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Series Bible Reveals New Details: Backstory, Laser Canons, Character Triumverate! (SPOILERS)

Posted: 12:57:06 on July 27 2001
By: Steve Krutzler
Dept: Enterprise |

TrekWeb has been able to read some of the ENTERPRISE show bible -- a written guide that details the premise, backstory, characters, and other central elements of a television series -- and in addition to the known information about the show and its characters, the bible reveals several new and interesting details.


Starfleet is less than twenty years old in 2151 and with the founding of the Federation "decades away," humanity has only now been able to construct advanced warp technology capable of travelling warp 5. The Vulcans refused over the century since Cochrane's warp flight in 'First Contact' to share their advanced warp technology and the new mark of warp 5 breaks a barrier to exploration that has hindered human expansion. At warp 5, 10,000 inhabited planets are within one year's journey, compared to only 18 at warp 2.

The Starship Enterprise is the first long-range Starfleet vessel and because the events of the pilot, "Broken Bow", force her to launch three months ahead of schedule, many of her new systems will remain untested until the mission has begun. Enterprise's human crew must strive to prove humanity's worth as contact with alien races is full of uncertainty and danger. Without an established corps of diplomats or the overarching organization of the Federation, the ship's crew will have to solve most of its own problems.

Captain Jonathan Archer has followed the construction of the Enterprise since "the first girders... were put into place," and he is instrumental in convincing Starfleet to continue with her launch when the Vulcans feel humanity is not ready. Archer knows that his Captain's Logs will be essential for future captains, so he makes the detailed, personal, and humorous.

Although Archer feels that T'Pol represents the worst arrogance of the Vulcans, he'll come to rely on her interstellar experience and even appreciate her wry humor. The two characters will be obstacles to one another but develop a unique human/alien relationship that is rather unorthodox at this point in time.

Captain Archer is a mentor figure for the chief engineer, Charlie "Trip" Tucker III, who can be overly exuberant at times.

Sub-Commander T'Pol is as thrilled with her post on the Enterprise as her human crewmembers. Viewing it as a hardship post, she'll actually begin to envy humans and become fascinated with them, sampling food, observing behavior, and even studying mating rituals.

She respects Captain Archer in him she recognizes humanity's ability to become more than the base instincts exhibited by Charlie Tucker. T'Pol will become especially close with Doctor Phlox, whom she'll confide in as a fellow outsider and student of humanity. The good Doctor will even provide her with a "nasal numbing agent" to mask the odor of humans when they're excited. T'Pol is the oldest on board.

Charlie "Trip" Tucker III spent his youth in the Florida Keys working on an ocean reclamation project. A thrill-seeker, Charlie eventually ended up in Orbital Engineering, building starships at Utopia Planetia and earning a reputation as a miracle-worker of sorts.

Charlie's best friend is the helmsman, Ensign Mayweather, and the two are always in search of the latest adventure in what reads like an early Paris/Kim relationship.

More importantly, Archer, T'Pol, and Tucker form the triumverate of the series, the three most important decision-makers on board, similar to (you guessed it) Kirk, Spock, and McCoy.

Doctor Phlox is fascinated by humans (who don't reproduce asexually like his species) to no end and makes himself at home on the Enterprise quickly -- populating his sickbay with all sorts of alien paraphanelia. His "intergalactic medicine" makes the most mundane trip to the medical bay and adventure in and of itself.

Lieutenant Malcom Reed is the antithesis to Charlie Tucker. Rigorously organized, Reed spends his off-time working on futuristic exercise machines or perfecting a new type of torpedo. Reed and Tucker will constantly be at odds; Reed wanting to expand his weapons inventory in Engineering sections and cluttering Tucker's Jefferies Tubes with grenades. As previously revealed, Reed is also rather contradictory, shy around women and soft spoken despite his regulatory personality.

Ensign Travis Mayweather "was born and conceived during a two year run somewhere between Alpha Centauri and Arcturis Prime," and has travelled to dozens of planets, even spending time with a Terrelian girlfriend at some point in the past. Travis prefers to sleep in zero-g and he turns off the gravity in his quarters when he sleeps.

Ensign Hoshi Sato is uncomfortable being stuck in a tin-can travelling at fantastic velocities, and jumping to warp can be stressful for her. Hoshi's amazing linguistic skills come in handy in an era of inadequate universal translators and though she will share a somewhat sparring relationship with T'Pol, the two women will develop a sort of sisterly bond.

The Enterprise and Technology

The Starship Enterprise is state-of-the-art. At 190 meters, 80,000 metric tons and a crew compliment of 87, she brandishes laser cannons and spatial torpedoes. Shuttlepods can hold a pilot and six passengers (note to producers: don't put all seven of your regular castmembers in one shuttlepod!), travel at sub-warp speeds and are used for away missions to planets, ships or space stations. Launched through bomb bay doors by a magnetic arm, the pods are released after being positioned below the ship.

The ship's galley is stocked with traditional foodstuffs, but features an early replicator called a protein re-sequencer that produces a limited range of items such as pasta or drinks. Meals are prepared by Captain Archer's hand-picked chef and served either in the Mess Hall or Archer's private mess, where frequent guests are Tucker and T'Pol.

Transporters are only for cargo, though throughout the first season the crew will refine the technology for bio-matter traffic. Without the bio-filters of the 24th century, any time crewmembers return to the ship with foreign agents along for the ride, they must apply decontaminating gel in the cramped Decon Chamber.

Away teams will carry phase pistols and communicators with primitive universal translators built-in. But Hoshi's linguistic skills will often be needed. The crew must use touch-panel intercoms to converse throughout the ship.

Without shields or forcefields, the Enterprise is equipped with polarized hull plating that leaves the ship vulnerable when retracted. There are no phaser banks, though Malcom Reed may "invent" this technology down the road. Enterprise does have retractable turrets that emerge from the hull to fire plasma-charged artillery.

Long-range communications are only possible at warp speed, so contacting Starfleet will be sparse.

Be aware that much of this information may have changed or may change as the series unfolds on screen. Many times, elements in a series bible never materialize for various reasons.

All information, character names, terminology, plot points are copyright © Paramount Pictures. All rights reserved.


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By Mr. Hippo ( at 11:37:34 on July 31
URL: | User Info
I, for one, am completely blown away by the number of posts related to this series bible. So many, in fact, that I gave up trying to follow the threads several days ago.


"Every rose has its thorn, every night has its dawn, just as every Hippo sings a sad, sad song..."

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Vulcan Nazis
By sky () at 13:56:03 on July 30
URL: | User Info
Over the course of the "Enterprise" rumors and stories, it seems that the following points have been stated about the Vulcans:

- They are "holding back" the humans in their conquest of space;

- They won't share their advanced warp technology with the humans;

- They want to tell the humans how to handle the Klingon situtation;

- When the humans do finally branch out on their own, they somehow have the clout to ensure that their "overseer" T'Pol is included in the crew.

What's going on here, how come the Vulcans have all the say-so over Earth affairs? Who asked the green-blooded, pointy-eared geeks anyway?

From these rumors, it almost sounds like the Vulcans have maintained a military-style occupation over Earth since "First Contact." I suppose it would not be "logical" for the Vulcans to repress the humans outright, but this hardly sounds like the buddy-buddy arrangement that exists in the 23rd and 24th centuries.

If B&B want to really throw us a twist, they can show such a look into early Vulcan/Human relations. It would be neat to see how the humans rose up to take the upper hand in that relationship, as we see in TOS et seq., where the Vulcans have mostly retired from space exploration, leaving the job to the human "kids."

I know Trekkie types have been conditioned to view the Vulcans as a generally friendly species, but maybe there was a time before TOS when the Vulcans were perceived as alien invaders, at least by certain fringe groups. Such might shine light on the anti-Vulcan racism hinted at in TOS.

So whaddaya y'all think?


"GET A LIFE, will you people? I mean, for crying out loud, it's just a TV show! ... You've turned an enjoyable little job, that I did as a lark for a few years, into a COLOSSAL WASTE OF TIME!"

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"Yes, but..." Thread
By Mr. Hippo ( at 22:19:35 on July 29
URL: | User Info
Those of you who are discussing in the "Yes, but..." thread started below by myself...

I, for one, am having difficulties figuring out who is responding to who when. To simplify matters, I've researched the Emmy and Hugo Award nominations and wins for each of the Star Trek series and posted them on the BBS under the thread "Emmy and Hugo Awards." If anyone wants to respond to Mr. Hippo specifically, or carry on the discussion in clearer surroundings, can I ask you do it on the BBS under this thread. Thanks.

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The Technicalities...
By Mark K () at 13:57:09 on July 28
URL: | User Info
Hello all,

I should briefly introduce myself. My name is Mark Kingsnorth, and have been known for a number of years in a few small circles not only as an adoring fan of Star Trek but also for my long-term hobby of designing CGI starships and scenes (Yes, I'm one of those...).

Anybody know of the Insignia Class Pioneer? No? Okay then, I'll carry on ;)

I for one am very excited about this new turn that Star Trek is taking, and believe that it bodes well for the future I thought Star Trek may never have after DS9. Although the only test, the best test, will only come when we all can actually get to see the show, so I will reserve my final judgement until then.

I just thought it would be worth my putting a couple of cents worth of input here, as my time for ST is much more limited nowadays:

Warp Factor 5 - I'm not sure whether a certain fact of Trek lore has been mentioned here before, but didn't Kirk's era go by a different scale of warp factors then the TNG era?

In TNG the theoretical maximum was stipulated to be Warp 10, as Gene Roddenberry decided to change the TOS scale, where occasionally ships travelled above Factor 10 in Kirk's time.

So...perhaps this will calm some people's fear that Warp 5 is too fast for 2151?

Please note that I don't want to be the hard-and-fast protestor of continuity, in fact I would encourage the writers bend the rules a little.

But I also believe there is a fine line that has to be walked, because hey - we all want to suspend disbelief while we watch the show. Yet from what I have seen the developers of the show have taken steps to maintain this within any palpable reason, and I am just very glad of that fact.

Secondly, I just wanted to say for the people who are too petrified to ask, the exact year for the founding of the Federation was stated in the TNG episode "The Outcast", where, while playing cards, Troi plays a hand that she calls something like "Federation Day", saying that the UFP was "founded in 2161." I recon the cards corresponed to the date she said...I think :P

Lastly, before I go, I should say that I'm also very pleased with the design of the ship, and I also think that it's relationship to the Akira sdesign is a big plus - I love the thought that, in years to come, I will look at the first shot of the Thunderchild in ST:First Contact and think "Yeah, that's where it all started". Inspired, and I'm loving the details...

Okay, I hope to see you all later!


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By Cymro B9 () at 12:54:44 on July 28
URL: | User Info
Think the spatial torpedoes will have nuclear warheads? They said something about Nuclear weapons on TOS when they talked about the Romulan War.

I think that Enterprise might very well turn some spin offs if it finishes in 2008, I think it should carry on till 2011 if it really wants to finish what it started, because the Federation won't be founded till 10 years after Enterprise is launched, and it's supposed to be a chronicle of the birth of the Federation.

Think maybe The Federation will form after lots of races band together against the Romulans??

If Enterprise is going to be so good, then it'll be a historical ship, so why isn't there a model of it on the Breifing Room wall? Also, why doesn't Picard command the Enterprise NCC-01-F?

[ Reply to This | Parent Comment ]

  • RE: Bombs by Trosis @ 17:18:03 EDT on 28 Jul
10,000 planets?! BBstill can't get distances/speeds ...
By Stilgar (sietch_tabr[-at-] at 11:01:03 on July 28
URL: | User Info
... right! !#*$)&!%

Warp 5 is a speed of around 125 times the speed of light, i.e. the distance of 125 light years in a year (going by the old TOS rule of speed in multiples of the speed of light = warp^3). This means a spherical volume of space of 8 million cubic light years that can be reached from Earth in a years. Taking a simple average star density of the Galaxy (it has 100 billion stars), and a simple disc volume, the 8 million cubic light years volume contains to a first approximation some 24 thousand stars. Thus B&B (stupidity, or just simple ignorance as in science drop outs writing sci-fi?) would have us to believe that just about every star in our neighbourhood has inhabited planets around it... THIS MAKES FOR A VERY CROWDED GALAXY AND IS TOTALLY UNREASONABLE! PLUS why then the much larger federation of TNG's times only has less than 200 members?!


All message content © 2001 by Stilgar sietch_tabr[-at-], permission to reprint specifically denied to Michael Wong

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Decon chamber
By folio1701 () at 05:52:09 on July 28
URL: | User Info
I wonder whether they came up with the idea for the decon chamber before or after they hired Jolene Blaylock. Teenage boys should thank Braga for all of this!

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Think about this.....
By Bester74 () at 02:49:20 on July 28
URL: | User Info
I have read some threads where people are complaining about the terms being used and how they should be different.

For example.....Away Team v. Landing Party

People please!

I was in the Air Force and my cousin was in the Navy. My dad, grandfather and three uncles were in the Army. We have all talked about how the same offices or jobs were refered to by different names then changed, then changed back. My cousin said that his Captian once told him, "son it doesn't matter what you called it on your last ship this is what it is called here." It doesn't matter that much what they call it. It still is what it is.

For example in the Air Force I was a Military Police Officer. Now in the Marines, Army and Navy they are called M. P.'s. However in the Air Force we were called L. E.'s & S. S.'s, (Law Enforcement Specialist & Security Specialist)

The best example is this...

I also am a Minister with the Church of God and it was founded in 1906. When it was founded Preachers were called Bishops. Then it was changed to Ministers in the 40's. Last year it was changed back to Bishops.

So, could it not be that they were first called Away Teams on Enterprise in 2151 during the early days of Starfleet then called Landing Parties during the TOS years then changed back to Away Teams in TNG's time? Or just that different ships refer to things by different terms?

Just use some common sense people. Some of this stuff can be explained by using simple reasoning. If I have said this once I have said it a hundred times.....This is not real history folks! The day we get our own real history right is the day we can be worried about made up history.

I promise you B & B are not as stupid as you would like to believe they are. For the love of God please give it a rest!

[ Reply to This | Parent Comment ]

Enterprise Technology
By Andramus () at 02:37:07 on July 28
URL: | User Info
Up until now I've been looking forward to Enterprise a great deal. I felt the concept had a great deal of potential. Now however I am a little disappointed. It is my feeling based on what I've read about Enterprise that the technology is too advanced. I'm not talking about continuity but rather about what made the original series so good. The story revolved around one little ship out there in the depths of space alone and having to fend for itself often facing up against technologically superior foes and barely getting away by the skin of their teeth. I thought Enterprise would be like this with the Enterprise being state of the art by human terms but vastly behind the times compared to races that have been spacefaring for decades even centuries. I was hoping that that sense of them being out their on their own without the lifeline of the federation or superior technology to cling to would pervade the show. Yet despite humanity only recently reaching the stars their technology would seem to be equal to that of most spacefaring races. I'm still excited about the concept and looking forward to seeing where they take the series but I just wish they had of made the technology a little more primitive.

[ Reply to This | Parent Comment ]

My Lack of Concern
By covetom ( at 01:50:37 on July 28
URL: | User Info

As I continue to see stories posted about Enterprise, the thing that continues to strike me is the fact that I really do not care about this series. I don't know why. But as hard-core of a Star Trek fan as I am, I still have not managed to dredge up any excitement, or any bad feelings either, over this new series. I just don't care.

There are things about the new series that seem promising. I like the choice of Scott Bakula to be the captain, and I enjoyed his work in Quantum Leap. I like the fact that there are going to be things from the TOS days thrown in, and that there seems to at least be a bit of concern for continuity.

There are also things that I dislike. I think the design of the ship looks too futuristic for the time period being portrayed. Even allowing for the fact that things have to look better on screen today than they did in the 1960's, I think a design more consistent with the original Enterprise could have been found. I also, frankly, dislike the time travel element that is going to be a part of this series. It seems a bit of a cheat to me. They've decided that a prequel is the best way to take a new, fresh approach to Trek, but they can't just make a pure prequel stand on its own. They have to throw in stuff from the future that they're supposedly trying to get away from.

But the bottom line is that, while I have opinions about these things, the series has yet to evoke any real emotion from me. When TrekWeb posts stories about the next Star Trek movie or the upcoming Director's Edition of Star Trek: The Motion Picture, I am interested and I check out the stories carefully. When I see stories like this one about Enterprise, I just skim them for the highlights and move on. When Ronald D. Moore was doing his question and answer sessions regarding Deep Space Nine, I read them from top to bottom and have even gone back several times after DS9 ended to peruse them again. When Scott Bakula and other Enterprise cast and crew members give interviews, I rarely take the time to even skim them.

And even though Voyager was perhaps my least favorite Trek series, I anxiously awaited the finalé and was at the TV set, with my friends, when it aired. But although I'm sure I will want to see the premiere of Enterprise, I am nowhere near anxiously awaiting it. My big Trek events this year are the TDE release of The Motion Picture, the TNG marathon on TNN, and the release of TNG to DVD, not the premiere of Enterprise.

What's my point? For me at least, Berman and Braga have failed to create an excitement in me, or even a sense of dread about the new series. Rather than striking me as a fresh, new concept and a bold step for the franchise, I just find all the buzz about Enterprise to be pretty boring. Perhaps I'll like the show; perhaps I won't. But at least for now, it's not really registering on my radar one way or another.

Take care!



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Give me a break.
By Cheese Continuum () at 01:29:27 on July 28
URL: | User Info
Alright, if they were off by 10-15 years on something, then I'd be the first to stand up and say "Hey B&B, what were you guys thinking?". But Away Teams vs. Landing Party? That's where I start to become disappointed with the actions and antics of the posters here. Frankly, away teams vs. landing partys doesn't matter at all. I am surprised people don't start complaining that they aren't wearing 1960's hair and 1960's clothing. Please people, there is room for creative twisting of continuity, as long as they don't blatantly contradict something they themselves have said. Yes, there may have been a couple instances of that, but this is not one of them. You must remember, there ARE no canon (official) details on this time period. Only general time lines, and facts, so, B&B are writing the details of history as they go along. To put it harshly, Roddenberry is dead, we can't consult him on these things. There is no one above B&B on the Star Trek creative food chain at the moment. What they say, goes. So please, all of you Continuity Nazis(TM), keep it to yourself, we don't want to hear how suddenly everything pre-TNG has to be exactly like some campy, cheezed out, 1960's sci-fi show. There is nothing that says the low-budget and bad writing, sometimes horrible acting, and most of all the extremely cheezy and cliche tech terms of the era that TOS had, has to influence the creative process of a modern sci-fi show, which in my opinion, will be great. Why do I think it will be great? Let's break it down to this, the quality of the series, so far, have been proportional to the acting skills of the "captain".
William Shatner - Sci-Fi isn't his thing, I'm sorry to say. So TOS came off somewhat cheezy.
Patrick Stewart - Excellent actor, classically trained, and the tech terms unique to this genre roll right off his mouth with ease.
Avery Brooks - Again, another fine actor, much more aggressive in action and attitude thatn Stewart.
Kate Mulgrew - Holy crap, I'm sorry, but while some of the actors and actresses on Voyager had their moments, it was like watching a cardboard cutout with audio dubbed in.
Scott Bakula - Excellent actor, genre experience, genre appeal, big genre name. While I do not like his acting as much as Brooks or Stewart, he has more genre experience than them and might balance the scales.

So, enough nitpicking insiginificant continuity issues. because it is the only thing you can do to bash it without actually seeing an episode.

On another note, expect to be seeing me around here more often to derail the all-to-numerous flame kiddies. It's time to bring a note of maturity, and sanity to this board.

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"Away Teams"???
By YMH () at 21:14:19 on July 27
URL: | User Info
"Away teams will carry phase pistols and communicators with primitive universal translators built-in. But Hoshi's linguistic skills will often be needed."

I do *not* like the sound of that. They were called *landing parties* in the days of TOS, for one thing, and as this takes place before...

For another, I think it's a very bad idea for them to have any sort of universal translator, primitive or not. I bet that its inadequacies go the way of saucer seperation after creativly lazy writers find the language barrier too tough to work around. I can just see the Cynics Corner review in three or four years pondering the uselessness of Hoshi's character...

This paragraph sucked away most of the excitment that I had when I first heard about the presense of a lingust on board. Finally, we'll have aliens who can't speak English! So much for that...

And why is Phlox a humanoid? "Exotic"? Harumph. Why can't we have a pile of gelatinous goo as a regular character?

[ Reply to This | Parent Comment ]

They still have pips in there time!!??
By evan () at 19:14:46 on July 27
URL: | User Info
I found they are using pips while in TOS they had arm bands and different insignias on there shirts, did they go to pips then to arm bands, then to pips again? I mean shouldnt they start off with some crude rank system and as time progresses they get to arm bands?

[ Reply to This | Parent Comment ]

Gun Turret Hatches...
By Mr. Peabody () at 18:33:37 on July 27
URL: | User Info
...would that be what those huge bay doors are on the top of the Enterprise's saucer-section?

[ Reply to This | Parent Comment ]

Making of "Star Trek"
By HotStove () at 18:20:35 on July 27
URL: | User Info
A great read for younger (!) Trek fans out there is "The Making of Star Trek" by Stephen Whitfield. It is an account of the developmental process of making a TV show in the '60s, but more importantly it shows a lot of the thought process that went into the presentation of the Original Series.

What reminded me of this book was the "magnetic arm" description for launching the shuttlecraft, if memory serves this was a concept that GR wanted but could not show for budget reasons.

[ Reply to This | Parent Comment ]

Yes, but...
By Mr. Hippo ( at 16:51:33 on July 27
URL: | User Info
All of the sort of "tech" background in this bible makes ENT sounds promising, but the description of characters and their relationships are terribly derivative of many things we've already seen before.

I hope the casting director for ENT did a top-notch job of finding quality actors for the series, who can develop little nuances to their characters to embed them with an added level of depth because when it comes to character development, this bible seems to reflect a lack of ideas on the part of the writer(s).

It's beginning to look like the quality of the cast is going to be even more important than I originally envisioned. Here's hoping the actors are up for the job. If not, we could find ourselves with a solid show eventually dragged down by lack of quality in its cast...

[ Reply to This | Parent Comment ]

Enterprise Rocks!
By Cymro B9 () at 16:19:04 on July 27
URL: | User Info
My god! Turret based plasma cannons that pop out of the hull! Bomb bays! Shuttle-dropping mechanical arms! Laser Cannons! Spatial Torpedoes! Polarized hull plating! KICK ASS!!!!

Jesus Christ dude! We're gonna be thrilled by these FX shots! This fuckin' ship is Tougher than the Enterprise-E!!!!!!!!!!!!!

---Very Xcited ST fan.

Spatial Torpedoes are a page out of Seven of Nine's book; multi-spatial this, multi-spatial that!

I'm finished.
Please do not take any part of this comment as an insult as it is intended to be purely a documentation of my thoughts and opinions.


NCC-1701 was the first enterprise, not the nx-01! (although it sucked a bit)

[ Reply to This | Parent Comment ]

Cannons and bomb doors
By Bismarck () at 16:08:29 on July 27
URL: | User Info
I like what I'm hearing. The tech, while advanced, is still nearer to what we have. I especially liked how the shuttles will be bascially lowered out of bomb doors. And did the article say they will interact with planes? That is just too tight. I know they've done the triad and buddy thing in a lot of the shows, but this one sounds like it will be pretty cool still. Sounds like the new show will be a fun ride.

[ Reply to This | Parent Comment ]

love it
By dj () at 15:58:54 on July 27
URL: | User Info
Definitely like the shape things are taking. I had wondered myself about the phaser banks, having scoured the two pictures of the ship for where they could possibly be. I was hoping pop-out turrets would be used, and I got my wish. Awesome.

Not so sure about the special hull plating -- why don't they just stick with the hull itself? Perhaps other alien species phasers aren't so powerful yet either? Hopefully it's not like the "magical" Batmobile shields that engulfed the car. Yuck.

The characters definitely sound cool, but we all remember the dynamic, fascinating characters and relationships that were promised in the last series, now don't we? Stuff that was pretty much dropped by the second episode.

Here's hoping B & B learned their lesson. (oh wait, did I actually just say that?)

[ Reply to This | Parent Comment ]

By Grand Admiral Thrawn () at 15:10:27 on July 27
URL: | User Info
Months before Enterprise was even announced as a rumor a friend of mine told me about Enterprise having retractive-armor in leiu of shields and it has come true :)
Other than that, so far so good. I am eagerly waiting for the series premier to see all of this this good stuff in action. I just hope B&B wouldn't screw this promising series up as I have never been this eager for Trek series since TNG debut

[ Reply to This | Parent Comment ]

By Mr. Peabody () at 15:08:26 on July 27
URL: | User Info
I'm feeling better about this show...the NX-01 Enterprise sounds more "our time" & kick-ass. Also, any Weapons Officer that likes to blow stuff up is cool with me.

[ Reply to This | Parent Comment ]

  • RE: Wow by Spockjaw @ 05:21:49 EDT on 28 Jul
sounds good
By Tad ( at 13:38:15 on July 27
URL: | User Info
can't wait for this show to debute! the series bible is full of some good info. also glad to hear that this nude gel scene with t'pol actually serves a purpose in the pilot other than a flesh fest. some of this info is sure to change/be ignored but sounds to me like TPTB took TOS in mind when they wrote this. bring on ENT!!!


helldamnfart - Bart Simpson

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I have a few questions....
By Bester74 () at 13:32:46 on July 27
URL: | User Info
I am 27 and have been a Star Trek fan for as long as I can remember. I have all the movies and 90% of the episodes on tape. So, I can say I am true fan of the Trek universe. However sometimes either I am not paying attention because I don't remember ever hearing a defined date as to when the Federation was founded. I am sure there is one though.

The reason I am bringing this up is because the last time those words....."it is 2151 and the Federation is decades away"....were posted in an article a vast number of you went balastic. So, is there a set date that he should be going by? If so, will it really throw things out of continuity if he doesn't stick with it?

I am not a B & B basher. Although sometimes I wish they would do somethings differently for the most part I feel they have done a very good job. (I will probably hear it for that comment.)

In any case even Gene changed somthings from the movies to the big screen and then in TNG. So why is it so bad for B & B to do it? I know that was going from the past to the future and this is going from the future to the past so some might be worried. But do you guys really think that they are going to really screw up the Trek universe?

Side note: I am not being sarcastic or putting anyone down for being very hard core about such matters. I am just curious as to what you guys really think about it.

Live Long & Prosper

[ Reply to This | Parent Comment ]

Missing portions?
By Rat Boy () at 13:30:41 on July 27
URL: | User Info
What parts didn't TrekWeb get to see? Stuff on Klingons, Romulans, Suliban, FutureGuy TM?

[ Reply to This | Parent Comment ]

THIS is what we've been waiting for!
By Gamera ( at 13:28:34 on July 27
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Wow, after reading all that info, I have one word: YAHOO!

It certainly answers a lot of questions in the fan's minds. I can tell this is going to bring in a lot of postings!

It all sounds so good to me after having only bits and pieces to go by.

I am getting excited even more than before. There is hope that... dare I say it after so many years... Star Trek LIVES!

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By Kyle ( at 13:24:58 on July 27
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Sounds interesting. And as someone who has written a "bible" sort of thing, it's probably safe to say it will change at least a bit.

I'm eagarly awaiting this show.

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Polarized hull?
By Rat Boy () at 13:24:51 on July 27
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That sounds like a forerunner to the ablative armor from Endgame. Now we know where Admiral Janeway got the idea.

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By sw4747 () at 13:20:33 on July 27
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If the series starts in 2151 then the founding of the federation is 10 years away. 2161 is when the federation was founded if memory serves.

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