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Star Trek: Insurrection : A Detailed Look at The Cut Footage and The Original Ending

Posted: 07:44:57 on March 23
By: GustavoLeao
Dept: TrekWeb Features

This article was supposed to be the second part of our detailed look at the cut footage from 'Star Trek Generations', but since a rare print of the movie, with all the cut footage intact, was discovered by the website and it is now available for download online (check out the article for the files mirrored at TrekWeb.COM), we now look at the cut footage from the latest movie of the franchise : 1998's 'Star Trek Insurrection', written by Rick Berman and Michael Piller (screenplay by Piller) and directed by Jonathan Frakes.

What follows are synopses and photos of all cut scenes, plus quotes from those involved in the filming.

1 - Worf's Arrival (and a reference to Jadzia Dax)

Most of the references to DS9 (as well as the cameos of Max Grodenchik and Armim Shimerman) and the Dominion War were cut in the final version of the film. In the original filmed version of Worf's first appearance onboard the Enterprise-E, he and Picard talks a little about his recent marriage to Jadzia Dax ('Insurrection' was written before actress Terry Farrell decided to leave DS9 in the sixth season finale 'Tears of The Prophets', in which her character of Jadzia Dax was killed, which may explain why the scene was cut). In the original extended scene, Worf explains to Picard that he was installing a defense perimeter (a nod to the 'Dominion War') in a nearby planet, and dropped in for a visit. "How's your bride ?" asks Picard "A challenge. The greatest compliment a Klingon can pay to his wife..." Worf answers. Then La Forge relays a message to Riker, as in the final version.

2- The Library Scene (plus a cameo by Max "Rom" Grodenchik)

In the Enterprise Library, Troi and Riker go over some exposition : the Son'a discovered the Ba'ku planet six months ago, and since the planet is in Federation space they came to Starfleet and arranjed a joint sociological study of the inhabitants (a lot of this dialogue was also cut from the scene and simplified in the final version of the scene). Data was assigned to the mission because his android characteristics would render him safe from the metaphasic radiantion and therefore useful in many of the tasks required. At this point, Troi tosses a paper ball at him when he is not looking, and when he turns, looks innocently at her screen. Riker is about to retaliate with a paper ball of his own, but he sees the Enterprise Librarian (played by actress Lee Arnone-Briggs) staring at him and he sheepishly backs down.

Troi walks over to Riker's station (like in the final version of the scene) and begins to touch his neck. Another ball of paper hits Riker, this time from a Trill ensign (played by actor Max Grodenchik, who also played 'Rom' in Star Trek Deep Space Nine) now looking innocently at his computer. The Librarian glares at Riker and Troi. Troi points to Riker and says "He started it !"

"I think they like doing this kind of cameos as a little wink to the Star Trek fans who might known me," Grodenchik told the british Official Star Trek Insurrection Magazine. "Ethan Phillips ['Neelix'] played a human character in 'Star Trek First Contact' and Bob Picardo was in it, too. So I think they like to cross-reference with people from other Star Trek shows [...] The scene quickly becomes a spitball scene and I have to say I got pretty good at it. My aim was true, as they say. Jonathan [Frakes] kept saying 'Give me your best shot'. I got him everytime, except for the take I think he liked most."

3 - Picard Kisses Anij

When the Enterprise team is taking the Ba'ku to the mountains, the group finds a safe place to set up camp. Anij slows down time in front of Picard and they see a hummingbird flap its wings... and they kiss.

The second kiss (which was also cut) happens in the final scene of the movie, just after the 'Quark scene' and Picard says goodbye to her. He kisses her, and the signature hummingbird appears again, hovering briefly in front of them. As he takes her hand to his cheek, the hummingbird once again slows. Then we cut to the scene with Data and the boy Artim playing in the village before saying their goodbyes.

"It was in my cut, as were some other of the scenes," director Jonathan Frakes told the british DreamWatch magazine. "This was the first time I've been victim to what happens when you turns tour movie in to the studio. There were two kisses cut, one of which I agree with. The first one was early, when Anij blows the flower, but I thought the kiss at the end makes perfect sense. Berman wanted both kisses left in, but to Sherry Lansing it was a pace issue."

4 - Data Fights The Son'a

The Ba'ku run to the cavern, while the Enterprise team continues to blast the drones. Data and Artim are still far from the cave, running down a steep trail. In the ridge ahead of them, three Son'a soldiers appear. Data rushes and collides with them, sending them over the ridge falling to almost certain death. Then, Data grabs one of the drones out of the air and aims it at the failing Son'a, who are abruptly tagged and beamed out in mid-air.

According to the book 'The Secrets of Star Trek Insurrection', the fall would be even more dramatic in the film, thanks to a greenscreen shot done by FX company Blue Sky/VIFX, which made it look as if the Son'a soldiers drop several hundred feet before Data tags them with the drone.

5 - The Original Death of Ru'afo

In the original filmed ending, Picard and Rua'fo fights inside the Collector ship just like in the final version. When Ru'afo approaches the ignition matrix, he realizes the detonation circuit is gone. "Looking for this ?" asks Picard, who is on the plank, holding up the circuit (in the original version, Picard materializes already onto the plank, but without the phaser rifle). Picard is on the plank, Ru'afo is on the grille, only about a foot apart. Then, Ru'afo slides away with the injector as it is launched.

A forcefield zaps into place as the injector enters space. Picard watches as it heads for the planetary rings. Ru'afo falls into the rings and begins to change. Growing younger and younger, his face turns into middle-age (actor F. Murray Abraham without the make-up), then into adolescence (actor Phillip Glasser) and then into childhood... and the screen fades to white. Cut to the Ba'ku village, as Troi waves to Riker and Worf.

"They need a big action sequence at the end of the movie - there was not one in the original script," Frakes told DreamWatch magazine. "To the studio's credit, they realised that to satisfy our core audience, we needed the Enterprise to come and save the day. And to that end, Rick Berman and Michael Piller were able to sit down and have three stories now intercut instead of one story. It was a credit to everyone involved that this was done in three weeks, and the FX guys had to add 23 new opticals. [...] Originally, we had Patrick Stewart and Murray Abraham in the scaffolding, Murray was eject out into the metaphasic rings and he morphed down from Ru'afo to Murray's regular appeatance down to a teenager that was hired to look like a young Murray. Now, at the studio suggestion, the Enterprise cuts in to save the day. the Collector explodes with the villain on it, so the villain gets his commepauce."

6 - The Quark Cameo

In the final scene, just after Picard tells Anij that he has 300 days of shore leave coming soon, Worf comes and informs them that another Starfleet starship has arrived to tie up the loose ends, and that the Enterprise is still needed to mediate that little dispute in another system. Picard says they'll have to wait a little longer, and that he plans to go back to Earth and "slow things down" a little for the Federation Council. A familiar voice shouts offscreen : "Worf !"; It's Quark with two Dabo Girls.

He is there with plans to build "the greatest spa in the galaxy". Picard firmly tells Quark that there will be no spas built here and that the Ba'ku planet will be made a Federation Protectorate, to save it from exploitation by people like Quark. Picard orders the uninvited ferengi and his entourage beamed back on the Enterprise-E, to be deposited back at DS9 when they drop Worf off. Worf takes Quark away.

As the others 'Trek' DVDs, the 'Insurrection' DVD was a big disappointment, with only a poor 15-minute behind-the-scenes look and the two theatrical trailers. The above scenes could improve some of the segments of the movie could be inserted for a 'special edition' or just included as cool extras on the disc.

Thanks to Matthew Klahen and Media Trek Online for scanning some of the photos in this article exclusively to TrekWeb.COM and thanks to 'Mike Jonas', who wrote the complete synopis of the shooting script online.


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My Opinion
By Jean-Luc ( at 16:09:55 on March 24
URL: | User Info
1) Worf's Entrance: Sounded good. I think it would have added some credibility to his presence.

2) Library Scene: UGH! A LIBRARIAN?! On a mostly military vessel?! An Ensign spitballing a Commander (the First Officer to boot!)? Thank God for editing or Trek X would have a food fight in the 'dining room' against the objections of a Swedish chef!

3) Kissing: Picard was like a teenager who was afraid to kiss the girl. The kisses should have stayed, Lansing be damned.

4) Data's Fight: That sounds like it would have been one of the best scenes in the movie! What a loss.

5) Ru'afo: It sounds like a better death scene than the one I saw. Apparently the transporter operator was only scanning for human life since Ru'afo could have easily been beamed up along with Picard, but he was left to die. The fast optical work now explains why Picard beamed onto the array from the Son'a ship but with a Federation effect! The same thing happened in Generations when Picard beamed down from the Bird Of Prey with a Federation effect.

6) Hmm, no six!

7) Another good edit. Absolutely no reason to have Quark there unless they acknowledged his presence during Worf's entrance at the beginning. The mention of the Enterprise being needed in another system would've been lame unless they or the other Fed ship had an extra warp core on them.


=^= Picard out.

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What was up with the
By Jason 'Odo' Boxman ( at 05:35:44 on March 24
URL: | User Info
one liners, anyway?

This film could've been far more serious. The humor wouldn't have been as bad, had it been humorous.



Web Zeus -- It Owned Us

iVALS calls us Wizards; The Internet elite. Enjoy the ride.

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the greatest spa in the galaxy
By Officer Barbrady () at 13:22:39 on March 23
URL: | User Info
Hmmm...I thought that was Steamworks in Berkeley, where Berman likes to go when he's in the Bay Area.

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