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    Billingsley Not Upset at Lack of Screen Time for 'Doctor Phlox'

    Posted: 16:30:10 on February 12 2002
    By: GustavoLeao
    Dept: Enterprise |

    Sci Fi Wire just posted an exclusive interview with ENTERPRISE actor John Billingsley, in which the actor refuses to complain at his lack of screen time on the series.

    "I would like more to do, of course, but I recognize that one of the things [the producers] want to do and need to do -- and I think they're wise to do this - is to establish the triangular relationship between the captain [Scott Bakula], T'Pol [Jolene Blalock] and Trip [Connor Trinner]. I think in that way they are reflecting some of what made the original show work. I think that's very prudent. They've got the fire-in-the-belly engineer, the cool and cerebral Vulcan and the captain, who is the balance between the two. I think that's exactly what they had in the first show, and it's one of the things people like about Enterprise. McCoy is Trip. The captain is the captain, and Spock is T'Pol. That will always be the ace, and what I hope they do is find a way to give the rest of us more to do than Sulu and Chekov and Uhura got to do."

    Read the full interview here.

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