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Feb 28 | Transcript of Kate Mulgrew's appearance at the Slanted Fedora con in New Jersey, Jan. 2002 can be found atTotally Kate !
Feb 27 | Sci Fi Pulse has posted the transcript of an on-line chat with Trek legend William Shatner and his daughter, Lisabeth, hosted by MSN on Tuesday night, check out this page.
Feb 26 | Office site reports on recent Seattle, WA Grand Slam convention here.
Feb 24 | Pre-order Art Asylum's ENT action figure, weapon, and vehicle sets here.
Feb 22 | TREK alums vie at this weekend's 33rd Annual NAACP Image Awards.

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  • Mar. 4, 2002: TNG Season 1 DVD Box Set U.S. Release
  • May 7, 2002: TNG Season 2 DVD Box Set U.S. Release
  • 3rd Qtr., 2002: UK ENTERPRISE premiere on Channel 4 (non-satellite customers)
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    First Details on Art Asylum's New ENT Action Figure Sets Due Later This Year

    Posted: 11:17:14 on January 14 2002
    By: Steve Krutzler
    Dept: Enterprise |

    TrekWeb has received details about the various ENTERPRISE action figure sets that Art Asylum will be producing for Paramount. It was just a couple months ago that the news of the company's contract to make the toys was released and fans have been eagerly awaiting more information on just what to expect.

    TrekWeb has learned that each figure will be 7 inches tall and come in one of two types: deluxe and non-deluxe. The Deluxe sets will include a bridge station that, when assembled with those from other sets, will recreate the Enterprise NX-01 bridge.

    Summer 2002 will see the first group of toys released. Part of the "Broken Bow" series, this first collection will include the action figures for four regular cast members, all in standard uniforms: Archer, T'Pol, Reed, and Mayweather.

    The Archer set will come with a tricorder, two phase pistols, and a communicator; the Deluxe version will include the captain's chair. T'Pol's set will include a tricorder, communicator, two phase pistols, two sets of hands, and the Deluxe version will be accompanied by the NX-01 science station. Next up is weapon's officer Malcolm Reed, whose figure will come with a phase rifle, carrying case with two phase pistols, and spatial charges; Reed's Deluxe component will be the tactical station. Finally, helmsman Travis Mayweather will be immortalized in an action figure set including a tricorder, phase pistol, communicator, and two sets of hands. Not surprisingly, the Deluxe Mayweather set will come with the navigation station.

    Two additional "Broken Bow" character sets are slated for Summer 2002: Klaang the Klingon along with his Klingon phaser, Bat'leth, and Klingon dagger; Klaang's Deluxe version comes with a sickbay bio bed. There will also be a Suliban Enemy male/female set, furnished with flexible arms and body, a Suliban weapon, and two sets of arms. The Deluxe will come with the temporal chamber.

    Included in this line will also be two additional pieces, including a full-size Enterprise phase pistol and a full-size Enterprise communicator. Both plastic toys will feature lights and sound.

    Following later in the fall, another line of ENTERPRISE figures will be on store shelves. Archer, T'Pol, Hoshi, and Charlie Tucker in space suits will be available. These sets will come with a tricorder, communicator, phase pistol, and two sets of hands. Tucker's set will include an engineering kit rather than a tricorder.

    According to the information we received, there appear to be no plans for a Doctor Phlox set at this point, but remember that this information is not official and is subject to change. Sketches of the toys may be available soon and surely official information will be released soon as well.

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