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Apr 21 | Composer Velton Ray Bunch ("Silent Enemy" and "Acquisition") will be scoring at least one more episode this season according to his web site.

Apr 16 | CNN Money says a strong sense of "Klingon honor" sure would help Wall Street.

Zap2it reports that Whoopi Goldberg (Guinan) will step down from the center square and exec. producer of the syndicated game show HOLLYWOOD SQUARES after this season.

The official site reports a title change of "Vox Solis" to "Vox Sola" (now Latin for "single voice").

Tim Russ's official web site has changed to

Apr 16 | Robert Beltran performs the 3rd Annual Latin Poetry Evening tomorrow in Long Beach, CA.

John Billingsley is working on his new web site and has started a discussion list for sci-fi books he plans to read. Info on both bits here.

Apr 12 | Patrick Stewart races in this Sunday's 26th Annual Toyota Pro/Celebrity Race in Long Beach.

Apr 11 | Dark Horizons posted a positive review of the TNG Season One DVD Box Set here.

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  • The UPN Promo for the upcoming episode 'Detained' can be download at Media
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    Scott Bakula Talks "Detained" Allegory and Says Pleased With Archer

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    Posted: 07:05:15 on March 08 2002
    By: Steve Krutzler
    Dept: Enterprise |

    Actor Scott Bakula spoke with the Project Quantum Leap web site (via TrekToday) about the upcoming episode "Detained" and how it has been influenced by events of last September.

    "Certainly the events of September 11th have and will continue to affect the writers and producers of Enterprise and any opportunity to expand upon our emotional and spiritual landscape is time well spent," Bakula said.

    "Archer and Mayweather find themselves in what is in effect a space version of an internment camp surrounded by Suliban they are forced to confront their prejudicial feelings. Obviously this mirrors some of the experiences we've been reading about with regards to encountering Arab-Americans since September 11th."

    The actor also says he's pleased with how Archer has been characterized thusfar in the show's first year.

    "I like where Archer is going and because we were guaranteed at least two years of the show, they have been able to play out all our characters slowly - a luxury you don't usually get on network television. I think the writers have kept Archer interesting, somewhat mysterious, and emotional which again allows us a lot of different directions to go. I don't imagine there will be much more of Archer's backstory revealed this year, but I'm not positive. I think it is a good thing that we don't know everything about him from A to Z at this point."

    For the full interview, check out this page.

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