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Day One in Vegas: Marina Sirtis Talks NEM, Nichols, Russ Serenade
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Posted: 07:04:51 on August 06 2002
By: Steve Krutzler
Dept: General Star Trek

The official STAR TREK web site has posted the first of its comprehensive convention report articles for this past weekend's Creation Entertainment event in Las Vegas. The report covers the Friday's festivities and includes photos of the guests.

Nichelle Nichols greeted fans fondly and spoke of her newest fans -- children of the Disney film SNOW DOGS.

"Throughout my career, little children, especially at the conventions, will come up and say, 'You're Uhura!' And now ... little kids turn around and they go [Nichols puts on a face of child-like wonder] ... 'Snow Dogs!' And I love it," she told the crowd.

Nichols goes on to say Disney may be working up a sequel for the Cuba Gooding, Jr. film and that she's currently working on a television or feature script to bring her novels SATURN'S CHILD and SATURN'S QUEST to life. Nichols concluded her appearance by singing cappella!

VOYAGER's Tim Russ entertained with comedic songs about the fourth STAR TREK series and sported a new bald "Sisko look" to get away from his seven-year image on the show. He related one story about playing a Klingon on an episode of DEEP SPACE NINE:

"I can understand why Klingons are so grumpy and irritable, after three and a half hours of make-up in four in the morning and wearing fourteen layers of clothing and boots with platform heels, and teeth that are false and a wig that weighs about forty pounds. It's obnoxiously uncomfortable ... I think I ended up fighting everybody in the cast in that episode!"

(C) Paramount Digital Entertainment

Russ also performed musically for the crowed, strapping on a guitar and playing a song off one of his albums.

Marina Sirtis talked all things NEMESIS, revealing details about Riker and Troi's wedding in the film opening December 13th.

"It's a fabulous wedding, and we have some old friends come to visit," she said. "And I wear a pink dress. Well, come on, white? At Troi's age? With her track record? I don't think so," she joked.

The actress also seemed happy with her role in the movie, which gives Troi some meaty responsibilities.

"I get to drive again," said Sirtis. "It's not exactly a crash, but it does need work." She later added that, "In this movie, it's a Troi you have not really seen before. It's a really, really nice part."

For the full report and more photos, check out this page, and keep checking back to TrekWeb for more continuing Las Vegas coverage.

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