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Third, Extended UPN Promo Reveals Most Exciting Footage Yet - Photos & Video Inside!

Posted: 18:56:55 on August 02 2001
By: Steve Krutzler
Dept: Enterprise |

Vidiot has digitized the third UPN promo for ENTERPRISE. This 1:02 minute, 10 MB behemoth, contains the most new footage we've seen yet.

New scenes include a chase in the Oklahoma cornfields, Captain Archer revealing some of the "contemporary" style of the series with lines like "just having a little trouble with the bad guys..." during an action scene, splendid views of the NX-01 sets, and more including the last photo on this page, which appears to be a Suliban (though hard to discern) running through the cornfield. We also hear the first dialogue from Dominic Keating as tactical officer 'Malcom Reed', as well as 'Hoshi Sato's "seat belt" line reported on weeks ago. There is also now clearly visible an "away team jacket" or some such add-on to the regular uniforms.

And thanks to Tim at Section 31 for getting some of these screen captures from the video!

If you are getting excited about ENTERPRISE, download THIS new promo!

Images and video copyright Paramount Pictures. All rights reserved. has the video available.

TrekWeb Mirror 1 (MPG, zipped) donated by Roger Lim.

TrekWeb Mirror 2 (MPG, zipped) donated by Roger Lim.

TrekWeb Mirror 3 (MPG, zipped) donated by Roger Lim.

TrekWeb Mirror 4 (MPG, zipped) donated by Roger Lim.

TrekWeb Mirror 5 donated by Arne Voightmann.

Daniel Alva has mirrored QuickTime versions here.

The German Enterprise-Center has also mirrored the files here.

The Voyager's Delights web site has also mirrored this latest promo here.


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By PGHRAY () at 21:43:27 on August 23
URL: | User Info

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It's about the people
By suxen77 () at 08:28:22 on August 14
URL: | User Info
It's not about the special effects. DS9 had much better effects than the original series. It's not about the aliens cause after awhile the universe looked like it was getting so crowded they'd have to start setting up traffic cops. Hell, Voyagers great sortie into the unknown...right. They had an opportunity here to bring back the thrill of empty space and strangeness and instead it was ST:TNG with different face makeup. Shoulda put a Starbucks on every second planet.

It was about the people. When you develop a personality you have tradeoffs. You select a characteristic you naturally weaken another. If the new Captain takes into this his nice-guy personally correct Quantum Leap attitude (see Sisko on DS9) this series has one year plus whatever time the creators can convince some idiot to continue to dump money into it.

Let's try it a different way.

Captain Kirk was not a nice guy. He wasn't. He left no doubt though that he was in command. He left no doubt that if you tried to play hardball with him you'd be limping home with the bat up your butt. He was in charge of 400+ lives. Being nice wasn't part of the required profile.

If they want Bakula to be a 'Man of the 90's' or '2000's' then this series will fail. Game over. You can't be in charge of 87 people in life threatening situations and not be a serious personality. The only time you can try to be sensitive and nice is when you're off the ship and no one is looking. At best.

Now I know after the great success of DS9 and Voyager they're sensitive to casting. I see a Brit (read Scott), a Southerner (read McCoy),a trusty Vulcan (who else), an Oriental (Sulu), and we're gonna start off in some corn fields? (Kirks from a farm).

But if they try to make the Captain politically correct then I'd suggest investors take their money elsewhere. It's just not gonna go. And if that's the only option to putting on the show in Hollywood in the 90's, say bye bye to a successful Star Trek.

Cause realism demands a pseudo-military attitude in the command position and it does NOT have the time for such niceties. We just can't suspend our belief enough.

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a little star trek gripe
By idahojed () at 13:02:12 on August 07
URL: | User Info
I really liked TNG and I think I might have liked Voyager had I taken the time to watch it. I have kind of a gripe about some of the ideology of Star Trek being lost on some of the newer episodes. I hope Enterprise doesn't fall into this trap. I was disgusted by the "Soap Opera in Space" type of episodes that sometimes occured with bedroom scenes and all. I mean, am I watching Star Trek or Days of Our Lives? I liked how human aspects were brought into technical arenas but I really think something is lost in a Star Trek series when it focuses too much on interpersonal relationships. They shouldn't be ignored and in fact add a lot of spice to the show. I'm looking forward to Enterprise and I just hope that it doesn't have this problem.

[ Reply to This | Parent Comment ]

Future guy
By SHERMAN () at 06:13:50 on August 06
URL: | User Info
What if the guy from the future turns out to be Wesley Crusher? That would piss a lot people off wouldn't it?

This is my first posting here, and for the record, I like all of the Star trek series.
The best to me being Ds9. Granted, it took 3
years to become good , but it seems it takes 3 years for all the trek series to really get going, TOS not included, it sucked in it's third year.

Anyway, heres hoping Enterprise does not take 3 years to get going.
I'm looking forward to it and all the possibilities a war in time may bring.


"Well you know what we say...If you can't beat them ..Exploit them . Then beat them" Milk & Cheese 1993

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voyager ( the failed trek)
By Knight6978 ( at 01:12:39 on August 06
URL: | User Info
couple statements..

Voyager the show in general sucked !
The ship sucked !
The crew ? nothing memorable about them !
the captain..oh boy did she stunk !

seven of nine.. Well..hmm okay her its not her fault that she got stuck with bad writing..she is the only good body ups i mean actor in the show.and i have another question..through out the history of startrek shows..there alyways been one unique characters that were different..
tos- spock, tng - data, ds9 - odo
voyager (eww)- emh, seven of nine (notice they needed cause they needed all the help)..

so in the new show who is the new unique one?

[ Reply to This | Parent Comment ]

By cduemig () at 22:58:29 on August 05
URL: | User Info
First I'd like to say I'm really excited about the new show. The biggest obsitcle I think they now have is making sure they don't make any historical mistakes. But anyway, my real post...

What was wrong with Voyager??? I grew up with TNG and loved it greatly, DS9, ok at first, loved the finale with the Dominion, Voyager, didn't like it too much at first but it grew on me. The one thing every1 overlooks is that Voyager brought Star Trek back to more of what it originally was, " seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no man has gone before." It did that. Of course it did have it downs. Just my thoughts.

[ Reply to This | Parent Comment ]

  • RE: Huh? by pye-guy @ 07:24:44 EDT on 6 Aug
Voyager / Enterprise
By DPlunjer () at 16:09:06 on August 05
URL: | User Info
Im not sure why I always here comments about Voyager not being that good.

Other then a few cheesy holideck episodes, and the last year of the series which had few too many storylines about indivigual characters, the voyager series was the first to explore each character's identity in full.
In all the other shows, they wait for the movies to come out until you start to see character exploration.

Voyager in a whole had more excitment then the others, there was many enemies they had to deal, many more battle scenes, in a whole there was definitley a different feel to the series then all of the others.

If there were any of the shows that could have been better it was deep space nine. Other then the year where there was all out war with the dominion (which happened to be an amazing year of DS9) it lacked in excitment and strong story lines. they should have sticked with that plot for longer then 1 year.

As for the enterprise, If they can sell to the audience that this is realistic enough to believe that some of this can happen in a 100 or so years, then this series will be amazing! plus scott bakula should be a perfect choice as captain.

[ Reply to This | Parent Comment ]

REwritten Trek history
By Cymro B9 () at 09:08:49 on August 05
URL: | User Info
Now that the Human race knows about the Borg from First Contact, think there'll be some hysteria of some sort? In First Contact a few drones including Lt. Hawkwere left to float in space, think they may have been found by Enterprise's time? So many possibilities. Is Broken Bow gonna be a 2 parter?

-WWF writers rule, Voyager's sucked, deal with it.


[ Reply to This | Parent Comment ]

My two bits...
By old guy ( at 13:15:51 on August 04
URL: | User Info
This looks really good,

I remember when TNG came out and everybody said it sucked. Now look...

Same with DS9...

Voyager well, it's battle was uphill from the get go.

The OS... well personally I loved it as a kid growing up, watched it the first time round. It excited me about space and science and movie making and writing, now I have a real hard time watching it, just to corny and dated... Some of the stories are cool though and I sometimes wonder what it would be like to take an episode, say 'The Doomsday machine' and update all the FX...

Enerprise sounds and looks cool, after all the History is already in place for her, there was at least one starship Enterprise prior to Kirk's, her picture appears on the rec deck in TMP, right between the shot of the Shuttle and the good old Constitution class, granted the image didn't have the classic look we've come to expect of an Earth built starship.

The thing about her shape, all you have to do is take a look at the similarities between Kirk's Enterprise and the big "E" now under Picard's command. There's almost a century between the two of them yet they are basically the same configuration. In todays world we can find the same thing if we look at the shape of a late twentieth century Destroyer and one from the centuries second decade, function dictates form. The resemblance between NX-01 and the vessel class from Picard's time can easily be explained by functionality if you want to take it that far. Remember the ship under Crusher's command in the TNG series finale, it looked remarkably like the old Akron class (sorry if I got the class name wrong, but it's the one sitting in my head, I think the Horizon was supposed to be the same class.) There was definatly more then a century between those two ships.

Personally I find the resemblance superficial given the size differance and obvious primative look of this Enterprise, honestly she looks far chunkier outside and in and I love the look of her hull plating. The fact that her engineering section is as far away from her living sections as they can get, and that her lines are rugged without looking "pretty".

I like Scott Bakula, he's loves to dig into his role and he has a reputation of doing the job. I'm looking forward to this series and I reserve judgement till after I've seen three or four episodes.

"Let's see what's out there..."


[ Reply to This | Parent Comment ]

Excuse me while I babble....
By Maki_NX-01 () at 18:51:57 on August 03
URL: | User Info
I have been an observer of the comments that have been made about this show and the end of Voyager for the past week or so. I must admit, that as a fan, Star Trek has always been good entertainment for a goofy kid growing up. For all of you that are moaning and complaining about this, or they didn't do that, quite frankly, annoys me. Gene Roddenberry had a vision of what was to become TOS. From there he had another vision that became TNG. Somebody else took his vision and made 2 more series that did well. Yes, voyager was not that what. It was a damn show and Jeri Ryan was nice to look at.

Anyways....back to the babbling.....

Why can't we just sit back and try and enjoy this series? Maybe B&B have learned there lessons with the failed series and the movies.

This fan is looking forward to the new series with open optimism and even more so for the Trek X movie.

Live long and prosper.

[ Reply to This | Parent Comment ]

Correction on Earlier Post
By El Chivato () at 17:15:52 on August 03
URL: | User Info
That should have read "Kirk's GRANDFATHER". Sorry, it was late when I wrote that... I knew something didn't look right.

I guess we'll see... I'm just reporting.



[ Reply to This | Parent Comment ]

Archer in the fog
By Mr. Peabody () at 14:13:08 on August 03
URL: | User Info
Does'nt surprise me, considering how Berman tries to convert what he just ripped into some form of "entertainment".

[ Reply to This | Parent Comment ]

Best promo yet, and other thoughts...
By Sub-Odeon ( at 13:40:46 on August 03
URL: | User Info
Clearly, this is the best promo they've done yet. And I give them major kudos for correcting the sentence used to kick it off. I was going ill listening to "...beyond our galaxy" every time that first promo was shown. Especially since the majority of the public knows no difference between Solar System and Galaxy! The Carl Sagan fan in me cringes at scientific botches such as these. So changing the verbage to read "..beyond out solar system" gets a massive thumbs-up from me.

Other opinions, in a nutshell:

Ballcaps: good
Uniforms: also good
Bridge set: good!
engineering set: good!
Blaylock 'takes it off': dumb, dumb, dumb
Phase pistols: not sure yet
dialogue: contemporary, could be good...
Bakula as captain: the best part of the show!
other actors: wait and see
Phlox character: scared of him being a Neelix clone
No exterior shots of the ship yet: no problem, I hate the design anyway
Rank pips: a little too TNG. Would almost prefer chevrons ala current U.S. armed forces
Shoulder patch: looks like a U.N. variation? Good.
Best line: "..Don't screw this up." A very appropriate line for the entire series, since this one will be (and already is) the most scrutinized and nit-picked amongst all the ST series.

[ Reply to This | Parent Comment ]

Rank pips and where's the Enterprise?
By ety3 () at 10:25:30 on August 03
URL: | User Info
If you download the large file, you can clearly see that they are using rectangular rank pips on their right breast/lower shoulder. Archer had four, which insinuates they've adopted the TNG-era of ranking, thereby continuing the US Naval system, as well.

I was hoping they would employ cuff stripes, ala TOS. Oh well.

I hope we see several uniform variants, as the US Navy has several today (Black dress, white, tan, etc.).

Other than the uniforms (and I'm not that distraught over them), I'm getting more and more excited about this. Let's hope the next round of promos actually shows the Enterprise! Now isn't that a novel concept, since the show is called "Enterprise!"

[ Reply to This | Parent Comment ]

They did a good job on the promo ...
By Sim ( at 09:03:51 on August 03
URL: | User Info
Hey, they really did a good job on the promo, i become severly excited on the series.

It's kinda frustrating we don't know whether it will be the best series since TNG, a nice show like DS9 or an awful children series as Voyager until the first episode is shown.

There's the potential for both:
Maybe it's just a bad Voyager clone, with Phlox as Neelix (even the names are similar...) and T'Pol as Seven.
Or these similarities are just a tribute to Voyager fans in order to make them familiar with Ent, but the characters of them will be much more realistic than in Voyager (because of better actors and/or writers).

So, starting with two cloned characters, but expanding them to something different wasn't the worst thing, wasn't it?

Although it's just a feeling, I'm hopeful about Bakula's involvement: He knows B&B had a really big problem if he left the series, so maybe he will involve in the production (and if it's just for the development of Archer).
That could be the fresh air we need!

By the way, it's will not be easy for Ent to top Voyager as crappiest Star Trek series, so hopefully it won't do it easily.

[ Reply to This | Parent Comment ]

I like what I see... so far
By TOS4EVER () at 08:37:40 on August 03
URL: | User Info
I can't wait til the premiere. It's looking great so far. The phase pistol sfx remind me of TOS photon torps and at least in the trailer, there is the right amount of camp and self-parody, but it looks like we will have the action and adventure of TOS... moreso than all the other series combined!

[ Reply to This | Parent Comment ]

Future Plot Twists Inside
By El Chivato () at 04:17:58 on August 03
URL: | User Info
I've been talking to a person who knows some people in Hollywood. I posted Enterprise as "off-topic" on another board that I'm on that deals with a totally different subject than this board. The person I got this info from is a longtime respected member of that board.

Anyway, he got this from, I think, an agent of some of the ST writers (keep in mind this is just rumor-stage right now): Future episodes will include some which take advantage of time warps (duh). We should expect to see visitations from some of Voyager's crew. There is also something about Kirk's dad appearing in an episode.

My friend is taking a trip to Hollywood here soon and is going to see what else he can find out.


[ Reply to This | Parent Comment ]

Make it so
By Grand Admiral Thrawn () at 22:31:11 on August 02
URL: | User Info
This is perhaps the most comprehensive trailer yet. Shows nearly the whole cast, most of the cool sets, and the crew inside the ship in action(interior shots). The shuttles do look small and retro, engine room is quite sleek. I just hope enterprise lives to our exceedingly high expectations


"Lets make sure that history never forgets, the name; Enterprise"-Captain Jean-luc Picard

[ Reply to This | Parent Comment ]

Hippo's First Thoughts
By Mr. Hippo ( at 21:35:24 on August 02
URL: | User Info
I still like the contemporary music...
I am NOW convinced that the uniforms are awful...
Most exciting scene is still Jolene Blaylock taking her shirt off...
The phasers and their sound effects were fantastic...
Emphasis on the "FIRST CAPTAIN" implies a hidden agenda...
Scott Bakula will be fine as soon as they change uniforms...
The most interesting character seems to be the British bloke...
Seat belt line is NOT funny. I sense Sato is a female Harry Kim...
Dr. Phlok looks pedantic, I sense another Neelix...
Blaylock, if she can act, will be the star of ENT a la Jeri Ryan...

This could be VOY redux, but there is also promise...

Still little evidence that the writing has improved...

The Hippo is still in "wait and see" mode...


"Every rose has its thorn, every night has its dawn, just as every Hippo sings a sad, sad song..."

[ Reply to This | Parent Comment ]

Did anyone notice???
By BioChem_genius () at 21:00:04 on August 02
URL: | User Info
Archer's Hat said NX-01 and someone in Engineering was wearig a baseball cap too. I am now thinking that the baseball cap may be a part of the uniform just like on real US naval vessels. Just a thought.

[ Reply to This | Parent Comment ]

well they changed it
By sliny () at 20:04:23 on August 02
URL: | User Info
the first promo said "beyond our galaxy..."

now it's "beyond our solar system..."

this reminds me of the change in the first ads from pre-Sisko to post-Sisko.



[ Reply to This | Parent Comment ]

contemporary dialogue
By Steve Krutzler ( at 19:56:54 on August 02
URL: | User Info
Wow, is it just me or does that footage of the battle scene just get you going?!!

Tucker: "We're taking damage down here, what's going on?"

Archer: "Just having a little trouble with the bad guys..."

Woohoo, man THIS is kicking ass. Finally getting Trek to lighten and not be so technobabbly/bullshitty/stiff assed.



-Steve Krutzler
==V/-/== Rocks.

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It's not set in the over-used 24th Century, full of tecnobabble, quantum anomalies or Borg [yet]!
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