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First Finished Footage Reveals Archer's Tagline, Dr. Phlox Makeup, Sharp Dialogue, and Key 'Trek' Tech! TrekWeb Exclusive!

Posted: 13:49:21 on July 16 2001
By: Steve Krutzler
Dept: Enterprise |

With the premiere of ENTERPRISE officially set for September 26th @ 8:00 P.M., UPN has sent the first completed or near-completed footage in the form of a two and a half-minute sales promotion tape to UPN affiliates across the country. Marked "not for air, for internal use only," the video will not be provided here. But, TrekWeb has been able to view the segment, which includes the first look at some finished footage from the new series.

Set to the familiar tones of Dennis McCarthy's 'Star Trek: Generations' musical score, the video includes previously-shown interview bits with executive producer and co-creator Rick Berman where he discusses the cultural immersion of the 'Star Trek' franchise and the popularity of such phrases as "Beam me up, Scotty."

Although no finished FX footage is included, the new Enterprise NX-01 makes an appearance on screen, juxtaposed to shots of previous ships to bear the name, including a sailing vessel and an aircraft carrier. But the video does include numerous examples of footage that appears complete, if not near that stage, from the pilot "Broken Bow".

In what may perhaps become the newest 'Star Trek' tagline, Scott Bakula as Captain Jonathan Archer has his own unique phrase, similar to Captain Picard's "make it so" or "engage". When getting the Enterprise underway, Captain Archer tells the helm, "straight and steady."

Other lines from Captain Archer reveal a sharp script and the tension between humanity and their newfound allies, the Vulcans. At one point, there is an exchange between T'Pol and Archer in which the confident Vulcan tells the Captain arrogantly, "Space is very big; and this mission is very dangerous." Archer snaps back without hesitation, knocking the Vulcan down a peg or two by saying, "I am not interested in your opinion about this mission, so why don't you stuff your Vulcan cynicism along with your repressed emotions."

In a humorous vein, the helmsman Travis Mayweather, played by Anthony Montgomery, later comments that next time the ship heads out, the crew should wear seat belts.

Die-hard continuity guardians may be disillusioned when weapons officer Malcom Reed, played by Dominic Keating, introduces a personal weapon that is sure to ring a bell: a "phase pistol" (NOT "phaser"). Reed tells Archer, "There are two settings: stun and kill. Be sure to know the difference." Though no new space FX shots are included, scenes of these phase pistols being discharged reveal a similar beam to traditional phasers and the audio effect sounds like it has been temporarily dubbed-in from previous 'Trek' series.

Later, Reed also comments on the new transporter technology, echoing the sentiment of a famous country doctor over a century later when saying that he doesn't want HIS atoms scrambled across the galaxy by the distrusted device.

This presentation also offers a first look at alien Doctor Phlox, played by John Billingsley. True to Michael Westmore's previous alien creations, concern about the actor's ability to use facial expressions is clearly evident in the development of the character's makeup. With cranial ridges that extend up and around the eyes, the makeup bears Westmore's trademark forehead work and may disappoint some.

The UPN 13 news segment last week provided a first, obscure shot of the Vulcan T'Pol's costume. This new video shows a simple one-piece uniform with a V-neck, grey with a "scratchy" texture. The scratches look white and run diagonally through her suit.

Other costumes include an orange get-up for a dancing, exotic alien who catches a butterfly with its tongue. This was previously rumored to be an Orion slave girl, but this footage does not reveal the trademark green skin.

One element that may please TOS fans is the communicator devices. At one point, Captain Archer is in a fire-fight and ducks behind a structure, flipping open his communicator that rougly resembles those from Kirk's era.

Finally, the meeting with the Klingon High Council, as previously rumored, does not seem as "disastrous" as hinted at by Picard in TNG, and footage in this video confirms that creative liberty has been taken with this bit of 'Trek' history.

The characters, story, dialogue, and scenes described are all copyright © 2001 by Paramount Pictures.

Surely much of this footage will make its appearance on the Internet in weeks to come as UPN rolls out its full-scale advertising campaign any day now.

Thanks to 'THEERDMAN' for his assistance with this story.


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By Sankoni () at 22:13:00 on July 16
URL: | User Info
I think it's great that they'll be using "phase pistols" instead of lasers.

While it is true that in The Cage they used the words "laser" when refering to their weapons, it should not be taken literaly.

If we were to take every word literaly, then we would have generations of starships powered by "lithium" instead of "dilithium".

It's just a simple fact that as TOS developed, little details developed along with it. Had those elements remained the same, the show would have risked being "scientifically inaccurate". That is why "lasers" became "phasers"; and "lithium" became "dilithium".

Science Fiction has to attempt to be as scientifically accurate as possible, otherwise it stops being Sci-Fi and becomes Space Fantasy.

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space battles/new fx?
By dj () at 21:01:39 on July 16
URL: | User Info
Not to butt in or anything, but with everybody talking about continuity and such, what about the maneuverability of the ship? I for one don't want it to be like Voy, with the ship zooming and careening around like the damn Millennium Falcon in every battle! Please God don't let that happen. Not just for continuity's sake, but because it also adds suspense to the battles and it conveys the power and size of the ship when it isn't super fast. Hopefully they continue that submarine theme. Hell, even the Enterprise D took it's sweet time to swing around!

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Guarded optimism, and some pessimism
By Sub-Odeon ( at 17:52:54 on July 16
URL: | User Info
I for one have a ton of confidence in Bakula's ability to carry his role. Just as I did with Patrick Stewart when he took on Picard. Bakula has been around the block, and is nobody's second banana. I'm glad he got this part, and it will be nice to see him back on a regular SF series. Welcome to Trek lore, Scott! Now he'll be getting booked for Trek conventions as well as those much tinier multi-genre SF conventions where QL is concerned.

Anyway, for the rest of the cast, the only other one I am curious about is Billingsley and his Dr. Phlox part. Again, a veteran actor who can really get into character. As for the others, whom I have never heard of, we'll have to see. To my way of thinking some of Voyager's characters were too flat, either as a result of bad writing or bad acting. (Except for 7 of 9, she was not flat in ANY sense of the word! Hehehehe...) I hope we don't see any cardboard people in the new series, but I am ready for this to happen if it is the case.

"Phase Pistol" seems to totally contradict "The Cage" with its "Laser pistols" but I've always thought that "The Cage" wasn't necessarily 100% part of Trek lore, either. It was a pilot, and was produced long before actual Trek production on the regular series was commenced. So, I can handle a Phase Pistol so long as they don't make it look like a gawdamned dust buster! =^)

Good on the clunky flip-up communicators. We haven't seen those since the Kirk-era movies. Thank goodness the Trek people got this one right. Can you imagine the fan outcry if they crew of the NX-01 had little com badges?? BLEAH!

Many have said the new T'Pol character is just another 7 of 9 eyecandy clone. Frankly, I hope this is not true. To me, Robin Curtis (aka: Saavik) played the best female vulcan ever, and anyone playing T'Pol would do well to try and nail Curtis' version. Hell, they should have tried to GET Robin Curtis! That would have been great, but she is probably too old. But then again, for women in hollyweird, anything over early 20's is old. Which is just sick, sick, sick.

"Straight and Steady" is sure to grow on us. Just as TNG's little phrases grew on us. I have no problem with it. Archer should not be using any jargon from TOS or TNG era. As a matter of opinion, S&S sounds pretty good for a pre-Federation guy because he is human and humans are still very new to 'sailing' the stars. Archer's phrase is very sea navy sounding, and rightly so. I like it.

I still think they are introducing transporter tech too early in history. Seems to me from what I have read that transporters were still pretty new even in Kirk's era. I remember reading one of those deluxe-size Trek novels back in 1989 wherein Kirk's father plays a huge role and in Kirk's father's time (aka: Kirk's youth) transporters are brand spanking new. So having a transporter on the NX-01 seems out of place. Why not bite the bullet and go with shuttlecraft??? Remember: the transporter was a money-saver for the cash and FX strapped 60's. ENTERPRISE is sure to get the standard $1M+ per episode budget, hence shuttles and their FX should not be out of the question. More fun, too.

Oh yeah, I have to whip the dead horse some more. I totally do NOT like the new design for the NX-01. Utterly unimaginative and a ripoff of the Akira class. Dumb. Hate it. Is it too late to do a write-in campaign to have them redesign the ship?? BLEAH! Of all the places to skimp or try and cut corners, don't do it on the damned ship!!

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I hate to say it, but. . .
By Michaelj () at 16:01:14 on July 16
URL: | User Info
. . . this all sounds very, very disappointing. *sigh*

[ Reply to This | Parent Comment ]

By Spockjaw () at 15:50:35 on July 16
URL: | User Info
I must say I'm definitely looking forward to the show. I also must say I do NOT look forward to all the unfounded criticism that will follow about this post tonight. There are a few things that should be discussed about some problems there MAY be in the new show, but many people here go too far! "They've killed Trek," "I'm not watching the show,"--get a clue! Real Trek fans don't care for your attitude. If that's how you feel, you shouldn't watch! In your mind it'll be bad no matter what!

Okay, I'm calm now.

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  • RE: Neato by pye-guy @ 13:10:20 EDT on 18 Jul
Enterprise and technology
By IsaacJ () at 15:49:12 on July 16
URL: | User Info
Hi, first time post here, and a long one, too. :-) With mention of the "old" weapons on Enterprise, just thought I'd mention that on TNG (if I remember correctly) Worf said that phasers weren't really used until the 22nd century. So, if Archer's crew is about 100 years away, then that's about right. If what I understand about current, real world technology is true, however, they might be a little behind, though!
Did anybody else hear about a supposed weapon the US army was interested in a while back that was supposed to be "phaser-like", with a kind of stun ability? At the time, I could have sworn it seemed legit, but I would imagine someone would have commented on it by now if it were. It worked something like a tazer or one of those handheld electric stunners people use now, but somehow fired electricity through the AIR, in a straight line and over a distance, instead of a cable or requiring direct personal contact. Not sure if it would knock you out, but it should definately put you out of operation for a while if it works the same as the stunners you can buy in the store.
One last thing. I also understand that the US has nearly (or already has) perfected a nuclear weapon that is boosted by an antimatter reaction, as apparently there are limits to what the reactant of a nuclear weapon can reach. (I saw this on a documentary) They said that a certain mass is required for a nuclear reaction to work, and if you go over that, you don't get a bigger bang - thus, the booster. They revealed nothing about how they solved the problems with this, or any word on antimatter power plants (which would be nice) that could be developed from it.
So, even though many of us probably would be more interested in seeing nukes on the Enterprise because it offers a semblance of continuity, it isn't so ridiculous that the ship might have something like we're used to on Trek, like the photon torpedoes.


[ Reply to This | Parent Comment ]

By Grand Admiral Thrawn () at 15:06:35 on July 16
URL: | User Info
That exchange b/w T'pol and Archer is actually funny and the dialogue was surely laced with more current 20th century tones. I am not much impressed by Archer tag-line but everything else inspires me a lot about this show

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  • RE: Kewl by Steve Krutzler @ 15:13:48 EDT on 16 Jul
    • RE: Kewl by E2JORL @ 17:14:32 EDT on 16 Jul
Archer's new tagline
By Mr. Peabody () at 14:33:11 on July 16
URL: | User Info
Hey, I'll show you something that's "straight & steady", dammit.

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Continuity: µMeeting the Klingons
By Shanok of Vulcan () at 14:16:47 on July 16
URL: | User Info
A note on the often-debated continuity chestnut:

It's not because McCoy and Picard defined the first meeting with the Klingons as "desastrous", that it actually needs to be so: history and stories often get a different tone and perspective as they unfold - after more than a century of hostility, the real nature of the first meeting with Qo'nos may have gotten a different tone through telling the tale. "Hineininterpretierung" is the word: history is written often only generations later and people may be suprised when learning the truth: best example: the idolisation of Cochrane in the 24th Century and Geordi and Riker's "disillusionement" when meeting the real guy and finding his kick is in dollar signs...

As for the phase pistols: reseach is happening on that kind of stuff now, as we speak. So is reseach on lasers. So why exclude a parallel development in the 22nd century, whereby eventually phasers emerge as the winner in the 23rd ?

Live Long And Prosper

Shanok of Vulcan

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Ok, it may sound silly, but . . .
By STFan () at 14:05:44 on July 16
URL: | User Info
I'm excited that they're going to use a "traditional" flip-open communicator. I hope it chirps, too!

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