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Mar 14 | Preliminary official web site for Michael Piller's DEAD ZONE on USA Network is now online at

Mar 14 | Former STAR TREK: VOYAGER graphic artist Adam "Mojo" Lebowitz has joined The Digital Bits website as a DVD reviewer. Information can be found here.

Mar 11 | Chase Masterson ('Leeta') to once again host Sexiest Geek Alive Contest Finals; more info here.

Mar 11 | Details for the Region 2 release of ST:TMP Director's Edition are up at The R2 Project.

Mar 11 | Marcy Lafferty, TMP's 'Chief DeFalco' and William Shatner's ex-wife, on stage as Hollywood legend in Viven Leigh: The Last Press Conference.

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  • May 6, 2002: Region 2 release of 'ST:TMP Director's Edition' DVD
  • May 7, 2002: TNG Season 2 DVD Box Set U.S. Release
  • 3rd Qtr., 2002: UK ENTERPRISE premiere on Channel 4 (non-satellite customers)
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    Actor Jeff Combs Speaks to TrekWeb About Ferengi Role in "Acquisition"

    Posted: 06:54:50 on January 29 2002
    By: Steve Krutzler
    Dept: Enterprise |

    TrekWeb contributor AntonyF spoke briefly again with guest actor Jeff Combs about his ENTERPRISE guest roles, which in addition to the Andorian 'Shran' now include a new Ferengi character in the episode "Acquisition."

    "I was thrilled to be asked to return as Shran, the Andorian. I was epecially pleased that it was so soon after the first episode. I look forward to seeing the show. It's a cool one. It airs Feb. 6, I'm told."

    Jeff says he wasn't expecting to return as a Ferengi any time soon, considering this series is a Star Trek prequel. "The Ferengi opportunity came out of nowhere. It took me completely by surprise. I never would have guessed that I would ever be back in that make-up again," he explains.

    Keeping it fresh this time around, Jeff assures us that his new Ferengi character will have little resemblance to 'Brunt', who he played for several years on DEEP SPACE NINE. "My first reaction to being offered the role was, frankly, confusion. What were the Ferengi doing back there in that time? Were they asking me to do a Brunt type character or what? Well, all questions were answered and it turned out just great. The work was a challenge in that my character was world's away from Brunt (which was exactly what I had hoped for). It's a lovely script and I think the episode is going to be quite entertaining and surprisingly touching."

    This time around Jeff got to work with VOYAGER star Ethan Phillips, who has also played a Ferengi in previous Trek mythos. "Working with Ethan Phillips was a sheer delight. We shared many, many laughs on set. He's a terrific actor and a pleasure to work with."

    Jeff revealed that another Trek acting vet joins the two in "Acquisition," Clint Howard. "He has a long lineage with Star Trek. He was in one of the episodes of the original series as well as having guest starred on DS9." Howard played 'Balock' in the class Trek episode "The Corbormite Maneuver," as well as 'Grady' in one of DS9's early classics, "Past Tense, Part II."

    Interview copyright © 2002 TrekWeb. All right reserved. Please do not reprint in entirety or without proper accreditation.

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