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Apr 08 | Enter to win a trip for two to Hollywood and Picard's "official uniform" from STAR TREK: NEMESIS at The New TNN.

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    Dominic Keating's 'Reed' to Undergo Surprising Transformation (SPOILERS)

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    Posted: 06:53:20 on February 26 2002
    By: Steve Krutzler
    Dept: Enterprise |

    TrekWeb received a con report from Creation Entertainment's Mini-Grand Slam in Seattle this past weekend with guests William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy, Gates McFadden, Nana Visitor, Nichelle Nichols, Dominic Keating and John Billingsley. One of the more surprising comments by Keating, ENTERPRISE's Malcolm Reed, was the revelation that (according to this attendee) he is "going to be a Suliban and had to endure that make-up in a future episode." No further clarification was offered, however, on this point.

    "Dominic did state that both Trip and Archer are going to be wrapped up by a white gushy thing in an upcoming episode in which they had to hang from harnesses for about 5 hours," convention attendee Calim11 told TrekWeb. "They are beginning Episode 24 this week and looking forward to Season Two."

    "It was great fun and will be an annual event. Nichelle gave us an update on the health of Jimmy Doohan stating that he is still in the hospital going through rehab for pneumonia. She said he looked great and wanted to thank everyone for their well wishes," the report continues.

    "'Nemesis' has almost completed principal photography. Gates McFadden was tight lipped about what's going but stated that this should be the best of the Next Gen films."

    "Kate Mulgrew's Katherine Hepburn show has been receiving good reviews and they're hoping it will be Broadway bound soon. John Billingsley will be reprising his role on an upcoming episode of "NYPD Blue" which was filmed over the Christmas holidays. Dominic will be in an upcoming Burt Reynolds/Rod Steiger film (title wasn't given). Everyone was in good spirits and happy to be there including Leonard and Bill. Thanks. :-)"

    Thank you, Calim, for keeping us apprised of all the developments at the latest convention event. Check out the official web site for more coverage of this con, including photos (see Feb. 26 TrekWeb Newsbit).

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