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    Roxann Dawson Helming Second ENT Episode, "Vox Solis"

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    Posted: 22:59:53 on February 23 2002
    By: Alexander Chase
    Dept: Enterprise |

    According to a bulletin board post on the actress's official web site, Roxann Dawson is currently at work directing her second ENTERPRISE episode of the show's freshman season. "Vox Solis," Latin for "Voice of the Sun," marks the actress/director's first offscreen work for the franchise since last year's "The Andorian Incident."

    No other information about "Vox Solis" is available yet, but Dawson has been busy directing outside STAR TREK with an episode of ANY DAY NOW for the Lifetime cable network, which will air on March 3rd.

    (Thanks to TrekToday for hunting this one down).

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