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May 15 | William Shatner reflects once again on the fatal compromise that doomed STAR TREK V in the latest DreamWatch magazine.

May 14 | High praise for Robert Picardo's stage performance in A CLASS ACT from today's Los Angeles Times.

May 14 | John Billingsley ('Phlox') will guest star in "The Other Guys," an episode of STARGATE SG-1 next season according to GateWorld.

May 14 | Download TV Guide's 50 Top Best Shows of All Time television segment featuring William Shatner at MediaTrek.

May 09 | Patrick Stewart donated 20,000 to Britain's Labour Party and was the honored guest at a 500/head Labour event with Prime Minister Tony Blair according to the BBC.

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    Ira Steven Behr on Why a DS9 Movie May Make Paramount 'Uncomfortable'

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    Posted: 05:59:52 on April 21 2002
    By: GustavoLeao
    Dept: Deep Space Nine

    The latest issue of TV Zone magazine, just out in the UK, features an exclusive interview with DS9 writer and excutive producer Ira Steven Behr. He talks about keeping in touch with fellows DS9 cast and crew members, why a DS9 movie may make Paramount uncomfortable, why he doesn't watch VOYAGER or ENTERPRISE, attending Trek conventions and working on TNG. Here are some excerpts :

    If Paramount asked him to help create a DS9 movie, would he be interested ? "In a heartbeat, but the chances of them doing a Deep Space Nine movie are slim and none !"

    Why ?"I think it came to make everyone just a little uncomfortable. It was a show that went off the boundaries of what was going to be allowed and not allowed in termas of the Star Trek franchise. I believe that the future lies in these books that I hear they are doing to continue it. I just think it's much easier to have the Enterprise back. To have a ship back. It's a lot safer. Deep Space Nine was a bold experiment. It did not have the ratings."

    Maybe, but the show has been critically acclaimed by many fans and magazines (including TV Zone) "We liked it ! We wrote it for ourselves and we had a blast. Not only was it the best of the [Star Trek] shows, it was also the one series that had no true resolution, in a sense. It needs some sort of movie to resolve it as they left it open-ended. We were lucky to do it. We were lucky to do it under the circumstances that we got to do it. It was really a long shot that they would leave us alone as much as they did leave us alone. Even Rick [Berman] at one point basically said 'Well, you're going to do it whether I say yes or no anyway !' It was such a good experience and now it's over, it's still great. I told the writers this during the waning days of the show : appreciate what you have now because when it's over, it's not going to be easily recaptured."

    You can read the full interview at The Great Link website.

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