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Brent Spiner Remembers 'Star Trek Insurrection'

Posted: 21:18:38 on October 01
By: Anonymous Coward
Dept: People

Issue 54 of the british Dreamwatch magazine featured an exclusive interview with TNG star Brent Spiner, in which he discussed 'Star Trek Insurrection' and critized some of the movie's writing. Here are some excerpts :

About his reaction to the script :

"[...] I have this really poor ability of reading a script. I don't think I've ever read a script that I liked, Star Trek or otherwise. I think that's just a shortcoming of my part - that I can't determine what a good script is. [...] I think Insurrection differs in tone more than anything. It's still a Star Trek movie, and there's a certain familiarity that is the ticket with a Star Trek movie.You don't want to completely alienate the audience by doing something completely unfamiliar to them."

About Data's arc in the movie : "I certainly didn't want to do anything with the child [Artim]. I didn't want to have Data with a child bacause I had done several episodes of the television series where Data was with a child, and to me it just wasn't an interesting idea. I think there's a tendency to be cloying when they pair an adult with a child. That doesn't excite me, it's not challenging. And I lost that one clearly."

About playing Data again :

"I don't think I'm really ever excited about it. It's a job. It's a good job and I enjoy doing it. It's a nice character to play and he has a lot of variety and it's given me the opportunity to play a lot of different things over all the episodes we've done. But it doesn't excite me anymore than any other job; I like to work."

About Star Trek and the audience :

"I think what the real effort [in Insurrection] was to recapture the spirit of what we did on the series than we've been doing in the movies. We've got a lot darker with the films and I was perfectly happy doing this, it's irrelevant to me. As long there's something to play and it's mildly entertaining I'm happy with it. But I don't think Star Trek is ever going to be accessible to the general population and I think it's a mistake to try to do that. I think it's a illusion and a delusion if the creators think that's what they are doing. I think a general audience can watch it, and really, what's to understand ? It's a simple story about younth and somebody wants to take it from somebody else and we're there to stop it from happening, it's not a complex issue. I think the research they've done on Star Trek, they that maybe six percent of the audience that goes to a Star Trek movie is the 'general public', and is not a Star Trek fan. I don't know if there's ever a concerted effort to expand, I think if they made an effort to assuge the fans that where's the sucess comes in, because they go back again and again."


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