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Posted: 20:24:42 on May 02 2002
By: Steve Krutzler
Dept: Star Trek: Nemesis

TV Guide's full-size 35th Anniversary Tribute Magazine hits stands May 6th, featuring not only brand new interviews with Rick Berman, Michael Piller, Michael Piller and more about TREK's greatest turning points, ENTERPRISE, and NEMESIS, but also the first action-packed photo of the feature.

The 96-page color magazine features cast interviews from the set of NEMESIS and reveals all sorts of information about the film's storyline and the journeys of the TNG characters throughout the the movie. TrekWeb visitor 'Cryus' sent in some highlights from the interviews.

"There is great electricity about the movie. The footage - the dailies - look more like a Ridley Scott film or John Woo film than a classic Trek movie," Berman says. "I think - contrary to rumors - that this is very, very likely not going to be the last movie. If this one does as well as I believe it will, it will be a mere matter of weeks - make that days - before Paramount comes to me and says 'So, when are we going to get to work on number 11?'"

Screenwriter John Logan offers, "When it gets right down to it, I'm really a just a Star Trek weenie at heart. I'm the guy who buys the first ticket at the first matinee on the first day a new Star Trek movie hits the theaters. As a kid I was Captain Kirk for every Halloween. All my ideas of right and wrong, all my concepts of morality came from Captain Kirk. I'm the ultimate fan."

Data's alter ego, Brent Spiner, says "I think Nemesis is the most cerebral and the most emotional of all 10 Star Trek films."

Jonathan Frakes thinks NEMESIS will be high point for the TNG movie franchise, "If this is the end, we're going to end on a high. There's a lot of new energy on this picture. And that could encourage Paramount to stick with us. Of course, it'll all come down to the almighty buck. It's all about the box office."

The magazine also features several remarks about the great NEXT GENERATION episode "The Best of Both Worlds," about which Berman says, "Viewers were still writing to us - screaming, in fact - as they had from the show's debut, that we had no right to put a bald englishman into the shoes of William Shatner. But when the cliff-hanger proved so successful, when it clearly showed how invested and addicted the viewer were, I looked at Michael Piller, who wrote the episode, and he looked at me and we both said 'Now what do we do'"

Director Cliff Bole recalls, "Our sole focus was getting done on time and on budget. None of us knew we were cementing the future of Trek, or that we'd be making season ending cliff-hangers a tradition, or that the Borg would become the most popular of villains. We had no idea what a fuss that episode would cause."

Patrick Stewart says the episode really stepped up his level of fan-recognition, remarking, ""I was driving on the Pacific Coast Highway with the top down on my car. Another convertible pulled up alongside me at a light and the driver - a middle-aged woman - said 'Hey, you! I have to tell you that you have ruined my summer!'"

Michael Piller, who wrote the episode and hadn't been planning to stay on for season four, told the magazine, "I had a very unhappy staff and they all left at the end of that season. There was a lot of turmoil and I was doing most of the writing and was numb, tired beyond description. I had no idea how to get out of the cliff-hanger. And frankly, I considered it somebody else's problem, not mine. I wasn't thinking of the fans or the franchise. After part I aired, Gene Roddenberry convinced me to stay another season. He felt strongly that the series needed just one more season to explode, that we needed just a little bit more time and we'd have a phenomenon on our hands. And he was absolutely right."

Costume designer Robert Blackman, who designed the ENTERPRISE uniforms, talks of the decision to go back to the TOS-era coloring system.

"We went back to the coloration of the original uniforms putting Captain Archer in gold like Kirk rather than red like Picard. In its own small way, that kind of homage is thrilling for me and very meaningful to the fans."

Finally, makeup artist Michael Westmore talks about the reverance for previous TREK mythos: "We're always looking for a way to improve an alien species, though we don't alter Star Trek tradition just for the heck of it. Everytime we change something that's stablished, it is preceded by many, many meetings with the producers. We all talk it through. Do we really want to alter history? Is it really worth it? Will the audience be OK with this?"

Pick up the issue on newsstands May 6th for more behind-the-scenes information on STAR TREK: NEMESIS, ENTERPRISE, and the great history of STAR TREK's best episodes.

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