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Posted: 21:14:08 on August 01 2001
By: Steve Krutzler
Dept: Enterprise |

The second and third full-length promos for ENTERPRISE have aired, and while not backed with nearly as rousing of "contemporary" music as the first commercial, these new segments included a plethora of new footage.

Most of the footage is that which had been circulating internally around UPN affiliates for the last few weeks and TrekWeb reported on weeks ago. New footage includs T'Pol and Archer's snappy exchange where the captain knocks her down a few levels for her "Vulcan cynicism", Doctor Phlox saying that "if you want to expand your horizons, you have to try new things" (or something to that effect), new shots of Charlie Tucker and the rest of the crew, and an alien -- presumeably from the alien bazaar that the crew visits in the pilot episode.

There are two promos with varying footage. Additional scenes include Captain Archer as a young boy building a model space ship and saying "where no man has gone before...", pictures of the shuttlepods, as well as shots of Archer firing a phase pistol at the Suliban. At least two of the promos also acknowledges that ENTERPRISE is indeed "how the Star Trek saga begins..."

Video and images are copyright © Paramount Pictures. All rights reserved. (Video quality surpasses images on this page)

Promo 1 (with young Archer, titled "Boy")

MediaTrek has digitized the promo into MPEG format at 5 MB. You can download from there by going here.

MediaTrek has made a better quality video here (zipped).

TrekWeb Mirror 1 is being donated once again by visitor Roger Lim (Zipped).

TrekWeb Mirror 2 (MPG) donated by Roger Lim.

TrekWeb Mirror 3 (MPG) donated by Arne Voightmann's Voyager-Delta web site.

German site has mirrors here. has also mirrored both promos here.

Mr. Video or Vidiot also has MPG and MPE versions of both promos.

Promo 2 (with aliens, titled "Break Through")

TrekEnterprise Promos has digitized the promo in RealMedia format at 3.62 MB here.

TrekWeb Mirror 1 is being donated once again by visitor Roger Lim (Zipped)

TrekWeb Mirror 2 (RealMedia) donated by Roger Lim.

TrekWeb Mirror 3 (MPG) donated by Roger Lim.

TrekWeb Mirror 4 (MPG) donated by Arne Voightmann's Voyager-Delta web site.

Voyager's Delights has mirrored both promos here. Daniel Alva has mirrored the promos in QuickTime format here.

Remember, TrekWeb was the FIRST to bring you these promos!


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By Spockjaw () at 17:42:24 on August 02
URL: | User Info
Looks like the woman Archer kisses turns out not to be that good looking after all, complete with crunchy-looking skin!

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  • Also by Spockjaw @ 18:04:28 EDT on 2 Aug
  • Also by Spockjaw @ 17:55:48 EDT on 2 Aug
By cooper2000 () at 15:18:17 on August 02
URL: | User Info
How long till we get the stunt casting guest appearance by Dean Stockwell and the guy who played Ziggy?

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  • RE: Sweeps by Hober Mallow @ 17:07:56 EDT on 2 Aug
Where No Man...
By covetom ( at 14:03:35 on August 02
URL: | User Info

I have yet to view these promos. However, if Archer does indeed use the phrase "where no man has gone before," including the word man as opposed to one, I am impressed. That would indicate that the producers have chosen to maintain continuity with the original series at the risk of being politically incorrect or even being accused of sexism. If that's true, that would seem to suggest that they are truly concerned with continuity, and that is a very good sign.

Take care!



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Vulcan "cynicism"?
By Cranston () at 12:59:36 on August 02
URL: | User Info
What's Archer talking about when he says "Vulcan cynicism"? Shouldn't this be "stoicism"? Vulcans on Trek have been many things, but I don't recall any of them being particularly cynical.

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pretty good
By dj () at 12:02:33 on August 02
URL: | User Info
It really seems like they've come up with something radically new and different here for Star Trek in terms of design. I really like the fusion of 20th and 23rd centuries we're seeing.

But I unfortunately have to agree about Phlox. The makeup I could live with, but from the single line we heard, I'm getting flashbacks to Neelix. Why can't we have another tough, badass Worf type on this show? Or a mysterious Garak type? Or SOMETHING other than another odd, eccentric "lovable" alien?

I also loved the music (well, not the "aaah aaah aaaaaaah" part) towards the end.

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So far, so Good
By Grand Admiral Thrawn () at 11:58:59 on August 02
URL: | User Info
I think promo 2 & 3 are begining to establish Enterprise tone as a series. It appears to be action-oriented with adventure at heart, sort of a modern day TOS series. I hope the next promo shows the ship in action and the snippets of series premier


"Lets make sure that history never forgets, the name; Enterprise"-Captain Jean-luc Picard

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It just keeps getting better
By Steve Krutzler ( at 11:39:45 on August 02
URL: | User Info
Maybe it's just the excitement of covering a brand new Trek series from the get-go, or not having had a new series in seven years, or maybe ENTERPRISE really does look as good as I'm starting to think it's going to be. UPN is doing a great job with these promos, I sure as hell think the show is going to kick major ass!

Bring on Sept 26!


-Steve Krutzler
==V/-/== Rocks.

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cool promo
By TOS4EVER () at 08:49:56 on August 02
URL: | User Info
I think it, in the 45 second of it, has captured the essence of what Star Trek is supposed to be... but the next seven years will tell. Voyager looked great at first, but look what that became.

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first glimpse of "temporal chamber"?
By Josiah Rowe () at 01:56:49 on August 02
URL: | User Info
In the promo with the "aah-aah-aah" music, about 15 seconds in, there's a glimpse of something that looks kind of like a warp core or some other cylindrical tech device, and a humanoid figure appears very briefly in front of it. Could this be FutureGuy™? If it is, he looks awfully human...

--Josiah Rowe

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  • my bad by Josiah Rowe @ 16:09:47 EDT on 2 Aug
New Enterprise Promos
By CB2000 () at 01:53:43 on August 02
URL: | User Info
Well, now that I see more of it, I'm still not as impressed.

I think Enterprise will do fine, but it won't be like its predecessors/successors (based on point of view).

However, I do have some points to comment on.

-What? No exterior shots of the ship in action yet?

-Liked the fact that they're placing Archer as this wide-eyed explorer.

-The action is OK...just weird with no phaser beams in place...

-Liked the shot of Archer with the Double Phase Pistols (reminded me of some John Woo Films). More of this, and you have my undivided attention...

-The doc looks...OK...this is the first time we have an alien doctor as a regular...still trying to get Julian and The Doctor out of my head here...

-The Admiral's Uniform looks...well...campy. Then again, this ain't your usual ST series.

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I'm really, really looking forward to this show!
By skytrekr ( at 01:50:02 on August 02
URL: | User Info
What else do I need to say! :-D


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By GabrielCKoerner () at 01:42:39 on August 02
URL: | User Info

On the first promo, with the instrumental score, 13 seconds in, you will BRIEFLY be able to see the hanger deck complete with shuttlecraft.

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By Lotus ( at 23:19:42 on August 01
URL: | User Info
Does anyone have these encoded as MPEG or Quicktime? I really don't want to have to install Real Player in order to watch the previews =). Thanks!

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By Knight6978 ( at 22:45:08 on August 01
URL: | User Info
I saw the promo..and i saw also the interview with up9 that followed after that segment one of the reporters reffered to Scott Bakula as the leader of the pack of captains..I'm fond of scott bakula but no way he's the leader of the pack...In any case the promo looks good..looking fwd to the new show..

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Promo Link here for Real Player
By Praetorian Guard ( at 22:42:21 on August 01
URL: | User Info

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