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Insider Says Ship Design and Arm Patch Affirmative (UPDATE: Potential Rendering of Ship Design)

Posted: 00:13:13 on July 01 2001
By: Steve Krutzler
Dept: Enterprise |

'Hercules' reports to the Ain't It Cool News web site that some ENTERPRISE footage screened at UPN regional meeting confirms that the image TrekWeb reported about on Thursday (and to the right) appears on the shoulder along with yellow stripes on the crew's 'purple' costumes. The patch, obviously, is sans the words 'Star Trek Enterprise' and 'Special Effects'. The report also adds that the costumes are less form-fitting than traditional 'Trek' outfits and have no open collar.

UPDATE: Some posters over at 3d Gladiators posted the below rendering of a ship, clearly based on the image that TrekWeb broke on Thursday (and is above to the right). Although the post ambiguously claims that it is a real image from the "gas giant" scene obtained from an intern at the unnamed FX house, it is more likely just someone's rendering of the ship based on the diagram.

It looks quite impressive, but really illustrates well that if the nacelles are truly angled downward (the diagram itself doesn't reveal any real way to distinguish between downward and upward sweeps) then this early Starship Enterprise would seem to look more like a forerunner to the U.S.S. Reliant. However, imagine this rendering with the nacelle arms upward, and you may have it.

(Click for larger)


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What I had for lunch today...
By Mr. Peabody () at 16:39:43 on July 02
URL: | User Info
I had some lasagna, some french bread & a can of apricot juice. That's about as important & relevant as that slap-ass Enterprise rendering that some epileptic made in about an hour & a half.

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By DS9fan () at 07:23:30 on July 02
URL: | User Info
Hello! Doesn't anyone recognize this as the Akira-class starship? It's the one that flies-by closest to the camera after the Borg cube is destroyed. It was also featured in many of the DS9 episodes with big fleet battles (usually being blown up)
This just seems to me like people who are just too over excited and started creating their own stuff and the people are eating it up!
Calm down guys; I'm sure Paramount will be releasing the official logo design soon!

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  • Hello? by Anarchos @ 13:12:31 EDT on 2 Jul
This looks very...familiar
By DS9fan () at 07:16:53 on July 02
URL: | User Info
Take a good look people...this is basically the Akira-class starship from "First Contact" and a number of DS9's big battle fleet episodes!
This looks to me like just another crazy fanboy's made up patch and ship design!

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Have you noticed...
By Beamer () at 22:53:25 on July 01
URL: | User Info
Maybe this has already been mentioned in one of the plethora of posts, but if you just let yourself look at the arm patch for a few moments, it jumps out at you.

The shape of the ship becomes the general shape of the eventual starfleet symbol worn on all uniforms in the future.

I think it all begins right there.

Ain't it fun to write the past of the future from the present.

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In response to Steve:
By DRCrout () at 19:50:07 on July 01
URL: | User Info
The mock up I did has no secondary hull: It has a deflector that hands down below the horizontal. This is a standard design element, and much more likely than a "flat" concept like the image you posted. Simple notions of balance require something from below, if only to balance that one the top. I would be hard pressed to believe that Eaves and every member of paramount who has oversite would be satisfied with the concept drawing you linked to; it's certainly unsatisfactory for a hero shop.

I think it's much more likely that some kind of lower superstructure, attached to the catamarans via struts, hangs below the plane of the ship.


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Wait, this is too obvious
By DiggsBiggly () at 19:03:04 on July 01
URL: | User Info
Look at how the light hits the Enterprise in the paramount patch. The left side of everything on the ship is shaded more lightly than the right side of the ship. The right nacelle is hit by the light on its left side... if it were underslung the light wouldn't hit it like that. It must be the V shape, that's the only answer. Just look at it for a minute and you'll see exactly what I mean.

heh, unless, of course, the patch is a view from below... but hell no, that's not possible!


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Someone's been having a little fun with you...
By DRCrout () at 17:11:27 on July 01
URL: | User Info
I know the artist's name, but I'm not sure he would get much of a kick out of me revealing it. Needless to say, this is a fan image, and actually fundumentally incorrect: The artist did have contact with an FI employee, but the employee refused to give any tips as to the design. In response, the artist (working in Max) came up with this quicky design. Given the rash of supposed images on the net, he thought it would be humorous to put this out there as a hoax. On his behalf, he did think that the design was at least representative of what Eaves has given FI. It is not. After completeing the image, he forwarded it to the FI employee, who told him everything was incorrect except the shape of the bussards and top-view foot-print. He also initmated that the nacelles are "V" shaped, not at a downward angle. This meshes with Eaves interviews from two weeks ago. My personal belief is that the comments this week claiming that the design was similar to a TOS or TNG enterprise flipped were the result of a miscommunication between the leaker and an employee for Paramount. This is merely my personal opinion, without outside evidence to back it up (except for the patch drawing posted here on TrekWeb), that the nacelles are "V"'d. The logic behind this is two-fold:

1. Paramount has never had a hero ship with underslung nacelles. The closest it came was the Defiant, and they were nestled into the body (the definat was also a purposeful break from standard Trek art design to accentuate it's "warship" aspect). Even Voyager had the "V" angled nacelles; the only reason they were ever down was Berman's insistance on the "whiz-bang" factor of having rotating nacelle struts.

2. The "V" makes for a greater number of viewing angles; it's almost impossible to get a bad angle. I've included a quick model based on the patch drawing to illustrate:


Feeling confident that the patch image is a true representation of the shape and orientation of the final mesh, I'm very happy with their decisions and trust that FI will push it's considerable meshbuilding talents to making this quite the visual masterpeice.


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trektoday steals your scan
By The Emissary ( at 15:33:32 on July 01
URL: N/A | User Info
trektoday stole trekwebs scan of the patch.
and croped name off

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I think this rendering unlikely to be genuine...
By falcon () at 15:06:44 on July 01
URL: | User Info
...for several reasons:

1) I suspect the studio would be a little more diligent about keeping a wrap on the design at this point

2) It appears to have been rendered using 3D Studio Max (as alluded to in another post below). It's unlikely they'd be using this software, even for rendering.

3) The blue glow on the side of the nacelles is certainly not appropriate for this time period, and if they do choose to use it in a pre-TOS series, I would venture to say that this will be the first in a long line of continuity violations we can expect from Berman/Bragga. Personally, I suspect that they're more savvy than this, and that we are looking at an interesting third party rendering.

I like the overall design, but wonder about the size of the saucer. It appears from the windows to be two stories high, and from the proportions, about the same size as the 1701 saucer. Also, where is the nav deflector - I'm guess on the underbelly?

The final design will, in all likelihood, be reasonably different.


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Looks Good...However...
By sxottlan () at 14:51:13 on July 01
URL: | User Info
I don't know. There's just too much 24th century looking aspects to it. The overall look is pretty much a de-evolved Akira-class. While it is a fan favorite, I don't buy the blue plasma "window" on the nacelles. That really didn't come about until the Ambassador (and only then because they needed it to look like the Galaxy). The whole back end looks like the Akira, but just simplified. The saucer has a bridge module that is pretty much from the Saber-class starships.

That being said, the picture itself looks nice. I like how the saucer section is from the Constitution-class and looks to be about two decks tall. I would love to see the same picture with the nacelles swept upward. That and make it look a lot older. Otherwise, not bad at all.

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This is the Enterprise
By Grand Admiral Thrawn () at 13:52:04 on July 01
URL: | User Info
With multiple sites now corrobrating this story of Enterprise FX as the real deal reported by Trekweb orginally, I am quite sure this is the series ship 'Enterprise'. The shot does presents Enterprise in more greater details and its definetly retro-akira with nacelles swept downwards. Now if this shot is a fan rendering or the real-deal remains a open question, but leaving that discussion aside, Enterprise appears to be retro as well as kick-ass at the same time and I am happy. My faith in John Eaves did hold some merit after all. Looking forward to Enterprise from Fall

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Drawing is right side up
By sls3000 () at 13:40:18 on July 01
URL: | User Info
If the drawing is real or not, I don't know, but the running lights are correct in the picture above. Red lights are always on a ship's left side, and green on the right (positioned as if you were sitting on the bridge). So this would indicate an Akira style arrangement.


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I Think This Is The Real Thing
By Jean-Luc ( at 10:54:31 on July 01
URL: | User Info
and it's fine, but even the 1701 didn't have the blue glow on its nacelles. For continuity purposes you could say that some ships from that time and onward DID have the glow and the Constitution class didn't. But I don't think a 22nd century ship have it. Even the 1701 didn't have the red rotating Bussard ram scoop early on, but I would think most of us would be willing to overlook that. I was also looking for a name on the ship, but there may be certain details that haven't been rendered yet.


I am Popeye of Borg. Prepares ta be asskimililated.

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I think what really makes this rendering just a fan job
By Steve Krutzler ( at 10:48:16 on July 01
URL: | User Info
is that any TOS-era nacelles wouldn't have the TNG-era blue and red coloration scheme...


-Steve Krutzler
==V/-/== Rocks.

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A bit unoriginal
By who1 () at 10:46:44 on July 01
URL: | User Info
This design from some angles is so highly similar to the Akira class. While I like the design of that ship, I was hoping for something a little more revolutionary. The Enterprise E for example was quite an interesting departure from the Enterprise D and Voyager. This SS Enterprise doesn't look all that original from what we've been seeing so far, but I accept that these have just been tiny tidbits.

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Y'know... :)
By GabrielCKoerner () at 10:45:13 on July 01
URL: | User Info
Two things are wrong with that image.

A. Any SERIOUS professional television artist or 3d graphics artist (myself included) would not have modeled and rendered that image in what is quite obviously 3d Studio Max. :) Max is okay for playing around (I work at a place where I have to use it on a daily basis because they couldn't license a more high end package, uggh!), but if you're actually trying to get high end production work done, Lightwave (or Maya if you're really ambitious) is the way to go.

B. I think Foundation Imaging has better things planned for the gas giant chase than generic orange procedural fractal noise. ;)


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CGI Rendering
By Eric ( at 10:24:12 on July 01
URL: | User Info
Although i'm not convinced it is the real thing, it is a design I can live with. It does not look too crude for television, nor too slik so viewers can believe this ship is a predecessor of the ships appearing in earlier startrek TV series.

However I would make the hull plating more visible or add a bit more relief to the surface; a ship this age (from a 24th/23rd century point of view of course) should not look this smooth.

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