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    Costume Designer Robert Blackman Talks Re-Inventing TREK

    Best bargain this side of the Gamma Quadrant!
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    Posted: 18:58:33 on May 22 2002
    By: GustavoLeao
    Dept: Enterprise |

    Star just posted an exclusive interview with TREK costume designer Robert Blackman, in which he talks about the theory behind designing STAR TREK and how ENTERPRISE has changed that a little bit. Here are some excerpts :

    Q : Are you pleased with the way Enterprise has turned out ?

    Blackman : "I thought we were very succesful. I was excited about the [pilot] script. I thought that it worked very well. I thought it was a very good pilot script. What the pilot has to do to serve a series is hard ! You have to introduce all the characters, you have to introduce all the relationships, and then somehow weave all of that information into enough of a story to keep people interested for 44 minutes, and end with a big enough bang that they go ''Oh, I think I'll come back next week". That's a lot. As you get into the episodic aspect, then you can spend an episode and think about one character, but you have to get all of it enough in the mix to keep us going "Wow ! Who's that guy with the bumps in the background ?" or "What's that ?" or "What's she about ?" I thought the script was very successful in introducing them and weaving them around, and starting the relationships. I think the look of it - to pat all of us on the back, including myself - was excellent. I think we achieved what we wanted to achieve, which was to clearly re-invent the timeline, to clearly tie it to today rather to tomorrow. We're 150 years in the future, but if you think about the button, which is what I always say, you know the button was invented around 1100 A.D. and it's still here, big as life. So we can now use all those things. There was a previous theory that said "No visible closures" - no buttons, no zippers, no anything. When I came aboard, I was jarred by this for several reasons. So it was great to be able to figure out how to do that, to keep a kind of look - what I would refer as "The Star Trek Heroic Look" - going, but in a much more accessible way than we had evolved from The Next Generation into essentially Voyager, which things loosened up and could open different ways, and seemed much more user-friendly.

    You can read the full interview here.

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