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TrekWeb Insider Scores Detailed Synopsis For "Workforce, Part I" (SPOILERS)

Posted: 12:29:07 on February 18
By: Steve Krutzler
Dept: Voyager

TrekWeb insider 'Thinkey', who previously provided the "Shattered" script and just recently some tidbits on both "Workforce, Part I" and "Workforce, Part II," has chimed in this time with a detailed synopsis of this week's "Workforce, Part I". Be advised that the accuracy of the "Shattered" script places 'Thinkey' rather high on the reliability scale, so avert the eyes if you don't want to be spoiled.

Scroll down for spoilers...

The show begins in a city, a futuristic metropolis as we enter an industrial zone. There's a lot of aliens from all different species as the camera pans in on Janeway. She's in a hurry to get to work and is trying to make her way through the aliens. She's late and she stops for directions, an alien points her in the right direction. She's being watched as she enters the power distribution facility by a supervisor who then asks her for her authorization. He's impressed with her skills, but a little irked that she was late for her shift, she tells him she was lost. The supervisor shows her to her workstation and how it works - but apparently she's memorized its specifications. He seems pleased and tells her that if she needs anything else to ask her; she says that it's already better than her last job.

Act one begins and we're still where Janeway's working. Someone drops her a PADD and she begins to work with the data off of it. Making a mistake with the data, an alarm goes off and Janeway tries to shut it off as a hand appears, shutting off the alarm. She turns and comes face to face with a man. He tells her that she almost started a warp core overload, she claims she could have stopped it and he apologizes for intruding. They have a little small talk about Janeway and her habit of talking to consoles. The man introduces himself as Jaffen and she returns the gesture. He says that he works a few consoles down when they're interrupted by Seven of Nine, who despite her new life still talks the same.

She's dressed in a "business suit" and neither Jaffen nor Janeway recognize her. Jaffen introduces himself, however, he's cut off by Seven, who isn't pleased with Jaffen and Janeway. She states their designations (almost as bad as the Borg) and she reminds Jaffen that fraternizing is not allowed during work, while giving Janeway the same warning. Janeway asks Seven if she has a name and she says her name is Annika Hansen and that she's the new Efficiency Monitor (figures). Janeway explains that they weren't fraternizing, but trying to fix an error, Seven tells them to hurry up with it. Jaffen, however thinks they were fraternizing, Janeway smiles at his remark. Jaffen wants to get to know her after work, Janeway's reluctant and says she should concentrate on her new job. Jaffen accepts this and goes back to his station, however Janeway can't seen to concentrate on her own console. Sneaking a peek up at Jaffen, she smiles to herself.

We're now in an Alien tavern where an alien woman is talking to someone. It's Tom Paris. Tom apparently quit his job and is now at a new job - with her. His old job only lasted about an hour and apparently he wasn't happy standing in front of a console. The alien woman, Umali asks him if he was terminated and she says yes. She seems to find this amusing. She presses on for more information and Paris spills. Apparently the new Efficiency Monitor didn't think his work was "Efficient". She wants to know why she should hire him and he tells her she should because of his charm. Umali isn't too taken by this and he ends up begging for the work. She sends him off to wash the dishes.

It's night now and we're still in the tavern. A lot of alien workers are now there and Jaffen is telling a funny story to his co-workers. Most of them chuckle, but one erupts with a billy laugh - it's Tuvok. Jaffen tells him that it wasn't that funny. Tuvok may have gained a sense of humor, but his sense of logic is still intact as he explains to Jaffen the irony of his joke. Jaffen thinks his joke isn't funny at all now. Everyone chuckles as Tuvok raises an eyebrow - something caught Jaffen's eye from across the room. It's Janeway - she's sitting at a corner table, studying a PADD. Tuvok indicates that he has some jokes to share, but Jaffen brushes him off, intent on going to see Janeway.

Jafffen tells her that he didn't realize she had time to socialize. She recognizes him from work and says she was just looking over a PADD. He says he'll join her, however she doesn't want his company. Then he tells her it's not to socialize, but to help her with her work. Janeway smiles at that.

We're back to Paris now, and he's serving drinks on the house to two women. Umali isn't too pleased with him and she calls him away. He says he's creating customer loyalty. Umali points out that he's "been creating customer loyalty with those two woman all night" and that he should serve the other tables. He agrees and moves away, not noticing B'Elanna who just walked in through the front door. She's wearing the same coveralls as the rest of them and is visibly pregnant. She never noticed Paris on the way in.

We're on the street at night now and Jaffen and Janeway are taking a stroll. She can't believe he's kept her up so late, he tells her he wanted to help her with her work. He asks her where she's from and she says she's from a planet called Earth that's far, far away. Jaffen asks her what it's like and she thinks about it, then shrugs. Apparently it's a polluted overpopulated place. Jaffen says it sounds a lot like his homeworld. Janeway's glad to be in a place where everyone gets along and that on her planet there was a lot of fighting. They're approached by two security officers, nice ones this time, who remind them of their curfew. Jaffen points out that they both live in a building nearby. The security officers tell them goodnight and Jaffen suggests that Janeway join him in his housing. She doesn't want to, but appreciates the offer. Jaffen tells her that it's lonely living alone at times, Janeway considers this.

In the same housing complex, we see B'Elanna staring out the window, she looks lonesome as she's clutching her belly. Back into the Power Distribution facility the next day, Janeway and everyone else is at work when the alarm sounds again. Jaffen looks directly at Janeway, however it isn't her who did it this time. Jaffen smiles and explains that it wasn't overload, and that it's time for their innoculations against radiation. Janeway didn't realize that it was a problem. Jaffen assures her that it's safe and it's only for the safety of the employees.

In another area of the facility, Jaffen and Janeway along with other people, including some StarFleet crew are waiting for their innoculations. A doctor is administering it via an alien hypospray. The med. calls the next person to approach him, who happens to be Tuvok. The med. goes to administer the shot, however Tuvok reacts reflexively, pulling away. Apparently he's scared of getting shots and wants to know if there's another way to administer the medication. The med. gives him a look and he shuts up.

As the hypospray closes in on Tuvok, he begins to have flashbacks. He's in a hospital, still wearing his StarFleet uniform as the doctors administer the hypospray. Back to real time as the med. says he's finished and Tuvok moves away, but he's trembling and perspiring.

We're on the Delta Flyer now as Chakotay gives his log. Big surprise, Harry's laying on the pull-out bio bed, being sick and cranky. Neelix, his happy self, is working at the replicator. Harry says that he never had an away mission as bad as this one in six years. Neelix can't understand how he could say that, since they have acquired lots of supplies. It seems Harry acquired some stomach parasites which is making him sick to his tummy. Neelix said that he shouldn't have tried the Falah nectar and Harry counters with the fact that Neelix pushed him to do it and that he didn't ask Chakotay. Neelix points out that Chakotay is a vegetarian. Harry is grossed out by the fact that it was meat. Neelix says it's more like a meat by-product as he replicates something. Harry thinks he's going to be sick. Neelix passes the drink he replicated to Harry, saying that it'll make him better, apparently it smells worst than the nectar. Harry hands it back to him, saying that he'll wait for the Doc to treat him. Harry's just glad that he's going to be sleeping in his own bed that night.

Just then the Comm beeps and they're called to the cockpit. Neelix helps Harry off the bed and through the door. Chakotay's working the helm as they step into the cockpit, asking what's wrong. Voyager isn't at the coordinates specified and they're not responding to hails. Harry and Neelix are shocked. Chakotay is scanning all frequencies, he knows they have to be out there somewhere. Neelix and Harry both take their stations as Harry complains about his bed.

We're in engineering aboard Voyager now and the main computer is apparently failing. The doctor appears, dressed in red as the ECH, phaser at the hip as he tries to fix the problem. The main computer stabilizes and he sighs in relief. But the problems aren't over yet. He's trying to fix the subspace transponder and it isn't going too well. He's going to have to replace the parts himself. Just then the computer warns him of an intruder alert. Apparently it's two humanoids and the sensors can't identify who they are. The Doc grabs his phaser and heads to the Bridge.

The bridge is dark and severely damaged as the Doctor creeps through the briefing room doors and spots the two people at an engineering console across the bridge. He pulls his phaser and demands that they face him. He turns on his wrist light as we see that it's Chakotay and Kim. Kim assures the Doc that it's them and the doctor is glad to see some familiar faces. They're dressed in environmental suits because life-support had failed. The doc apologizes for this. Chakotay wants to know what happened. The Doc informs him that they ran into some problems. Chakotay tells him to be more specific so the doc explains.

Flashback scene as the Doc works in sickbay and the ship is jolted, all power fails in Sickbay and he rushes to transfer his program to the Mobil emitter. He tries to contact the bridge, but there's no answer so he tries Engineering. No response either. Sickbay is swamped by casualties as the Doc tries to treat all of them. It's radiation poisoning. The Captain soon comes along and the Doc says that if they can't contain the radiation, there's nothing he can do. Janeway tells everyone to head for the escape pods and they all begin to make their way, the Doc also. Janeway stops him, saying that she needs him on the ship. She initiates the ECH and tells the Doc that he's waited a long time to use it, and he agrees, all business. She tells him to try and vent the radiation and that they're gonna head for the nearest habitable planet they can find. They'll rendezvous when it's safe to come back on board.

Before he could even get started with repairs, the ship is jolted again. Someone locked on to Voyager with a tractor beam. The view screen activated, it's the same aliens from the planet Janeway and her crew are stranded on. He asks why there are no life signs aboard the ship and the Doc says that he's the ECH, a hologram. The man, Cayote isn't too happy with this and says that since the crew abandoned the ship, it's his. The Doc has yet to see that happen. Space fight as the Doc tries to escape, but the warp drive fails, so he does evasive maneuvers and manages to disable the alien ship. He's happy about his win, however another two ships appear and the doc has to try and scurry away at full impulse.

Back to present day, the Doc finishes his story, saying that he had to hide in the nebula they were now in to keep the ships away. He had analyzed their weapon's signature, it was the same signature from the mine that stared the radiation aboard the ship in the first place. It was a deliberate attempt to disable Voyager. Chakotay's glad the Doc was there. Kim asks about the rest of the crew, apparently there was no word from them.

We're back to the alien hospital, however in a flashback. We see the doctors working frantically as we see Janeway and Tuvok, both with radiation burns from earlier. Kadan, the doctor tells Janeway that they're going to treat their injuries. Janeway wants to know about where she is and where is her crew. Kadan assures her of everything and she seems fine with that. Tuvok however isn't so sure. He asks what the medication they're being given is, Kadan tells him it's to counteract the radiation. He injects Janeway and she relaxes, but suddenly Kadan hits a control, causing head clamps to come to Janeway's temples. Tuvok shoots up from the bed, demanding to know what they're doing. Kadan tells Tuvok that she's suffering from Dysphoria Syndrome and that it's treatable. Tuvok demands that they release her, however it's too late and a beam is shot at Janeway's head, causing her eyes to roll back in her head. There's a struggle between Tuvok and the medics, however he's too weak. Kadan turns to him now, intent on injecting him with the serum.

Back to the power distribution facility, in the present day, Tuvok is shaken out of his thoughts. He's still shaken from the flashbacks. He looks up and sees Janeway working, oblivious to him. He calms himself and begins to make his way to her. He tells her they know each other and she says that his name is Tuvok and that they met at their last work briefing. Tuvok tells her that he knows her from before that. Janeway considers this and then says she doesn't think so. She takes in his appearance, his ears and smiles, saying that they're obviously not from the same place. Tuvok believes that he knows her and asks her about the hospital. She tells him she was never sick enough to go to the hospital. She begins to feel uncomfortable and says she has work to finish. Tuvok's desperate and confused as he grabs her by the shoulders telling her to try and remember.

Jaffen interrupts, asking if there's a problem. Janeway brushes it off as a misunderstanding. Tuvok agrees and Jaffen suggests he should go to the medical facility. Tuvok says he'll go back to his station and tells Janeway that he's sorry he bothered her. Jaffen asks Janeway what that was all about and Janeway says she don't know and that Tuvok is a strange man. Jaffen changes the subject, asking if they're having dinner again tonight. Janeway smiles and asks why again. Jaffen asks her if she don't like his cooking. Janeway says it's not that and Jaffen says he'll keep doing it until he makes her the perfect dinner. Janeway says she'll have dinner with him on one condition: She has to make it. Jaffen is satisfied with that and Janeway tells him to go back to his station before the Efficiency Monitor catches them "fraternizing". Jaffen smiles at that.

Back to the alien tavern, where it's now fairly deserted. Torres is sitting quietly, studying a PADD. Paris approaches, apparently just showing up for work, goes over to the table and asks if he can get her anything. She declines, not looking at him, he stares at her for a beat then says he hasn't seen her around there before. Even tho they don't know each other, Paris is immediately attracted to B'Elanna. She continues to brush him off. She says that she's been coming there for the past two weeks and he points out that she works at the Power Distribution facility. Umali calls for Tom and he has to leave, but not before telling B'Elanna she should come around at night, and that it's a lot of fun. She says she don't like crowds. Tom is persistent and asks if maybe they could get together sometime and take a walk. Torres shuts him down, then shows him her belly. Tom is shocked and then B'Elanna asks if he still wants to see her. He thinks she's married, but she tells him no and leaves. Tom feels bad.

Back on Voyager, Chakotay gives us yet another log, reporting on their status. They're still in pretty bad shape, however they were able to leave the Nebula. Kim is searching for the crew, and there's still no sign of them. In Engineering the Doc is proud of himself as he fixed secondary propulsion. Harry calls him to Astrometrics and says that he has yet to find any sign of human, Vulcan or Bolian life for that matter. The Doc suggests what to do, but that's not what Harry called him there for - he's still queasy from the nectar. The Doc says he treated him days ago and Harry says it never works, then jokes that maybe all the command subroutines are compromising his medical skills. The Doc isn't too pleased at the comment, and takes out the medical Tricorder and scans harry.

Voyager's at impulse as Chakotay works from the engineering console on the bridge. The Doctor walks in, saying he has bought secondary propulsion back online and cured Kim's "upset tummy". Chakotay tells him that it was good work and suggests that he get working on the power conduits on deck 10. The doctor is annoyed and suggest Chakotay go do it, Chakotay is taken aback by the Doctor's assertiveness and the Doctor tells him that since he's now the ECH, he should be on the bridge. Chakotay tells him they have to make compromises, however he's interrupted by Kim.

He found them, a planet 3 days away at warp. Chakotay tells him to transfer the coordinates to the helm. He heads towards the Turbolift, telling the Doctor that he'll be in Astrometrics and that the "command center" is his. The Doc is now satisfied and takes his seat in the Captain's chair.

We're in Jaffen's house now, and guess who's having dinner? Janeway emerges from the cooking area with the meal, which is obviously burnt. Jaffen tries to be nice, telling her it smells good. She says that it's only burnt on the outside and places the blame on the cooking console as she tries to cut off the burnt parts of the meal. Some things never change :). She places some of Jaffen's plate and tries it. He lies, telling her that it's good. Janeway's hopeful that he's telling the truth. He laughs, telling her no. She heads towards his door, suggesting they go somewhere to eat. He pulls her back, staring into her eyes. A charged moment as Jaffen tells her he's not hungry. He wants to stay to his place. A moment passes as they stare at one another. Jaffen watches her for a moment then kisses her passionately. Janeway begins to loose herself into her new life.

Voyager's in orbit around a planet, obviously part of a busy system. Chakotay says that the locals aren't too cooperative. Chakotay's talking to the Supervisor on screen, whom he don't trust. The Doctor's at the helm and Kim's at tactical (wonder where Neelix is to?). The supervisor tells Chakotay that he interviewed several of the people on his crew manifest and none of them remember serving on Voyager. Chakotay would like to talk to them himself, but the Supervisor won't allow that. The Doc says that they are simply trying to find their friends. The supervisor says that most of his "friends" all have jobs at the Power Distribution facility and they won't want to return to a planet on the far side the galaxy. Chakotay counters, saying they will because it's their home. The Supervisor tells them to piss off and not to interfere with the workers on the planet.

The view screen goes blank as Chakotay turns to Kim, who informs him that there's no way to beam through the shield they have around the planet. Chakotay says to leave orbit, wanting the Quarren to think that they were actually "leaving".

Back at Jaffen's house, Janeway emerges from the cooking area with two steaming drinks. Jaffen's relaxed on the couch as she hands him the drink. He smells it and hopes that the cooking console never malfunctioned again. She smiles and says that making a drink is the one thing she can do. (the recipe for coffee must be written in her DNA code or something IMHO). Jaffen takes a sip and says that it's good. Janeway grabs a blanket that's on the couch and packs herself up into it, as Jaffen watches. He says what's better is being there with her and then he asks if she's comfortable. She smiles and says that the blanket is nice and warm. Then he corrects her, saying that he meant her being there with him. There's a moment between them as Janeway considers this, then she tells him she can't remember being comfortable anywhere else.

In the tavern, Torres is sitting there once again as Paris approaches, saying that he gets off of work in 5 minutes and that maybe they could do something. Torres cuts him off, accusing him of being persistent. Paris says that she didn't even know what he was going go say, she counters saying that it most likely involved a walk along the river or to "admire the view from inside his living quarters." Paris is smarter than that however and says that he wants to introduce her to a couple who's expecting a baby as well. Torres is shocked and Paris keeps going, saying that it would be nice to have someone to talk to, and maybe a playmate for her baby. Torres is touched. Paris follows up and apologizes for the other day, Torres says that it's her who should be apologizing and that she was only keeping her guard up. She don't want to get involved in a romantic relationship then Paris suggests that he be her friend. She likes that idea as they share a smile.

Back aboard Voyager, Neelix is in the Astrometrics lab trying to find information. He tells Chakotay he hasn't made any progress and that every ship asked him if he wanted a job. Apparently there's a major labor shortage in the system. Chakotay considers this for a moment, then gets an idea. He and Neelix are going to go and find themselves jobs at the Power Distribution facility. The Doctor says that if they enter orbit again, it might arouse suspicion. Neelix suggest that they take his shuttle and that Chakotay get some reconstructive surgery on his face to make him look like one of the locals.

In the sickbay, the Doctor puts the finishing touches to Chakotay's forehead. Neelix enters, taking in Chakotay's appearance. He lost the tattoo and gained a bump. Neelix suggests that he should have went as a Talaxian, that they would have made a striking pair. Chakotay isn't too nice about the idea, saying that whiskers make him itch. (damn damn damn! There goes my fantasy with the stubble!) He asks Neelix how it went, and Neelix tells him that they'll have jobs by tomorrow morning. The Doctor hands Neelix a gizmo that will allow them to transport through the planetary shield. Chakotay instructs to keep a lock on them at maximum transport range. The Doctor seems irked that Chakotay's directing his instructions to Kim. Kim and the Doctor quarrel over command as Chakotay tells them to solve it as he and Neelix leave.

We're at the Power Distribution facility again, and Seven is picking on Tuvok. He's perspiring and shaking again as Janeway and Jaffen work at their consoles. Apparently Tuvok hasn't showed up for his last 3 innoculations. Seven tells him that they are for his own good and tells him to report to the infirmary. Tuvok squints, trying to remember her name, then he calls her Seven of Nine. She has no clue what he's talking about. Before she can react, Tuvok grabs her by the temples, trying to initiate a mind meld. They struggle as Seven tells him to take his hands off of her. She calls for help as Tuvok has a flashback of her in the cargo bay.

Back in the Power distribution facility, Seven is now sweating as well as Tuvok tries to reach her mentally, as the Security officers approach. As the security officers haul Tuvok away, he keeps telling Seven that she dosen't belong here.

We're still in the Power Distribution facility as Chakotay makes his way down the same corridor as Janeway did, reporting for work. The supervisor looks over his qualifications, saying that they lost their thermionics specialist yesterday. A member of the Voyager crew passes by and Chakotay reacts. The crewman smiles and nods hi, showing no sign that he knew Chakotay. The supervisor notices his interest and asks him if he knew the person. Chakotay says he looked like a weird species. The supervisor says they have a diverse workforce. As they approach Tuvok's old station, the Supervisor explain to Chakotay how everything works. Chakotay, however is more interested in who's around him. He notices Janeway is a little shocked. The Supervisor asks him if he as any questions and he doesn't respond, which irritates the supervisor. Chakotay brushes it off as being excited on his first day of work.

Janeway's working at her station when suddenly someone calls her name, Kathryn. It's Chakotay of course. She turns to him, he doesn't know if she recognizes him or not. He tells her his name but she shows no signs that she knows. He covers himself, saying he wanted to introduce himself. Apparently the supervisor said that she was a good person to talk to if Chakotay had any questions :). Janeway asks what she can help him with, he says nothing, he just wanted to introduce himself. He tells her that's what people call him, but his real name for working at the plant is Amal Kotay. Janeway's in a easy mood and says that she'll help him with whatever she can.

At the Tavern, Tom is tending to a customer - Neelix. Tom's telling him that he was glad he lost his job, that it felt like some kind of military operation. Neelix agrees, saying that it was like working on a starship. Paris shows no indication of knowing and asks Neelix if he ever done that. Neelix says yes, his own cargo vessel. Tom on the other hand never worked in space, it makes him sick. Neelix is somewhat shocked and takes this time to look around the room, noticing that Torres is sitting talking to another alien couple. Neelix asks Tom if he knew most of the people who came to the tavern, Tom does and says that it's a great place to work. Chakotay enters and Neelix turns his attention to him.

Neelix introduces Chakotay to Tom as Amal Kotay and Tom offers him a drink. He moves off as Chakotay turns his attention to Neelix. They both discuss their encounters with crewman and who they didn't know them and loved their jobs. Janeway and Jaffen now enter the Tavern. She notices Chakotay and goes up to say hi and ask him how his day was. He says it was ok and she offers for him to join her and Jaffen - Jaffen doesn't really like the idea, and says he wanted to be alone with Janeway tonight. Chakotay feels awkward as he brushes them off, saying maybe another time. As they leave Chakotay, Janeway accuses Jaffen of being rude, however Jaffen wanted to talk to her about something. Janeway's curious.

Torres waves goodbye to her friends as Tom goes up to her again. Neelix and Chakotay watch the conversation. Tom is being a sweetheart and wants to walk her to the transport. She says she'll be ok, however it's not that that Tom is worried about. Torres assures him the baby will be fine as well. She exits the tavern as Tom's interest turns elsewhere. Chakotay and Neelix follow her out.

Torres is outside walking in the crowd, and she noticed she's being followed by Neelix. As she quickens her pace, she bumps into Chakotay who steps out into the road. He says she should watch where she's going. Chakotay says her name which catches B'Eanna's interest. She wants to know who he knows her name. He tells her they're actually old friends as B'Elanna reacts.

Janeway and Jaffen are still talking in the tavern. Jaffen wants Janeway to move in with him. She's shocked.

Back on the street, Chakotay has just finished telling B'Elanna his story and B'Elanna think she's nuts. Chakotay says he can prove it to you, but B'Elanna isn't in the mood and says she's late for work. She tries to brush past him but he grabs her and hauls her into an ally where B'Elanna struggles with him. He tells her he's not going to hurt her however her Klignon self comes out and she punches him in the jaw, sending him staggering back. Neelix grabs her from behind, restraining her. She screams for help, however Chakotay calls for Voyager as the struggle continues. Two security officers approach, telling Neelix to let her go. But it's too late, Neelix and B'Elanna dematerialize. They stop and then turn their attention to Chakotay. Chakotay takes off running, telling Harry that he needs emergency transport.

Harry can't however, the ship is under attack. In sickbay, the Doc and Neelix struggle with Torres, who isn't too cooperative.

Into the alien hospital, Tuvok's under the scope again as they try to inoculate him. He doesn't want it but there's little he can do.

Back to the tavern where Jaffen is still trying to get Janeway to move in with him. He tells her he knows it sounds impulsive, but it feels right. She agrees to give it a shot.

On to Chakotay, who's still on the run from the Security officers. He comes to a drop in the building, unable to go any further. Chakotay overhears the Security officers calling for reinforcements.

Back to Tuvok, who has the head clamps on himself again.

Up to Voyager being slammed by weapons fire

Down the hallway to B'Elanna who's trashing in the bed.

Down to the tavern with Janeway and Jaffen, who are making a toast, smiling warmly at each other.

Back to Chakotay, realizing he's trapped.

End. This synopsis is © 2001 Thinkey and TrekWeb.COM, no republication without proper attribution.

Expect the synopsis of Part II soon.


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