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ET Airs More Footage From Inside The Enterprise Sets -- Video Available (7/11: New Mirrors)

Posted: 20:16:49 on July 10 2001
By: Steve Krutzler
Dept: Enterprise |

As promised, Entertainment Tonight ran its ENTERPRISE first look feature tonight and Section31 has digitized it for download. TrekWeb received several donations from visitors of server space and bandwidth to help serve the file, which is 15 FPS , DivX Compressed , 320 x 240, 6.69 MB, and is almost 2 minutes in duration.

The segment shows the earlier footage of the bridge, as well as more shots of what is presumed to be engineering, the new ready room, some primitive looking non-swoosh-open doors, and the interview with Scott Bakula that ET Online had transcribed earlier (story).

The video, all media contained therein and all images on this page are copyright © 2001 by Paramount Pictures. All rights reserved and the video contains trademarks exclusively owned by Paramount Pictures.

MediaTrek has digitized the video as well, and it is in RealMedia format, weighing in at 3.1 MB. Look below for this version.

Video Servers
Please try various servers and hopefully this will adequately disperse the bandwidth load.

Section31 has the file here.

TrekWeb Mirror 1 has been graciously provided by Benjamin at The Trekker Newsletter.

TrekWeb Mirror 2 is being donated by longtime TrekWeb visitor Roger Lim (currently offline).

TrekWeb Mirror 3 is also being donated by longtime TrekWeb visitor Roger Lim, and requires clicking on a second link once the new window pops up.

Voyager's Delights has made available a RealMedia version of the segment, weighing in at 5.7 MB, and available from their page here.

MediaTrek's version here.

TrekWeb Mirror 4 has been donated by TrekWeb visitor Arne Voigtmannn and his German Voyager-Website: Voyager-Delta.

Daniel over at the German site has put up a mirror as well here.

Mr. Vidiot has also added a 30 MB MPEG version of the segment to its web site here.

For those who can't download the whole feature, TrekWeb visitor Robert Underwood has made seven high-quality captures (zipped, 265k) from the segment and they are available on Roger Lim's server also by clicking here. (Please do not download if you have already downloaded the video!)

Depending on bandwidth usage, these links may become unavailable in the future, and we ask web masters to please not directly link to these mirrors but only to this page.

This first footage of the Enterprise sets (most likely not lit as they will appear on film) reveals a much smaller interior as promised, and a somewhat monochromatic beige/brown color dominating the walls and consoles. Again, the coloration seen here may not be an accurate representation of how the sets will eventually appear in the series.


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Download it right now!!!
By Gul Darhe'el ( at 17:36:31 on July 13
URL: | User Info
Can´t download it? You can´t do it right know. get the video following this link

C´ya and enjoy it!!

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Cochrane and the Enterprise-Design
By Jesse Bird () at 01:29:41 on July 12
URL: | User Info
I wonder if anybody thought about this before... Zephram Cochrane is around in the pilot of the new ENTERPRISE-Series, right? So he probably had something to say in the ship's development, wouldn't you agree. And we all know that Cochrane has seen the Enterprise-E (in First Contact). I have to watch the movie again to be sure, but he probably even knows the ship's name.

So wouldn't it be great if the inspiration for the NX-01 came from that glimpse of the NCC-1701-E? Even the name? Archer's ship named in memory of Picard's?

That could even explain the more advanced look of the first ship. Cochrane simply wanted it to look like the Enterprise-E. Designers to follow him would have thought: "Now, why did he do that? Let's change it." And so the TOS-Enterprise was built. Then, with the growing understanding of warp-field-theory and advances in other technical fields, the ships resembled more and more their original ancestor. And maybe when designers developed the Akira-Class, they said: "Hey, look at that! I just did a few computer-simulations, and they look just like the NX-01."

I think that is a great idea, and it is very Star Trek...

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Location of Eng.
By Gamera ( at 19:31:44 on July 11
URL: | User Info
I'm going to depart from the majority of the opinions expressed here, that the engineering section (or at least the warp core shots we have seen) are in the section between the two warp nacelles apart from the main hull.

I think what we see in those shots is inside the main hull directly behind and below the bridge area, running to the back edge of the saucer. The reason, I think if you tried to place the large room we see with the core in that little area between the pylons, then the scale of the ship becomes way too big. Look at the size of the bridge dome and then at the connecting area discussed and tell me if you still think that big room could fit inside there. This is not a big ship.

I could be wrong, but the warp plasma conduits we see coming off the engine don't have to be running straight up into the nacelles as the picture might suggest. After all, in the original series ship, Main Engineering was in the main hull right where I am suggesting this one is. It's a logical place.

Also, look at the photo of the ship; there is a straight strip from beneath the bridge to the end of the saucer that would just about fit the length of the warp core we have seen inside.

Anyway, we'll see who's right someday!

Oh, and I vote for making the Andorians a major race that is seen and developed in this show. They have been a peripheral race too long. Blue is beautiful, baby! Too bad the show isn't a democracy. On the other hand, maybe it's a good thing considering the negativity seen here!

-Gamera, Guardian of the Universe (friend of children and enemy of Gyaos everywhere!)
PS: check out my nightclothes at my website sometime.

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deflector dish
By Shanok of Vulcan () at 16:43:37 on July 11
URL: | User Info
look at the enterpise pics... the yellow thing at the front of the saucer section... does that look like a tos deflector dish

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I'm getting turned on just looking!
By Gamera ( at 16:23:16 on July 11
URL: | User Info
I'm getting more and more excited about this series, the more I see from it. More excited than I was for DS9 or Voyager to begin. For the reason that they are getting back to roots, in the most literal way possible!

We all loved to see elements from the old show and nods to TOS in the new shows, because that's what we really wanted to see. Well, this is a better solution even than redoing a series based in TOS time period. Then, you would be locked down to recreating 60's sets like in "Trials and Tribble-ations." Also you couldn't get but one or two of the original cast that wouldn't be too old to do it, and would we really want to see Takei, bless his politician's heart, try to carry a dramatic series?

So, here we have a show firmly set in the Trek past, showing us how our beloved original show came about, instead just wistfully referring to "the good old days" now and then. It's truly a final frontier again. Thinking about it, it's the only premise that would have excited me and given us all an opportunity to see something different than what we have for the last 15 or so years since TNG came on.

I am embracing it with all the excitement and anticipation I have, which I haven't done with a Trek show in decades. Even TNG didn't do for me what this show has already done; restored the sheer joy of Trek.
-Gamera, Guardian of the Universe

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Archer's command chair
By Mr. Peabody () at 15:11:58 on July 11
URL: | User Info
Nice high-chair, Scott. What would you like for lunch today, pureed' peas or carrots?

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Is that a KEYBOARD??
By Matty () at 12:34:04 on July 11
URL: | User Info
What I take to be the ready room console has a keyboard on it... lovely coloured keys, but a keyboard nonetheless... I love it.


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visuals and tv guide
By shuggy () at 09:13:55 on July 11
URL: | User Info
Damn... the new sets looks great... love the cramped submarine look.

The tv guide promo poster is great for the USA but here in the UK we dont get USA tv guide!!

Any idea when the full images and cast in uniform pics will be posted up?

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Bridge layout
By pijay () at 09:05:37 on July 11
URL: | User Info
Having looked at the pics again, I'm guessing that the recess
towards the back of the bridge is neither the ready-room, nor a
conference room. My guess is that it's actually a large Engineering
console, equivilent to the console at the back of the Voyager bridge.
It would make sense on the NX-01, because a low-tech vessel
would require more human interaction than the later, more automated
Starfleet vessels.

Pure speculation, but I think that the Ready Room is located through
the door to the right of the Engineering station, and a small conference
room is to the left. I'd also guess that the Engine Room we've seen in
the clips is located in the pod between the nacelles, with the main
engineering controls being accessed remotely from the bridge. In
an era where warp technology is still fairly new, early ship designers
probably located the warp core away from the rest of the ship for
safety reasons, which would explain why the main engineering
panels would be found on the bridge.

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For those with sound but no pic
By Jason 'Odo' Boxman ( at 02:43:03 on July 11
URL: | User Info
You need to get the latest MPEG4 hack, Divx, from here:


Or you can simply view a Real(Lame)Player Stream if you don't want to be bothered with getting the codec.

Divx is becoming a popular format for video compression because it can compress streams to smaller sizes than regular MPEG1 or MPEG2 while still maintaining watchable quality for things of this nature (debatable for longer clips 30min+).



Web Zeus -- It Owned Us

My employer wishes my opinions were his own.

[ Reply to This | Parent Comment ]

RealMedia versions
By Steve Krutzler ( at 22:35:01 on July 10
URL: | User Info
I just posted links to two RealMedia versions... hope they work for you. Unfortunately I don't have the equipment to digitize the stuff myself so whatever other people graciously give me is what we get. Sorry!


-Steve Krutzler
==V/-/== Rocks.

[ Reply to This | Parent Comment ]

Windoze favoritism
By sebimeyer () at 21:23:01 on July 10
URL: | User Info
Thanks a lot TrekWeb for putting the video on the web as fast as you could. Now how about putting it on the web in a decent format that people not runnung windows can watch? Maybe Mpeg? that could be opened by people running windows aswell as us mere mortals that are stupid enough (I hear the replies to this post already) to buy a mac.


PS: just to metion it: most of the writers and artist working on this show use macs. Kinda ironic that those people would not be able to watch this video.

[ Reply to This | Parent Comment ]

A Prayer
By God's Media () at 20:55:29 on July 10
URL: | User Info
I pray that all who look upon this ship and it's design can see the beauty of what it is and what it's potential is instead of tearing it apart for not being what we all think it should, could, or would have been.

This is a new era for Star Trek and a new look the eras that have come before. Mr. Bakula looks like he's having fun and is excited, that bodes well for the new show, a happy actor is an actor who is getting to do new and challenging and exciting things with his art.

I will not go into what I believe about the technologies or into what I believe the appropriate grade of retro should be. I will simply leave this prayer and the hope that we can all see the great new adventure before us.

And, in deference to all the naysayers and other malcontents who will surely make their unhappiness and disapproval known, I say that any great adventure has the potential for failure but that doesn't make the adventure any less great nor any less worth venturing upon.

[ Reply to This | Parent Comment ]

By greg () at 20:38:33 on July 10
URL: | User Info
Just saw the E special and I liked what I saw. Very submarine like, very different. I thought the monochrome bridge was very cool. Bacula will do fine. Might even beat out Picard...hmm

[ Reply to This | Parent Comment ]

By Captain Paul () at 20:33:05 on July 10
URL: | User Info
All I can say is that we finally got glimpse at what the sets look like. One thing though, they showed three different sets: bridge, captain's ready room, and what was that one other set. Was it engineering? I wish that they would have told us a bit more.

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