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Rick Berman Says Paramount Very Pleased With NEMESIS UPDATE 6/14 Sherry Lansing Impressed
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Posted: 16:05:36 on June 13 2002
By: GustavoLeao
Dept: Star Trek: Nemesis

Sci Fi Wire just posted a brief interview with STAR TREK producer Rick Berman, in which he reveals that Paramount Pictures is very pleased with a rough cut of the upcoming NEMESIS movie, which is right on schedule for release on December 13th, 2002.

"The studio [Paramount] is very, very pleased" Berman said. "Actually, the only notes we've gotten from the studio were to put some stuff back in that we'd taken out of the film."

"We're busily editing [Nemesis], and they couldn't be more pleased," he continues. "They are extremely pleased with our guest star/villain, Tom Hardy [Shizon]. We're working away at all the things that one works away at this stage of the game, which are the title sequences and trying to get the special effects done. We're also preparing for the final sound mixes and things [like that]. That's always a very daunting task at this stage."

You can read the full interview here .

UPDATE 6/14: Paramount Pictures motion picture president Sherry Lansing told Cinescape while at the Saturn Awards this past weekend that NEMESIS is the best TNG film yet:

We think its arguably the best one weve seen yet, Lansing said. And thats saying a lot. Its spectacular. I just saw the first cut of it. The script is fabulous, by John Logan and Stuart Baird did an amazing job of directing it. We have the amazing actors back and Im very excited.

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