has been represented quite well on the Internet, (good or other-wise) how do you feel about that?

JO: It's wonderful that there's such an active and involved community.

BW: Any books that are being released that you immensely suggest fans buy?

JO: All of them.:)

BW: How did you like "A Stitch In Time" book that was written by Andrew Robinson?

JO: I didn't read it - Margaret Clark edited that one. But I saw the preliminaries, and they were very strong.

BW: Could you tell us a little about the recently published "The New Earth" series?

JO: Sure - it's set between ST: TMP and ST:TWOK, and takes the Enterprise six months away from the Federation to help found a new colony.

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