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  • Vidiot has made available two new UPN ENT season two promos; they DO NOT, however, contain new footage.
    Sep 3, 2002: TNG Season 4 DVD Box Set U.S. Release
    Sep 7, 2002: Brazilian premiere of ENTERPRISE @ 9 PM on cable channel AXN
    Sep 18, 2002: ENTERPRISE season two begins on UPN with "Shockwave, Part II"
    Oct 22, 2002: STAR TREK III: THE SEARCH FOR SPOCK Special Edition DVD hits U.S. streets
    Nov 5, 2002: TNG Season 5 DVD Box Set U.S. Release
    Dec 3, 2002: TNG Season 6 DVD Box Set U.S. Release
    Dec 31, 2002: TNG Season 7 DVD Box Set U.S. Release
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    Posted: 22:12:02 on June 26 2002
    By: Steve Krutzler
    Dept: Enterprise |

    TrekWeb has received the first information on the second season premiere of ENTERPRISE, "Shockwave, Part II". In this exciting finale to the first season finale, the story picks up on Earth of the 31st century and has some interesting surprises in store.

    According to our source, Archer and Crewman Daniels visit a human camp while searching for a library. Women in the camp show confusion when Daniels asks them where a monument is that he's looking for. After a moment he realizes the truth: the monument was never built.

    Archer is curious and asks Daniels what he's looking for. The mysterious time traveller tells him that he brought Archer to this point in time in order to protect the future, not cause these disastrous results. He informs Archer that the monument stood for a Federation, that doesn't exist in the captain's timeline yet.

    Daniels doesn't elaborate further and the two proceed to search for the library. But the data is all stored electronically and Archer quickly learns from the inhabitants' confused responses that there is no electricity -- and they don't seem to understand why Archer is surprised to see all the destruction surrounding them.

    The two men reach a large building in disrepair. As they ascend a staircase we see a huge rotunda structure, with floors upon floors of bookshelves. Daniels doesn't understand why there are paper books in this building, they shouldn't be there he insists. Archer suggests looking through some of them to discover clues as to the fate of history.

    Meanwhile on the bridge of the Enterprise, the Suliban and Silik have boarded the ship. Silik recovers the discs stolen from the Suliban ship and forces Hoshi to admit that they hadn't had time to copy them. A new Suliban officer, Raan, emerges from the turbolift and tells Silik that Archer isn't there. Silik interrogates T'Pol about Archer's knowledge of the Temporal Cold War and she tells him that Archer was last seen entering the turbolift.

    Silik detects a temporal signature in the lift and surmises that perhaps the crew isn't lying. He orders Trip to disable all ship's systems except engineering and the bridge. For now, the crew must comply and the NX-01 moves away at impulse with the enemy vessels.

    The Enterprise docks with the Suliban helix and Silik and Raan attempt to contact their commander from the future in the echo chamber. Silik becomes concerned when he will not respond and Raan suggests that perhaps he is angry that they did not retrieve Archer. Raan suggests destroying the Enterprise to complete their original mission but Silik insists that Archer has travelled in time and they need new instructions. They cannot raise the FutureGuy and Raan again says they should destroy the Enterprise. Silik orders Raan to bring him T'Pol.

    In the 31st century, Archer and Daniels read books on the floor of the dark, dusty library. Archer says he hasn't found a single reference to a Federation and Daniels says he shouldn't expect to -- after all, the captain wasn't there. Archer regards the notion that his disappearance could change history dubiously.

    Reed is in his quarters when Hoshi appears outside -- topless (covered with arms). Moments later, as two Suliban officers harrass T'Pol in the corridor, Trip and Reed drop from the ceiling and take them out with hyposprays. In Trip's quarters the officers agree on a dangerous course of action.

    Later, Silik tries making contact with the future informant, Trip mounts a coup in engineering. Trip rigs an explosion that immobilizes several Suliban soliders coming to investigate engineering -- Trip has set a warp core reactor breach.

    Silik orders the Enterprise away from the Helix as he continues working with a glowing device in the Helix chamber, Raan commanding the Suliban operation on the Enterprise. Suliban ships begin towing the NX-01, nacelles trailing plasma exhaust, away from the helix. Meanwhile, Silik's work with the strange glowing device seems to pay off as a figure begins to materialize on the platform.

    Please keep in mind that this information is based on early and incomplete portions of the script for the episode and much can and is likely to change by the time the episode airs. The story is 2002 Paramount Pictures. All Rights Reserved.

    React to this story below and then see what others are saying about this topic at the STAR TREK BBS.

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