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Andre Bormanis -- Story Editor, ENTERPRISE
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  • Photos and the UPN Promo for the upcoming episode 'VANISHING POINT' can be found at Star and Mr Video.
  • UPN "Singularity" trailer available for download at AllAboutStarTrek.
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    Rick Berman Says NEM Will Clock in at Two Hours, Talks Writing ENT in Latest 'Update' (UPDATE: New Photos Added)
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    Typhon Station is a very fastpaced PBeM RPG with skilled, experienced players and a warm sense of bonding and community. We play at the turn-of-the-century, 2400, and are located in the Typhon Expanses, bordering the Neutral Zone, proximate to the Romulan Empire, and near the Iconian Digs, and are on the first warning route of the original Borg Incursion.
    We have three stations to post from, SB 185, USS Odyssey, and USS Wraith. They all have general and particular storylines and all interact. This game is not for the faint of heart! The writing is superb and comes hot and heavy. We have some open spots and also we will consider character suggestions. So, longtime RPGers and novices, check us out. See if you want to make Typhon Station your home away from home.

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    Posted: 08:00:04 on August 30 2002
    By: Steve Krutzler
    Dept: Star Trek: Nemesis

    The new issue of the Star Trek Communicator will hit U.S. newsstands soon and the magazine has provided TrekWeb with an exclusive preview of its latest "Update" with STAR TREK executive producer Rick Berman. The exec updates us on the progress of STAR TREK: NEMESIS, which is currently in the post-production phase.

    The Communicator's Update with Rick Berman"We have screened it for the studio and they love it," he says. "We cut it down to the length we needed it to be and everyone at the studio actually asked us to put some things back in that we had taken out... We're not taking anything out now, though. We're getting ready for some test screenings and preparing for the final sound mix. We're involved now in the credit sequences and finishing up over 500 visual effects shots."

    Berman says NEMESIS will have a running time slightly longer than the previous TNG films, something many fans will be elated to learn.

    "It's in the two-hour ballpark. It might be a minute longer or a minute shorter, but that's yet to be determined."

    Berman tells the magazine that NEMESIS has a lot going for it, saying, "I think this film has an edge to it and is quite frightening in many ways. I think it is a very unique film. We have a villain that stands up to any we've seen before, including Khan and the Borg Queen. I think Tom Hardy [who plays 'Shinzon' -ed.] is not only going to become a big movie star, but I also think that he will go down in the annals of STAR TREK as one of the great villains."

    The mogul once again ponders the future of THE NEXT GENERATION movie franchise, unwilling to say what exactly the future holds, but confident of TNG's longevity.

    "My confidence in this film and whether or not we're going to see THE NEXT GENERATION characters again on the big screen are not necessarily locked together," he says. "There are elements within this story that may be contradictory in terms of that. I have no real reason that this is going to be the last time we're going to see these characters, nor do I believe that the time won't eventually come when some other characters may begin to take over the movie franchise."

    Berman also talks about the second season of ENTERPRISE, already into production at the time of this interview. He says that STAR TREK and this series in particular has really allowed his own writing muscles to flex.

    "We try to put at least three or four hours into writing every day," he reveals. "It took a while before I had the confidence to start writing. I wrote three episodes of NEXT GENERATION and did a lot of story writing. On VOYAGER, I ended up doing a lot of rewriting and then, by the end of the show, I was rewriting a great deal. When ENTERPRISE began, I suddenly realized that I was rewriting two-thirds of the episodes by the time we got to the end of last season, which was silly. Brannon and I started writing together. We suddenly realized that we had a remarkable compatibility. We would like to write half the episodes this season."

    Check out several new NEMESIS photos in Issue 140 In addition to teasing about some of the new episodes within the first four of the new season, Berman says the possiblities to bring in additional villains and alien races from the previous series are always open. Already in season two we know that the Romulans will be introduced in episode three, "Minefield."

    "We have certainly discussed it. There are groups like the Borg and people like Q and Guinan who could feasibly make appearances. There are people like Spock's father and others who could possibly make appearances. There are groups like the Romulans could very carefully make appearances... We know the status they have to be kept in so that we don't break any rules in terms of Kirk's time. But we are toying around with a lot of things."

    Check out Issue 140 of the Communicator for the rest of Berman's interview. The new issue also features a new interview with ENTERPRISE actress Linda Park ('Hoshi Sato') about the new season of the show, as well as an expansive article on all the newest STAR TREK products from ENTERPRISE toys to new computer games. Look for the mag, with Jonathan Frakes on the cover, on stands and in mailboxes soon!

    UPDATE 17:50: The following new photographs of NEMESIS and the ENTERPRISE episodes "Shockwave, Part II" and "Carbon Creek" found in the magazine were submitted by MediaTrek.

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