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May 03 | Eugene Roddenberry Jr. on the Sci-Fi Files radio show Saturday, May 4th @ 12a EDT.

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May 01 | Patrick Stewart tackles King Henry II role next year, while Terry Farrell lands Lifetime role and Michael Dorn joins 'The Santa Claus 2' in casting news.

Apr 28 | Media Trek.com uploaded videos of William Shatner's appearance on The Late Show w/ Craig Kilborn and "Extra" covering Dean Stockwell's appearance in 'Detained;

Apr 26 | Robert Duncan McNeill will participate in this year's AIDSRide, a 600 mile bicycle ride from L.A. to San Francisco to benefit AIDS/HIV charities.

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    Patrick Stewart Talks to DreamWatch About NEMESIS and ENTERPRISE

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    Posted: 12:37:47 on February 05 2002
    By: GustavoLeao
    Dept: Star Trek: Nemesis

    The latest issue of DreamWatch magazine, just out in the UK, features an exclusive interview with TNG star Patrick Stewart, in which he discussed the upcoming TNG feature, Star Trek Nemesis, and the new Trek TV Series, ENTERPRISE.

    "We've a brillhant script, written by John Logan, who memorably gave us Gladiator last year" he told the magazine "It turns out that John is a big fan of Star Trek, and has been telling me things that I never knew myself - but he's never written for the series before. You know, I love doing those movies, I really do. When you go on set it's like being embraced back into the arms of a very large, diverse and loving family - cast, crew, everyone. We have such fun, such a good time."

    "I do not have a formal title with this film as I did with the last two, where from the very beginning I was terrifically active indeed with the developments - the writing, the scripts, the director and casting. Though the Executive Producer at Paramount had to approve him, as it happens John Logan is really on board because he's a friend of Brent Spiner's and Brent knew he was a huge Star Trek fan. We'd sit in meetings and I'd say 'Well, we can't do that because we did it already in..." and he'd know the episode title already. In their own time and unpaid, Brent and John had already begun developing the story. So Brent stayed onboard and I was very happy for him to assume the role that I'd had. I think he will probably have a joint story credit on this movie because he was right in there from the beginning. But I'd continued, from the moment we had a story, to give imput. John wanted that imput. He said he wanted to hear my voice, so that he knew what Picard would say. Hmmm, maybe I should get a writing credit after all." [laughs]

    And Stewart is also happy to see the new Trek series ENTERPRISE hit the screens, believing that it can do nothing but strengthen the franchise and attract more interest.

    "I haven't seen it yet, but I hear that it's terrific and that it had a big opening. People seem to be very excited about it and about Scott Bakula. That's great because that it means that there's fresh blood coming into the franchise. If they are interested in Enterprise then they are continuing to be interested in what has gone before. As Leonard, Bill and De, God rest his soul, and all the others found when The Next Generation was such a big sucess...the wheel turns and the interest continues.[...]"

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