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Copyright 1996-2001 Steve Krutzler and TrekWeb.COM. All Rights Reserved.
Insider Returns With "Workforce, Part II" Detailed Synopsis (SPOILERS)

Posted: 15:36:42 on February 23
By: Steve Krutzler
Dept: Voyager

TrekWeb insider 'Thinkey' has returned with the conclusion to her spoilers from the script of the two-part "Workforce". This time around it's part two, and the synopsis is lengthy and details, so be warned.

And join 'Thinkey' for the Voyager Virtual Season 8 Project, where a collection of fan fiction will keep the show alive after this final season at

Spoilers below...

It begins where last week left off, the security guards are still trying to find Chakotay. However he notices a control panel. Chakotay gets an idea and finds a pipe, smashing the control panel. Switch back to the security guards now, who can hear Chakotay beating the panel. One of the security officers goes up the alley quietly and finds the smashed panel. The forcefield is down and the security officer thinks that Chakotay may have jumped. Suddenly someone hits him behind the head. It's Chakotay. The Security officer tries to shoot him, however Chakotay punches him and they scramble for the gun. Chakotay grabs it and turns with it just as a phaser fire hits him in the arm, causing him to wince in pain. Lots of shooting as Chakotay manages to escape the security guards and take off running.

Up on Voyager now and they're getting hit by two Quarren warships. The doc pulls some fancy trick a Romulan once done from his tactical database and saves the day. They're about to go back for Chakotay when five more ships approach and they're forced to retreat.

Back at the tavern, Paris is still scurrying around the bar and Jaffen and Janeway are still celebrating when Chakotay comes in, exhausted and finds a corner where he's able to recuperate and keep of of the security's view. He sits at a table in the corner and checks his arm, it's bleeding badly. He's interrupted by Janeway who came to apologize for Jaffen. She now wants Chako to join them at their table - they're celebrating. Chakotay asks why and she tells him that her and Jaffen are moving in together. Chakotay is shocked by this, however recovers quickly and gives his congratulations .

Later, security finds their way into the tavern and questions Paris about Chakotay Neelix and B'Elanna. Paris says that he's in the bar, however when they turn around Chakotay's gone.

Back to Voyager, which is now parked on a lunar surface. The Doctor and Neelix discuss Torres' condition. The doctor says their memories have been altered and it was very well done. Neelix says they can remember bits and pieces about their lives, but not everything. The doctor says it'll take a few treatments to get B'Elanna back to normal and that she will be confused at first. Neelix says he'll take her on a tour of her life. The doctor warns that it could be traumatic for her. Off their concern.

We're back to the hospital now and Tuvok. These poor people are torturing him to death. The doctor Ravoc is presenting his case to Kadan. He can't understand what's wrong with Tuvok and what's a 'katra'. Kaden tells him to perform Engramatic resequencing on Tuvok. Ravoc is reluctant, however Kadan forces him to do so. Tuvok struggles for his life as he's left helpless in the hospital room.

Seven's having flashbacks of a Borg cube as she begins to experience the same shakes as Tuvok. She goes up to the supervisor's office. She wants to know what happened to Tuvok. The supervisor tells her he's been hospitalized. She thinks it's contagious, however the supervisor tells her that everything's fine. The security officer comes in suddenly, he's investigating the disappearances of Neelix and Torres. Seven points out that they never showed up for work that day -as well as Chakotay. The Security officer wants his profile. Seven digs it up for him.

Onto Jaffen's house now. He's helping Janeway unpack. Apparently she's a packrat of sorts. Janeway leaves to go and get the rest as Jaffen stands bemused. Onto Janeway's quarters now, where all the things have been removed from the shelves etc. Janeway enters and picks up the past case which lays atop a bed. She finds an article of clothing that has blood on it and calls for the lights. The lights come on revealing Chakotay crouched in a corner with a makeshift bandage around his wound. He has a security officer's phaser pointed at her. He's sweaty and his breathing is ragged (see, this along makes the show for me). Janeway's scared.

Chakotay orders her to close the door. She demands to know why he's there. He tells her he needed a place to hide. She asks him about B'Elanna. He tells her that she had a life somewhere else, along with a lot of other people on the planet. Janeway doesn't want to believe it. Chakotay wants her to trust him, but she's reluctant. He puts the phaser away and then Janeway agrees to help him - and treat his wound.

Back on Voyager, they're trying to fix the ship as Torres is trying to come to terms with everything that's happening. Neelix tells her that Kim is a good friend of hers, however she don't remember. She helps Kim fix some techno gizmo. Torres is still reluctant to believe their story and thinks it could be the doctor altering her memories. Neelix asks her about what she remembers about the past. And she tells him that she was alone and pregnant on another planet. Neelix says she should feel at home on Voyager. She considers this.

Switch to a Pic of Tom and B'Elanna from the Delta Flyer. B'Eanna's holding the picture in utter shock. It's the dude from the Tavern, and she's married to him. Neelix tells her about him, she's beginning to believe their story. Looking at the TV, she reveals that Tom watched "cartoons". She looks around the rest of the room. Neelix leaves and gives her some time to think.

Back to the power distribution facility, we find Janeway looking for a dermal regenerator to help Chak. She's stopped by Seven who demands to know what she's doing with the regenerator. Janeway tells her that Jaffen cut himself and he's stubborn about going to doctors so she came there to get a dermal regenerator. Seven's attention is taken elsewhere and Janeway goes back to Chakotay.

Seven was watching the supervisor leave his office, and she takes this time to do a little investigating. She finds all the information on the Voyager crew members, including herself.

Janeway treats Chakotay's wound as he tells her about Voyager and how he lived there the past 7 years. He goes on to tell her that she's a very capable woman and could be running the plant if she wanted to. She wants to know why she would want all that responsibility (re: spoilers i posted earlier). Voyager tries to contact Chakotay as Janeway watches. He calls her Captain Janeway and she seems shocked by this. Kim tells them repairs will take a few more days and that B'Elanna is doing well. She finds it hard to believe her memories could have been manipulated. Chakotay tells her that it's strange but true.

She's sorry she helped him now and tries to leave. Chakotay stops her and says that he can prove it to her once Voyager gets there. She's still shocked by everything. He asks her for a change of clothes and tells her he's going back to the power plant. She reminds him that he needs more than clothes. Chakotay asks for the dermal regenerator, goes in front of the mirror and removes his alien disguise. Janeway is shocked even more now, realizing they're of the same race. He says they're more than that, they're friends.

Janeway goes back to Jaffen's house, Jaffen is a little suspicious now. She tells him she's find and goes to retrieve a pair of coveralls. She tells Jaffen their for a friend who lives in her building. Jaffen wants to know what's going on. Janeway tells him the story however Jaffen doesn't want to believe any of it. Jaffen wants to know if she's willing to risk everything THEY have. Janeway doesn't respond.

Chakotay's pacing waiting for Janeway, however it's security who shows up. Chakotay tries to escape, however they shoot him and he falls to the floor, unconscious.

In the alien Sickbay, they try to get information out of Chakotay. He's not too forthcoming. They find his commbadge. Chak decides to weasel his way out of it and finds common ground with the doctor, who's investigating disappearing people as well. They find common ground however it's too late and Chakotay's transferred to go and get his mind wiped as well. He tries to plead with them, but they don't listen. They inject him and he begins to loose consciousness.

Back at the Power Distribution facility, Janeway's worried about Chakotay. Jaffen tells her that he called the authorities on him anonymously and that everything's fine. Janeway is having second thoughts about what if Chakotay's story was true. Jaffen tells her to drop it and she does.

In the mess hall, Neelix whips up some pancakes for B'Elanna. He says it might jog her memories. Not a thing, however she does find the pancakes good. She's reading Tom's personal logs and she can't get over how he writes about her. Neelix tells her that Tom is in love with her. She's still a little shocked by everything. Neelix says they'll get Tom back, along with the rest of the crew.

The Doc and Kim have a little chit chat about repairs, tactical etc. The doctor wants them to program a new EMH when they all get back to normal. Kim says they tried and they couldn't and that he should be satisfied as EMH anyway. They get a message from Chakotay, however they're controlling Chakotay's mind and sending a false message to trap Voyager. They now know where to find Voyager. They're planning an attack. One doctor can't understand why there's so many cases of "brain problems" the supervisor says he'll make sure it doesn't spread and that Chakotay will be ok. Off Chak's blank stare.

Back to the Tavern, Seven and Yerid are getting suspicious about Tuvok and everyone else Voy-crew wise. They all went through the brain buster and Yerid finds this VERY strange. However he's unable to do anything, he was relived of his duty. Tom comes along, wanting to know anything about B'Elanna. Seven tells him that Yerid can't help him. Seven thinks maybe she can.

Seven goes to the other non-bad doctor and tells him she's been having bad thoughts. He tells her she came ti the right place. They look over her file and finds some disturbing stuff. Seven wants to talk to Kadan - the baddie doctor. The doc says that Kadan is busy, however goes off to find him. Seven searches through her file.

Yerid goes to Jaffen's house to speak with Janeway. He wants to know if she knows Chakotay. She says no. Yerid goes on to say that he was found her her quarters with the dermal regenerator that she took from the Plant. Jaffen tries to take the blame for KJ, however she goes on. Yerid wants to know everything Chak told her.

Back at the hospital, Kadan is mad at the other doc for letting Seven go. Ravoc the good doc figures out that Kadan is doing this purposefully against the people's will. Kadan threatens Ravok and he don't know how to respond.

Back at the Tavern, the security officers are now looking for Seven. Paris says he never seen her, and that he would remember a face like that. The security officers tell Paris to report her as soon as he sees her, that she needs to be hospitalized. They leave and Paris tells Seven to come out - he was keeping her hidden. Janeway, Jaffen and Yerid are there as well as Seven explains that what Chakotay was saying was the truth. Seven thinks they can fool Kadan. Yerid considers this.

Into the hospital, Seven lies on the bio-bed as Yerid says she wouldn't come willingly and he had to sedate her. Yerid wants information however Kadan don't want to give it. Kadan says he's gonna treat her, however Seven jumps up as Yerid pulls a gun on Kadan. They set him up.

Janeway and Jaffen are trying to power down the protective shield around the planet at the power plant. On Voyager, they're preparing to rescue. They get a message from Janeway telling them that it's a trap. Suddenly they're under attack and the transmission is broken. Janeway turns to Jaffen but he's gone and the security ppl are coming after her. Big gun fight. Jaffen never abandoned her. She says they need to power down the main generators.

Voyager gets bet up some more as the doctor complains.

Janeway and Jaffen go to power down those generators while under attack. At the hospital Yerid wants to talk with Kadan. He orders that Tuvok and Chak be disconnected from the brain busters. Seven's observing everything.

More of the Voyager space battle, Kim musters his stuff and gets rid of the 3 ships. B'Elanna works at the transporters.

Janeway fights with the computer again to power down the main generators. She finally gets the shields down. Voyager's transporters are back online and everyone gets beamed back. On Voyager the Doc and Kim talk with Yerid. They're glad he helped out, however it'll take a while for the crew to get back to normal.

In Tom and B'Eanna's quarters, Tom's immersed in Cartoons as B'Elanna cuddles around him. For all the P/Ters out tere:

What was that for?

For taking care of me even when you didn't know who I was.

Paris smiles. But now Torres suddenly hauls off and punches Tom hard in the shoulder. Paris winces.

What was that for?

"Flirting" with your customers.

I was a victim of mind control!

OFF their good-natured banter.

Now we're on to Janeway's quarters where Jaffen comes along. She tells him it was nice but gives him the classic Chakotay brush off as well (what the hell IS it with this woman?!)

Now back to the bridge, all is well in the world, Chakotay gives her his trademark puppy dog smile and they set sail.

End synopsis.

This synopsis is 2001 'Thinkey' and TrekWeb.COM. No republication without proper attribution.


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