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Andre Bormanis
Staff Writer, ENTERPRISE
Tuesday, March 26th @ 6:30 P.M. PST
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    Be Happy Friday: DS9, Gratuitous Sex, Grousing and more! This week in Trips McCoy's BBS Update!

    Posted: 18:25:44 on February 22 2002
    By: Trips McCoy
    Dept: Star Trek BBS Update

    Be Happy Friday is here again, and now that I have fully recovered from the evils that are alcohol, I plan to give this week's update my best shot. First off, we need to get the formalities out of the way.

    Visit the Star Trek BBS and and have yourself a ball right now. If you haven't signed up yet, for God's sake do it already here!

    Shew, now that we have that out of the way we can get down to business. This week's update will run from last Sunday(17th) until Friday (22nd). Why, because we love you!

    Sunday would start off slow and relaxing just like it always does, then EntFan! would ruin it by wanting to know if the technology on ENTERPRISE is more advanced than Kirk's? I finally learned what a conn was, so if you don't know either, go check it out. That is, if you can stay awake.

    Next, smoking astronaut, or as his friends call him SA (so I'll stick with smoking astronaut) would say that TNN has given him hope for ENTERPRISE. The thread somehow ended with Mr. Hippo comparing Cannonball Run to Fight or Flight. Not sure how he got there, but all I know is do not fu** with Cannonbal Run. Burt Reynolds is a god.

    Monday would ease on in to Ensign-Ro-Your-Boat (I am getting damn tired of typing that name BTW) suggesting a story idea revolving around "The Lilith Factor". It involved T'Pol and Hoshi being captured, and wasn't a bad idea. Although I think I have an idea for T'Pol and Hoshi that would involve them being captured too, it just has a lot different outcome. That would make good TV.

    Next, O. Deus would wonder aloud if there was a little too much grousing about Tech errors in SP1? Ro and Hippo would not agree in this thread, imagine that?

    Next we roll on into Tuesday where our SuperThread of the week is lurking. Can I get a drum roll please? It is my very own DS9 was the beginning of the end for STAR TREK thread. With 125 replies (at the time of the writing) it was nearly double its nearest competitor. I will now officially stop patting my self on the back. Of the 125, me and Mr. Hippo were 79 of the replies. I do get called a liar, ignorant, and dogmatic all in the same post, so check it out.

    LockAndLoad would want to know why evolution forced women to have softer voices? I said because it is prettier that way, unless of course you're a lesbian, but let's not go there. I am warning you.

    Wednesday would arrive with Ensign-Ro-Your-Boat (damn long name) wondering why aren't Buffy's and Angel's ratings higher? I would find myself wondering why I would care, but lots of you did, so go check out the post.

    The Cap'n D would beg the question: Trek and Sexuality: Gratuitous, or a Continual Sign of the Times? I have to admit I did not read the entire post (it was long, so sue me) but I did find myself wondering this: 'what is so wrong with gratuitous sex?'

    The only thread worth mentioning on Thursday (seriously you can look at Thursday if you want, somebody mentions Bjork for cryin' outloud) was the all important Ensign-Ro-Your-Boat-Ashore's Enough with the high-&-mighty condemnation of the "bum" line. I personally never felt high-&-mighty when condemning it; it made me feel all dirty.

    That brings us to Friday, where as of now the two highest replied to posts are welcoming new guys. That means today is pretty slow. So instead of mentioning any specific threads I'll just welcome Gideon S. and phaon, WELCOME! As one poster put it, thanks for decloaking.

    Now I want to do something special this week and pick my favorite sig on the board (this week). Is it any doubt it would be the man with the longest name on the board? Ensign-Ro-Your-Boat's:

    "It can giggle all it wants, but the galaxy's not gettin' any of our bourbon."

    --Trip get's hammered

    Of course he took it from the show, but I still love it. That is all folks, thanks for tuning in.

    BTW - Please, for the love of god, post some comments about the update. I would love to know how I am doing.



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    How would you rate the latest ENT episode, ROGUE PLANET, on a scale from 1 (bad) to 10 (excellent) in comparison to the best and the worst episodes of the previous Star Trek television series?
    10: Excellent
    9: Great
    8: Very Good
    7: Good
    6: Solid
    5: Average
    4: Below Average
    3: Mediocre
    2: Poor
    1: Bad
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