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    Dominic Keating At Home With British Hello! Magazine in New Hollywood House
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    Posted: 11:12:53 on July 28 2002
    By: Steve Krutzler
    Dept: People

    Speaking in the July 23rd, 2002 issue of the British Hello! Magazine, ENTERPRISE star Dominic Keating says if Lt. Malcolm Reed is the last role he ever has, there'll be no regrets.

    "Enterprise has changed my life in ways I could never have dreamed of," he says. "If that's the only thing I do for the rest of my acting career, so be it. I won't have any regrets."

    Keating, who holds a degree in History from University College in London, recently bought a new Hollywood home with his girlfriend, Canadian actress Jilana Stewart.

    "We got to spend some time together in Spain, had a couple of dinners and got along very well. So when shooting finished we exchanged numbers. Back in LA, I called her and we went on a couple of hikes together and I finally decided that I already had too many *friends*. I told her I liked her and the rest, as they say, is history."

    Keating says he's eager to start a new family after marrying Stewart in the near future.

    "Having a family is something that I did not even dare to consider before. I decided long ago to be an actor and was willing to pay the price in terms of living a life of uncertainty. The best aspect of all this is that now I am not only contemplating it, but determined to make it a reality. I now can afford to have a child and provide for that child handsomely! It's a wonderful feeling."

    The couple's new house is a symbol of Keating's long-sought ENTERPRISE success; the actor spent eight years in Los Angeles scraping together bit parts and almost moving to Texas to become a restaurant owner. But with the new success, making the decision on the home was easy.

    "I was going to see eight different houses and this one was the first. From the moment I walked in I felt very comfortable with the spaciousness and the light, but when I went to the bedroom and saw the garden, the pool and the view of the canyon across the yard door, that was it. I decided to buy it then and there."

    The actor says he's taking film courses in L.A., hoping for the chance to step behind the camera on ENTERPRISE. Read more of the article from Hello!, courtesy of TrekWeb visitor 'PJ in NH' on the Suliban Helix forum.

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