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Alexander Siddig on Directing DS9, Plus What He Says Malcolm McDowell Thought of GENERATIONS

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Posted: 08:18:29 on May 25 2002
By: Steve Krutzler
Dept: Deep Space Nine

Alexander Siddig ('Dr. Julian Bashir') attended a fan event at Page's Bar in London and talked various things, from his experience directing DS9's "Profit and Lace" to what his uncle, actor Malcolm McDowell thought of the STAR TREK: GENERATIONS script.

"I didn't have an overly enjoyable experience directing," he says, noting he never asked to direct TREK again. "I must admit that I was very angry at some of the cuts, but it was all so silly - and I'm not bothered about it at all now."

He details a particular shot he wanted to accomplish that caused a much more charged scene on the set.

"My favourite scene was the Maralyn Monroe (From 'Some Like It Hot') - which started off at Quarks' feet - with a slow pan to show the breasts, and then up to the earrings. I loved that shot. However - getting the cinematographer to shoot that scene was horrendous - he quit, and stormed out. I went to get him, and brought him back, and asked him to apologise to everyone on the set - he refused and walked back out again. At this point I had had enough - and walked out myself - someone got me from the car park, which is as far away from the sets as possible, and we went back to shooting," he says.

Siddig told the group that even while STAR TREK is a producer's medium -- not for director's -- he was still grateful for Rick Berman support for his character after the first season of DS9.

"I wasn't the most popular character on the show. But Rick fought for my survival - and for that I'm grateful."

The actor says while shooting the upcoming REIGN OF FIRE with stars Matthew McConaughey and Christian Bale, fans were more interested in him than the Hollywood heavyweights.

"All the kids on the set - which we filmed in Ireland - kept coming up to me, pointing and saying 'Look! - It's Dr. Bashir - can I have your autograph?' - much to the annoyance of my supposed more famous co-stars. They even said 'You can get your friends in it too, if you want'!"

Siddig, the nephew of British actor Malcolm McDowell -- who played the villain 'Soran' in STAR TREK: GENERATIONS -- says he'd like to work with his uncle sometime in the future. But he recalled a phone call he received from his uncle after he had been cast in the Soran role.

"When Malcolm got the role for Star Trek Generations, he phoned me to say he was 'working for your lot', and that the script was shit. He only wanted to do it to kill off Captain Kirk," Siddig said.

He goes on to say co-writer Brannon Braga received some rather serious e-mail threats following GENERATIONS. Read more of the report by attendee Ian Baille here.

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