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  • Photos and the UPN Promo for the upcoming episode 'VANISHING POINT' can be found at Star and Mr Video.
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    Two New NEMESIS Photographs, Plus Ronald D. Moore on TNG Season Four (SPOILERS)
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    Posted: 08:44:23 on September 02 2002
    By: Steve Krutzler
    Dept: Star Trek: Nemesis

    The October issue of Star Trek: The Magazine has hit U.S. stands containing the latest STAR TREK NEMESIS still photographs, two of which have never been seen online.

    The first image (click for larger) shows Captain Picard and Lt. Cmdr. Data in their new INSURRECTION-era dress uniforms following the wedding reception for Commander Riker and Counselor Troi. The widely-framed scene takes place in the captain's quarters and the two officers share a quiet discussion about the passage of time symbolized by Riker and Troi's marriage and the fact that the new couple will depart for the U.S.S. Titan soon.

    The next photo is of the Kolarus III indigenous pre-warp civilization that persues Picard, Data and Worf after they've recovered the components of another android, B-9, scattered on the surface. The sequence adds an almost James Bond-esque mood to the early part of the script and concludes in an action-packed finale that 007 would most assuredly be proud of. The away team will flee the approaching aliens in their own "24th Century Jeep."

    The new issue of the magazine features an interview Patrick Stewart about his five directing stints on THE NEXT GENERATION. The actor recalls the experience directing episodes from "In Theory" to "Phantasms" and talks about his upcoming television movie and theater projects.

    TNG and DS9 writer Ronald D. Moore also discusses the fourth season of TNG, arriving on DVD tomorrow. Moore says the sci-fi subplot in "Family" didn't originally meet with Gene Roddenberry's approval.

    "He didn't like the original project I came up with for Picard to work on," he tells the mag. "Eventually we settled on the Atlantis Project, which was raising the continents; the previous idea was that Picard was going to be involved with these massive projects to revitalize areas like the Amazon rain forest that had been damaged by industrialization years before. He had problems with that because he felt Earth should be this perfect place."

    Moore says the original script for "Data's Day," the day-in-the-life episode of the fourth season, was submitted by a freelancer who didn't quite have the humor of the series understood.

    "[Harold Apter's] draft came in, and we had a lot of problems with it; chief among them was a scene -- if you're reading this, I'm sorry, Harold -- where Data went into the Holodeck to learn how to dance, and he literally did the 'Saturday Night Fever' -- the disco ball, the floor, the white suit, the whole thing. I remember reading it and thinking, 'He's lost his mind!' It was just so funny."

    Despite reservations by show runner Michael Piller even about Moore's rewrite, the script was eventually produced and became a favorite of the series. The writer says the episode "First Contact" also had problems, mainly its anti-space exploration message.

    "There was something very odd about a society that turns its back on knowledge," he says. "I remember Mike Okuda writing and impassioned memo saying that turning away from space and concentrating on problems here on Earth is exactly what people who want to cut NASA's budget say. And STAR TREK stands for the positive aspects of space exploration. That bothered me, and I felt it was kind of a mistake for STAR TREK to that that line."

    Check out more of Moore's interview about the fourth season of TNG in the October issue of Star Trek: The Magazine, with Patrick Stewart on the cover, on U.S. newsstands now. The issue also features a technical briefing on the U.S.S. Rhode Island from the VOYAGER finale "Endgame" as well as an interview with Robert O'Reilly, who played 'Gowron' in the fourth season.

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