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Jun 17 | According to, Russell Watson's ENTERPRISE theme song "Wherever My Heart Will Take Me" served as wake-up call for the Space Shuttle Endeavor astronauts Sunday morning.

Jun 15 | Jeri Ryan joins Ewan McGregor, Rene Zellweger and David Hyde Pierce in DOWN WITH LOVE, a film to be directed by Peyton Reed for Fox 2000 and Regency, according to IGN Film Force.

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Brannon Braga Says 21/26 Ain't Bad and Talks Characters in Newest Interview

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Posted: 09:05:22 on May 04 2002
By: Steve Krutzler
Dept: Enterprise |

In his latest interview, this time with Star Trek: The Magazine's June 2002 edition, co-creator/executive producer Brannon Braga reflects on the first season of his STAR TREK prequel and admits not all twenty-six episodes hit the high note.

"Out of 26 episodes I think we probably got 21 of them just right," he says. "'Broken Bow, 'Fight or Flight', 'Unexpected', 'The Andorian Incident', 'Dear Doctor' and 'Shuttlepod one' are standout shows; 'Detained' was a great Suliban episode and I really liked 'Fusion'. 'Terra Nova' had some great stuff in it, but wasn't a great show. And I personally feel 'Sleeping Dogs' could have been better. And 'Oasis', I felt just wasn't very inspired."

The exec says overall he thinks the first season has been successful. "I Feel pretty good. Predominantly the feedback has been great. There are episodes I wish could have been better, but then there are some shows we're very proud of."

He reveals that even with a large writing staff, he and co-executive producer Rick Berman have re-penned almost every script this year. ""I think we've struggled to get the right writing staff together. Star Trek is a hard enough show to write as is, and this show is a little different. Basically I, or Rick and I, have rewritten every episode, and it's been a lot of work," Braga explains.

Brannon also talks about how the various ENTERPRISE characters have unfolded throughout the season, noting that the Archer/Trip/T'Pol triumverate is deliberately modeled after Kirk/Spock/McCoy.

"We did it deliberately and we're very, very pleased with the way it's turned out. We definitely see them as the triumvirate, and we always keep that in mind whenever we come up with every story," he told the mag.

Anthony Montgomery's Travis Mayweather has been somewhat neglected as the season wore on, Braga concedes. "If there's one character that I think we could use a little more, it's Mayweather; every season, one character comes up a little short. You kind of get in a rhythm and then realize, 'Oh Shit, we need to pay more attention to Mayweather!'" "We decided it was time to get him in situations where he could do different things and not keep hitting the boomer note. I think we've definitely done that in the second half of the season."

Continuing, he says, "Trip is a great character, and Connor Trinner is playing him to perfection and beyond. And we love Reed; Dominic is great. Our only pitfall to avoid with Reed was making him a clichéd British character. The same goes with Trip - we didn't want to do southern clichés. We wanted to make them unique characters and not stereotypes."

"The danger of Phlox was making him a Neelix. But I see Phlox as an incredibly wise, open-minded character who embraces many different ideas from different cultures to apply to his practice," he says. "I think if anything he's more of a Guinan than he's a Neelix. We're thrilled with Phlox. I think John Billingsley is a superb actor, and 'Dear Doctor' was probably my favorite show of the year."

Linda Park's Hoshi Sato saw a minor change early-on in the season, when her "space-queasiness" was traded in pretty quickly after the premiere "Broken Bow." Of this decision Braga notes, "I think the only character that we made an adjustment to early on was Hoshi; we intended her to remain a little more neurotic for a longer period of time. But we realized that could get annoying very soon, so we decided to give Hoshi her space legs a little more quickly."

All the characters are grounded, in Braga's mind, by a desire to return a TOS-style of wonder and excitement to STAR TREK: "We wanted more sense of camaraderie and the awe of exploration; a feeling of true adventure. Those were the things that were offered us in the original series that perhaps got diluted a little in subsequent series."

For more, check out the June 2002 issue of Star Trek: The Magazine and thanks to TrekWeb's 'Cyrus' for sending in this excerpts.

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