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Junction Point is a freefloating space station that is located in that dark area between Gorn, Tholian, and Klingon space, within a whiff of the Romulan Empire. K7, as we call it, is adjacent to Sherman's Planet, where, just 76 years before, the tribble incident took place. We're set in the year 2380, after the Borg encounters and the Dominion War, at the very end of the ST-TV timelines. This is a very fastpaced game composed of a solid base of experienced and expert players, some of them professionally published in the SF-Fantasy genre. Our location is and we're always ready to welcome a few new players into our warm and friendly community. If our roster appears full at the positions that interest you, don't let that discourage you from joining. There's enough posting for duplications in Senior Officer positions and the imagination's the limit on civilian and other personnel. We're expecting to be around for a long time, so if you come, plan to stay! We can be reached by clicking Contact Administration or Joining the Game on our site.

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Posted: 19:54:25 on April 30 2002
By: Steve Krutzler
Dept: Enterprise |

In his latest issue of the Star Trek: Communicator, executive producer Rick Berman isn't giving away many secrets about this fall's tenth STAR TREK feature film or the second season of the prequel series, ENTERPRISE, but he does say NEMESIS screenwriter John Logan would be welcome to write the script for the Romulans' appearance on ENTERPRISE, potentially next season.

"Yeah, he would love to do that, and we would love to give him that chance. It's all going to have to do with his time -- he has three huge movies that he is working on now. We'll see what happens. But there will be no Romulans involved in this first season of the show, so it would likely be next season," Berman said in response to interviewer Dan Madsen's mention of Logan's desire to make the Romulans' likely prequel appearance fit in with established continuity, expressed in a recent interview.

He also says, despite some complaints, the ENTERPRISE theme, "Faith of the Heart," performed by Russell Watson, is here to stay for season two.

"I understand soe people have a problem with the song. We love it and it will remain... I am hearing more and more people telling us that they love the opening sequence."

Along with other remarks reminiscient of past interviews in the 'Star Trek Update' -- conducted while NEMESIS still had a week left to shoot (mid-March) -- including praise for John Logan's familiarity with the franchise, NEMESIS director Stuart Baird's eminent qualifications for the big chair, and a somewhat indirect likening of Tom Hardy's 'Shinzon' to STAR TREK II's 'Khan', Berman does say that NEMESIS will likely be completed by Labor Day.

"On previous movies, there was no way they were ready to be released before Thanksgiving or Christmas but this one could be released earlier. As to exactly when it will be released with regards to other big movies... the distribution people at Paramount are discussing that over the next couple of months."

Berman also continues to boast about NEMESIS, saying "We haven't had a single negative reaction to the film [from anyone at the studio]."

For more, including a report on NEMESIS from the set by writer Jeff Bond, including descriptions (but no photos) of Herman Zimmerman's Romulan Senate and Scimitar Warbird sets and comments from the TNG cast including Michael Dorn, who describes director Baird's efforts to treat the tenth TREK feature as the first with regard to toning down reliance on previously-established STAR TREK mythos, and an interview with ENTERPRISE's munitions officer Dominic Keating about fan reception to his character, check out issue 138 of the Star Trek: Communicator.

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