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Star Trek Generations: Remembering the Lost Footage From The Shooting Script - Part 1

Posted: 02:56:32 on March 15
By: GustavoLeao
Dept: TrekWeb Features

John A. Alonzo, Oscar-nominated cinematographer who served as Director of Photography on 1994's 'Star Trek Generations', died Tuesday at the age of 66 due to illness. His other movies include classics such as 'Chinatown', 'Scarface' and 'Close Encounters of the Third Kind'.

In honor of his memory, TrekWeb.COM will take a comprehensive look at the scenes cut from 'Generations', including the cut opening and the original, alternate ending, from the shooting script, dated 03/16/94.

First, we take a detailed look at the lost opening, in which Scotty and Chekov meet a skydiving James T. Kirk and try to convice him to attend the launch of the new Enterprise NCC 1701-B.

"The purpose of that scene was to show that Captain Kirk still has a lot of muscles and is heroic," Walter Koenig told Cinefantatique magazine in an exclusive interview in 1995. "Very similar to the scene at the beginning of Star Trek V. Kirk is flying across the wheatfields with a jet pack and he parachutes down where we are standing, to join us".

[Note : as scripted, this scene would intercut with FX shots of the champagne bottle tumbling through space.]


A vast and sparkling starfield. A pinpoint of LIGHT appears and starts moving towards the camera...a small and distant cylindrical object tumbling end-over-end, but we can't make out exactly what is it yet...


A vast and undulating sea of wheat. We become aware that there are two HEADS sticking out of the stalks of wheat -- two men are standing and looking up at thei sky. As we move towards them, we begin to hear their conversation...and we can see that the two men are SCOTTY and CHEKOV, dressed in civilian clothing.

CHEKOV (points to sky) :

There he is...there, to the South !

SCOTTY (peers upward) :

What are ye, blind ? That's a bird.


The cylinder tumbling through space is now closer, and we can see that is a BOTTLE of some sort, and it is tumbling direct toward the camera...


As before, Chekov and Scotty staring at the sky.

Scotty (concerned) :

Repelling the Crystalinne Trench...rafting down lava flows...orbital's like the man is running a bloody decathlon across the galaxy.

Suddenly, we hear a double SONIC BOOM.

CHEKOV (re : Sound)

That should be him now. I think he's just crossed the sound barrier.


The bottle gets CLOSER...


A man in a high-tech body-harness and parachute LANDS in the wheat field in his back. His body-suit is charred, scorched, wisps of smoke still curling off it. There are small thrusters attached to his backpack and boots. Scotty and Chekov move to him. The man removes his helmet, revealing that it is KIRK. He smiles broadly, like a child who's just come off a roller-coaster.


Right on target ! I jump out over the Arabian Penisula....and I end up here, right on the dime.

Kirk gets to his feet.


Actually, Captain, your precise target area was thirty-five meters...(points) that way.


Thanks for pointing that out.

Kirk starts to pull off his suit, reacts to a sudden PAIN in his back

[Note : In the original filmed ending, Kirk feels this same pain in his back during his fight with Soran, just before Soran shoots him.]




I've warned ye about that back of yours. You should let a doctor take a look at it.

Kirk waves him away, and continues to remove his harness.


The tumbling bottle champagne rushes past, and we can now see that is a CHAMPAGNE BOTTLE - Don Perignon, 2265. Follow the bottles as it tumbles through space....


Kirk, Scotty, Chekov, as before


Tomorrow I want to make a tri-eliptical jump. That's where you jump over Northern China, and make three complete orbits before your start re-entry...


Captain. Peharps you have forgotten that tomorrow is the christening ceremony.

This strikes a nerve with Kirk - we see a flash of hesitation and irritation across his face.


I am not going. (beat) Scotty, help me here with this chute.


What do you mean, you are not going ? We promised.


When I retired, I swore I never set foot in a starship again, and I meant it.



KIRK (firm) :

I don't wanna hear anymore about it. I'm not going, and that's final.


The champagne bottle SMASHES onto the bow of a Federation starship (Excelsior Class) sitting in its dock in orbit around EARTH.

The second scene that was cut took place on the bridge of the Enterprise-B, just after the scene on Deck 15, in which Captain Harriman, Chekov and Scotty realize that Kirk has sacrified himself to save the ship from the Nexus.

"The editing has very much emasculated the role," Koenig told Cinefantastique magazine. "I do not want to suggest that I have this wonderful starring role that they somehow eviscerated. But, there is a moment with Jimmy [Doohan] that is very touching. I drew upon some personal grief that I was experiencing at the time and it really affected me. I never cried on camera or on stage before this time. [...] It was part of the director's cut. If it's not in the final cut, then I realize it's not because the work was bad but because they wanted to concentrate on the humor and visual effects. My feeling is, it would be nice for the audience to see that kind of work." What follows is that scene, from the shooting script, beginning with the last shot of the Enterprise-B from the final cut, before fading to sailing vessel shot in the TNG era.


A HUGE CHUNK has been ripped out of the Enginneering section, looking like an open wound. Scotty, Chekov and Harriman can be seen standing inside the small corridor, looking out into space...



A short time later. Harriman, Scotty and Chekov are listening to Demora, who is working on the helm console.


I've checked the entire ship and the surrounding space...there's no sign of him.

A silent moment. Chekov looks to Scotty, hoping to hear some sort of miracle. Scotty takes a moment...looks at the empty command chair. Then he shakes his head. A long beat as everyone is forced to accept this terrible truth.

SCOTTY (quiet) :

Just a around the block.


I never thought it would end like this...


All things must end, Mister Chekov.

Harriman finally breaks the stillness of the Bridge.


Let's go home.

Harriman goes down to the Captain's chair and takes command of his ship.

Scotty and Chekov exchange a final look. Off the reactions of these two friends who've just lost someone very dear to them both...



The crippled ship turns and heads away...




A nineteenth sailing three-masted sailing vessel (about the size of a frigate) is hove to and sitting in the water gently rocking. Across the stern of the ship, we can see the name ENTERPRISE picked up in gold letters.

Coming soon on TrekWeb : Soran tortures Geordi. Worf and Geordi rescue Picard and the original 'Kirk-shot-in-the-back' ending. Special thanks to Tim Hansen at for some of the photos used in this feature.


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Berman's Reasoning (or lack thereof)
By Queequeg () at 16:38:09 on March 17
URL: | User Info
First off, I totally agree that Paramount has shafted all the fans with their shoddy treatment of Trek on DVD. All their other releases kinda suck too (i think their first audio commentaries weren't till Braveheart and Sleepy Hollow) but you'd think if of any of their titles, they'd exploit ST. "hey, lets load up these DVD's with tons of stuff that we have around anyway...and record some commentaries-you know those actors love to talk--and charge $35 for em!" I'd buy them and so would most Trek fans.
Now I may be wrong, but didn't Berman say at one point that the reason they don't include deleted scenes, etc was that he personally believed the fans shouldn't see 'making of' type stuff or deleted scenes because it takes away from the magic onscreen? I think that was from an article here a long time ago?
But yeah, I've got all the Bond DVD's from MGM (and their regular titles kind of bite too, like Paramount) but there is a franchise treated the proper way on the proper format.
Here's hoping ST:TMP sells like gangbusters and they put out special edition DVDs of all the films with extras.

[ Reply to This | Reply - Quote Original | Parent Comment ]

That's lame
By Turd Ferguson () at 17:34:16 on March 16
URL: | User Info
If good ol' Rick Berman doesn't feel like including extras on his TNG DVDs, then I don't feel like shelling out $20 for one of his DVDs. I hate buying DVDs without any special features on them whatsoever. I'd prefer to buy the Galaxy Quest DVD. At least Galaxy Quest is quality Trek, unlike some certain TNG movies......

"This film will have a villain even more menacing than Khan!"

-Rick Berman, Discussing Ru'afo from Star Trek: Insurrection

[ Reply to This | Reply - Quote Original | Parent Comment ]

Crappy DVDs
By Turd Ferguson () at 16:33:01 on March 15
URL: | User Info
Really! Star Trek DVDs suck! I want to see the lost scenes from Generations, I want to see this one scene in First Contact where Picard and Lily are climbing up a turbolift, and because the ship is so hot, clouds actually form and there's a miniature thunderstorm in the turbolift shaft. Still, though, kill Picard, Crusher, Riker, Data, Geordi, Worf, and Troi, put Kirk, Spock, Bashir, Kira, Ezri Dax, the EMH, and Barclay on the Enterprise, and Star Trek will be interesting again.

"They come with a unique feature to access your favorite scenes INSTANTANEOUSLY! Viewable in MULTIPLE LANGUAGES!"

-Commercial for the DVD versions of The Final Frontier, The Undiscovered Country, Generations, First Contact and Insurrection.

[ Reply to This | Reply - Quote Original | Parent Comment ]

I guess the standard pea applies
By Jason 'Odo' Boxman ( at 16:17:06 on March 15
URL: | User Info
for the inclusion of these extras on any Generations DVD titles released.

Other movies have them, why not Trek films?

For one, it increases my level of satisfaction when purchasing. If I can spend $20 on two DVDs and one's a Trek DVD with no extras and one's some other movie I want to own in DVD format with extras, I guarantee you I'll buy the other title, hands down. I already have the Trek titles on VHS. Why get them on DVD, again, within the next, say 5-7 years, when my VHSes will still be watchable?

Something to think about.



Web Zeus -- It Owns You

iVALS calls us Wizards; The Internet elite. Enjoy the ride.

[ Reply to This | Reply - Quote Original | Parent Comment ]

Lame Trek DVDs
By Brikar () at 13:43:13 on March 15
URL: | User Info
Ever since I read about the cut scenes back in '94, I've wanted to see them. When the Trek flicks came out on DVD I was severely disappointed, to the point where now that I own a DVD player, I won't be buying any of them except the new Director's Edition of "The Motion Picture". There's all sorts of stuff that has been cut out of these movies, like some of the scenes from "The Wrath of Khan" that were added into the television broadcast, the original ending to "Insurrection" and others. Why don't we ever get to see this? I'm sick of reading the features lists of other DVDs that tout "deleted scenes" "outtakes" or "alternate ending", and seeing "scene selection" as a SPECIAL FEATURE on Trek movies. It's disgusting.

[ Reply to This | Reply - Quote Original | Parent Comment ]

The reason is simple
By Turd Ferguson () at 11:27:10 on March 15
URL: | User Info
as to why the skydiving and search scene weren't included. Rick Berman hates the Original Series, and they had to hurry up and get through the Enterprise-B scene, so they could jump ahead to their precious 24th century and Captain Picard, who I think should've been dropped from the cliff-face instead of Kirk. The 24th century Trek is so bland with everyone being all scientific and speaking in monotone, I just can't bear to watch it anymore. Deep Space Nine was good, but I just can't handle TNG and Voyager. Please, for the love of God, bring back Kirk before it's too late. Kill Picard and put Kirk in command of the Enterprise-E.

"The needs of the many out weigh the needs of the few."

-Leonard Nimoy (Spock, The Wrath Of Khan)

[ Reply to This | Reply - Quote Original | Parent Comment ]

By Imbarkus ( at 11:16:56 on March 15
URL: | User Info
To be honest, I'm actually starting to hope that Paramount is greedy and unscrupulous to the point of putting out crappy DVD releases now so they can try and rip folks off by putting out 'special editions' later. It's astounding that you can watch all the cutting room rejects for movies like 'Road Trip,' but something with a huge fan base gets almost nothing. Screw that. Vote with your dollars and don't buy any Trek features on DVD until they bring the extras and features up to snuff. Might as well watch 'em on cable for what ya get...

[ Reply to This | Reply - Quote Original | Parent Comment ]

Original Opening
By John ( at 08:10:47 on March 15
URL: | User Info
I am forever baffled why they did not include the orbital parachute jump scene. Everyone knew it had been shot. Even more hard to figure is why it wasn't included in video and DVD, as Paramount should know the fans are the only ones who buy them anyway.

[ Reply to This | Reply - Quote Original | Parent Comment ]

ENDGAME Ends It All For More Than Just The Voyager Crew... what did YOU think?
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(B) Satisfying; certainly ends Voyager on a high note
(C) Adequate but far from memorable
(D) Fitting for Voyager--dull to the last minute
(F) Thank god it's over! May this finale and this series never grace my television set again!
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