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'Voyager' Actors Speaking At Con Say Kate Mulgrew Cameo Likely

Posted: 11:42:59 on June 18 2001
By: Steve Krutzler
Dept: Star Trek X

TrekWeb member prometheus59650 sent in a report of this past weekend's Slanted Fedora convention in Chicago, IL. Prometheus59650 reports that during the hour with Robert Picardo, Roxann Dawson, and Robert Duncan McNeill (Jeri Ryan was late) someone asked about the possibility of a 'Voyager' feature film. The actors were understandably circumspect but McNeill did say that a friend of his who still works at Paramount informed him that Kate Mulgrew is the one set for the cameo appearance in the next feature.

On another track they were pretty much all in agreement that the last moments of the 'Voyager' finale lacked emotional impact and should have been done differently... although each actor had different ideas about how it should have been done.


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Why can't you people get over it?
By Selyara () at 01:15:19 on June 25
URL: | User Info
Okay okay. So I've read all the posts. I still don't see why you think that Janeway sucks. Just because she made some mistakes? Shall I remind you that Kirk broke the PD also. Several times, but to I hear anyone say that Kirk sucks? Noooooooo. Let's all pick on Janeway. Shall I also remind you that Picard broke the PD to save Wesley. Also disobeyed orders to destroy the borg. That would be the episode "I Borg". Let's see Picard's other failings........... He went to Earth to fight in "First Contact" he wasn't to do that either. At least Janeway gave the borg a good bloody nose every now and then. Unlike Picard who was too much of a coward to do it. Sisko wasn't that great. He went on a personal vendetta almost against one of his former crew members. Kira was just written well. Mulgrew is a great actress, she just had people give her a lousy description of Janeway at the beg. So don't go saying she sucks. you can't blame the actors for what the writers do. As for Chakotay, that's a different story. He is the worst first officer known to man. He repeatedly disobeyed orders and can't do anything worth crap. It's Beltan who sucks as an actor, not Mulgrew. So would you get off of Janeway's back. Your just so upset because a female captain was cast. You can't get over your d*** male supremacy crap. Well NEWS FLASH. Star Trek takes place in a better future. And you males better get used to the idea of females in top positions. I think that this was the best idea that ST came up with. The worst was having the entire show in another quadrant. If Voyager was written in the normal place, it would have kicked even more butt. So get of Janeway's back. Because she is one of the best captains so far. She is better then Sisko could ever hope to be. She is up there with the best so LAY OFF THE D*** CRAP ABOUT HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I am for it
By Grand Admiral Thrawn () at 11:38:47 on June 19
URL: | User Info
I wouldn't mind a cameo apperance by Janeway. If they have to do a cameo with Voyager characters than Captain Janeway would lend more weight as compared to 7of9. I hope for the best for Trek X.

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Captain Kathryn...
By jodeo () at 08:25:02 on June 19
URL: | User Info
By the end of the move, Kathryn's last name will be...

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Thank God it's not Seven
By Jdara () at 23:16:18 on June 18
URL: | User Info

I would have skipped the goddamn movie if Wesley-Crusher-with-tits had showed up on the screen. I kind of like Janeway.

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Big Boozies
By KaptainProton ( at 19:42:43 on June 18
URL: | User Info
lets face it, the only reason you guys want Seven to Cameo in the next Trek Flick is to get another look at her big boozies, why else would u dis Janieway?(after all the prime directive must on occasions be broken when your lost over 70 000 light years from home:-)And For You...yes you know who you are Mr.PicardVSJanie - at least Janeway had the balls to stand up to the Borg Queen, all Picard could do is have a dummy spit and 'surrender' himself to her..what a pussy.

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By gary () at 18:16:54 on June 18
URL: | User Info
Please UNCCarlos, do not even attempt to put Janeway in the same sentence as Picard (figuratively of course). She couldn't hold his jock. What would Picard say to her if they had a conversation? "So Captain Janeway, why do you so eratically ignore the Prime Directive? Why don't you take ANY advice from your other officers, EVER? Are you that much of a control freak? Why did you make a member of the Maquis your first officer? Can you really live with the fact that your future-self is so ethically warped that she was willing to go back in time, affect the course of history just so that your lame-ass crew could return to earth quicker? When you did get back, why didn't you blow up your ship so that the Federation would not have access to future technology? Why is your voice so god damn annoying and mine so eloquent?" Just a few examples of the things Picard would ask.

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By mohap () at 17:44:35 on June 18
URL: | User Info
I am not a fan of Jeri Ryan and I was against her joining the show to replace Kes but I must say 7of9 would be the perfect replacement for Data for trek xi. I never really thought there was any real chemistry between 7of9 and Janeway but 7of9 in the TNG cast would be a perfect fit. Imagine Picard and 7 kicking galactic ass. it would work.. . as for janeway, well if 7 can't make it, i guess she's the next best thing-- except for some of the DS9 characters, of course (like quark).

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Oh boy...
By Brikar () at 16:04:43 on June 18
URL: | User Info
All I can go here is repeat the words of the immortal Homer Simpson: "SAVE ME JEBUS!!!"

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By Blok_Narpin ( at 14:59:06 on June 18
URL: | User Info
Janeway isn't a very popular character. The Seven of Nine rumor made some sense. She was very popular with the fans. ANd with Data exiting she was a logical replacment for Star Trek XI. Janeway really sucks.


"We may be through with the Past, But the past ain't through with us."


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  • Source? by Edzo @ 16:34:39 EDT on 18 Jun
Kate Mulgrew is the one set for the cameo appearance in
By Sideshow Bob () at 13:55:51 on June 18
URL: | User Info
Goddamit, I hope not. What happened to the "7 of 9 cameo" rumor? Both sound like a sack of crap.

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Praise Jesus! Janeway finally gives Picard orders!
By UNCCarlos ( at 12:19:51 on June 18
URL: | User Info
I just know that Janeway is now an admiral and that she will be giving Picard and crew orders in the next film. Praise Jesus! This is truly a momentous thing.

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