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Spoilers From the Script of Next Week's "Workforce" Two-Parter

Posted: 15:09:04 on February 15
By: Steve Krutzler
Dept: Voyager

Anonymous source 'Thinkey' -- the guy behind the "Shattered" script some time back -- has chimed in again with the following SPOILER information from the script of Workforce parts I and II.

-Paris and Torres are attracted to each other, even after being brainwashed

-There is also a point where Jaffen turns Chak in and KJ gets very pissed with Jaffen and protective of Chak

One scene :

J: Well, if you change your mind, we're celebrating.

C: What's the occasion?

J: I've decided to move in with Jaffen.

--- Chakotay tries to cover his shock. An awkward beat. Finally he forces a smile.

C: Congratulations.

Another scene:

-- Chakotay crouched in the corner, a makeshift bandage wrapped around his wound, pointing the security officer's phaser at Janeway.. . he is sweaty and breathing ragged..

OFF Janeway, frightened.

---Janeway's house.. ---Chakotay gestures with the weapon.

C : Close the door.

---Without taking her eyes off of him she closes the door..

J: What do you want?

C: You told me you were moving out . I needed a place to hide.

J: Jaffen knows where I am. He'll come looking for me.

C: I'm hoping you won't tell him I'm here. [or "I'd hoped you wouldn't tell him I'm here"]

---- J reacts warily, issues a challenge:

J: They say you had something to do with the disappearance of a woman(b'elanna)at the plant.

C: I did.

----Janeway reacts to this unexpected admission.

C: Her name's B'Elanna. She was brought to this planet against her will...something was done to her so she can't remember her real life.

J: (skeptical) And what? You helped her get home?

C: That's right.

--- His assuredness gives her pause.

C: There are other people in this city who I'm trying to help. I'm not here to hurt anyone. You have to trust me.

J: You are pointing a weapon at me.

--- He thinks and then puts the weapon down..

C: Go ahead. Report me.

---She is taken aback.

C: But if you do, alot of innocent people are going to suffer.

---Her sense of compassion takes over.

C: All I am asking is a place to stay.. Until my friends come back for me.

----Finally, reluctantly, Janeway gestures to his wound.

J: We are going to have to do something about that arm.

OFF Chakotay, tentative relief.

The end *shippy sigh*:

KJ: It may not have been real Chakotay. But it felt like home. If you hadn't come after me, I would never have known that I had another life.

C: Sorry I showed up?

KJ : Not for a second

--- Chakotay smiles. Janeway looks to Tom --

KJ : Resume course, Mr. Paris

--: Course resumed

There, roll credits.


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