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Rick Berman's 'Update': Script Akin to 'Gladiator', Shooting to Start in October

Posted: 06:24:28 on April 10
By: Steve Krutzler
Dept: Star Trek X

Here is the 'Star Trek X' portion of the Rick Berman Update in its entirety from the Star Trek Communicator Issue #132:

I know that John Logan has been working on the screenplay; how has it been received?
We have just completed an official second draft which just went to the studio this week and was met with great enthusiasm. There were a number of changes made based on discussions we had with the studio and they were changes that both John and I felt very good about and were in the normal process of evolution of a script. The second draft is something that both John and I are very excited about.

Would describe this picture as being on the same scale as the last few Star Trek films?
I think it is bigger in scope and concept. It is more of a heroic Picard vs. the evil villain type of picture as compared to some of the previous films. I think there is more action in it and it's a film that takes place primarily in space. We have wonderful villains, wonderful species both known and new and I would describe the film as being in the same style as John's film 'Gladiator'. The film has a real epic quality to it.

Any location shooting this time around?
The movie does not take place entirey in space. There are some sequences done on terra firma, so we will be doing some location work.

Are you really on a film-by-film basis with the 'TNG' actors now? In other words, could this be the last 'TNG' film?
That's always a possibility but, then again, it always has been. If the studio has contracts with the actors, it's only if they choose to trigger those contracts. This picture is a 'TNG' film, but whether the next one will be a 'TNG' film, or one with a different or a mixed cast, is a couple of years down the pike.

Is this definitely a Picard movie or are we going to see the other cast members focused on this time around?
Like all of our films, Picard and Data have the greatest focus but I would like to think that our other five characters all have cool stuff to do in this picture.

How close are you to choosing a director?
Right now, because of the potential strikes, and because we don't have an approved or budgeted script yet, we have not really discussed a director.

What is the current timetable for this film?
I'm thinking that we would start shooting sometime in October with it being ready for release anytime from Spring 2002 on.

(Thanks to Matthew Klaehn at MediaTrek for scanning in the article).


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More Picard and Data?
By Jason 'Odo' Boxman ( at 21:29:20 on April 10
URL: | User Info

Just kill 'em both.



Web Zeus -- It Owned Us

Someone actually managed to get BANNED from TrekWeb!? I can't even remember the last time a post got deleted, let alone an entire posterer.

[ Reply to This | Reply - Quote Original | Parent Comment ]

Spring 2002 on
By Officer Barbrady () at 15:18:20 on April 10
URL: | User Info
You're goin' down, Berman...Episode II, Spiderman & Lord Of The Rings will kick your ass all the way to the welfare office. You'd better start running.

[ Reply to This | Reply - Quote Original | Parent Comment ]

Be careful what you wish for...
By Rat Boy () at 14:33:59 on April 10
URL: | User Info
Both Myer's flicks suffered from bad editting and clunky dialogue. If he is brought in, keep him the hell away from the script and the editting room.

At least Shatner wasn't in it; his "acting" led to several scenes being cut from TWOK.

[ Reply to This | Reply - Quote Original | Parent Comment ]

By AntonyF () at 07:45:17 on April 10
URL: | User Info
"I would describe the film as being in the same style as John's film 'Gladiator'."

Oh my god he flatters himself. Films like Gladiator are renowned for a number of things, including a good director. Not only will it not be epic like Gladiator, the film hasn't even got a director yet. And who will it be, someone who's mostly directed Trek? I don't think Trek can ever be epic, but for any chance of that it needs a good, well-renowned film director.

[ Reply to This | Reply - Quote Original | Parent Comment ]

Star Trek X
By ReignofJerm () at 07:15:03 on April 10
URL: | User Info
As long as Paramount doesn't try to be stingy with the budget, I don't see any reason this movie wouldn't rock. And if they aren't going to let LeVar Burton(Geordi) direct it, then they should bring back the best ST director of all time.....Nicholas Meyer (ST II, VI). Trek Lives!

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