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    Former DS9 Exec Ira Steven Behr on ENTERPRISE's New Companion, THE TWILIGHT ZONE
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    Posted: 14:09:03 on September 05 2002
    By: Steve Krutzler
    Dept: General Genre/SciFi

    Former STAR TREK: DEEP SPACE NINE producer and writer Ira Steven Behr speaks with Sci-Fi Wire today about his new UPN series, THE TWILIGHT ZONE, debuting after ENTERPRISE on September 18th. Behr serves as an executive producer on the show along with Pen Densham.

    "We're starting with a very simple mandate: we want to take what was created by Rod Serling and try and continue in the style and quality that he initiated, but for this day and age and sensibility," Behr said. "None of us thinks we're Rod. We think that we collectively may be able to have learned what he started, and see it as a kind of background, if you will. ... We're approaching it very, very respectfully and saying,'OK, can we challenge ourselves to create stories that people will treasure in 30 or 40 years' time in the same way?"

    Densham revealed that Jason Alexander, who once guested on STAR TREK: VOYAGER's "Think Tank," will play the role of Death in an early episode of the series.

    "The character of Death decides he no longer wants to take life, and it depresses him," Densham said of the episode. "He actually tries to end his own life, and ends up in the E.R. with a doctor who's trying to figure out if he's really Death, or if he's just this crazy guy, and all the consequences of that."

    But the new TWILIGHT ZONE is situated within an entirely different context than the original.

    "We now have the Internet. ... We've now got AIDS. We have been through the sexual revolution and out the other side and going back through it again. Men have walked on the moon. Everybody has a portable computer, cell phones," Densham warns. "It's extraordinary compared to where Rod was at, and yet his world was extraordinary at that time, too. So we're hoping that we bring sensibilities to people who are experiencing all those things and grip them with stories that need to be told now."

    Learn more about UPN's newest sci-fi series in the original article.

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