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    Official Synopses and Credits for Season Two, "Dead Stop" to Precede "Sickbay"
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    Posted: 11:57:50 on August 25 2002
    By: Steve Krutzler
    Dept: Enterprise |

    The official STAR TREK web site has posted the first official synopses for the first five episodes of the new ENTERPRISE season. The story also announces what the air schedule will be for these eps, several of which were shot out of order.

    According to the synopsis page, episode five "Dead Stop" will air directly following "Minefield" as the fourth show on October 9th; "A Night In Sickbay," shot before "Stop" will air on October 16th, right before episode six "Marauders."

    The summaries offer little new information, but do intimate that the NX-01's troubles after falling into a [presumeably] Romulan minefield won't be over after "Dead Stop," for which the summary reads "The recently damaged Enterprise docks at a fully automated alien repair station, where services are rendered at a heavy price."

    The creative teams behind these first episodes have also been officially announced. Co-executive producers Rick Berman and Brannon Braga share sole author credit for "Shockwave, Part II" and "A Night In Sickbay," while Mike Sussman and Phyllis Strong penned the teleplay for "Dead Stop," supervising producer Chris Black wrote the teleplay for "Carbon Creek" from a story by Berman, Braga and Dan O'Shannon, and newcomer John Shiban receives sole writing credit on "Minefield."

    Learn more about "Dead Stop," "A Night In Sickbay" and "Minefield" in Tuesday's exclusive TrekWeb Interview John Billingsley. For more detailed plot information, check out the season two Mission Logs below and to reach the official log lines for the first five episodes visit this page. Thanks go out to TrekWeb's 'Tad' for this Sunday head's up.

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    See Also: Mission Logs

    Season Two (2002-2003)
    Prod #Title Airdate
    128 Shockwave, Part II 9/18/02
    127 Carbon Creek9/25/02
    129 Minefield10/02/02
    131 Dead Stop10/09/02
    130 A Night In Sickbay10/16/02
    132 Marauders10/24/02
    133 The Seventh10/30/02
    134 The Communicator11/6/02
    135 Singularity11/13/02
    136 Vanishing Point11/20/02
    137 Precious Cargo11/27/02
    Season One (2001-2002)


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