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    Robert Beltran on Mulgrew, Typecasting, ENTERPRISE and Future Projects
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    Posted: 23:30:43 on September 09 2002
    By: GustavoLeao
    Dept: People

    The German TREKOnline website just posted an exclusive video interview with VOYAGER actor Robert Beltran, conducted at the recent FedCon convention on September 6. Here are some excerpts from the chat :

    Q : VOYAGER is over, what are you doing now ?

    Beltran : Well, its been one year since we finished VOYAGER. I just finished a film for PBS in the United States, I was just in St. Antonio, Texas filming and on my last day I left, last day shooting was this Tuesday and I came to Frankfurt yesterday, on Wednesday, so thats the most recent thing that I did.

    Q : You played Commander Chakotay for seven years. After such a long period, are you being typecast for such a role ?

    Beltran : I don't feel that I was typecast at all. No, its just starting over again. For seven years I was not able to do other projects. So the main thing was just getting accquainted with the producers and casting directors, who...the business changes often, every two or three years there is a whole new team of producers and casting directors that you have to meet and I have been out of the loop in LA and in the film industry for seven years because I have been occupied with VOYAGER. Its a matter of getting reaccquainted with everybody who is in the game right now.

    Q : Generally speaking, there were rumors that there has been problems working with Kate Mulgrew and Jeri Ryan. That there has been some trouble on the set. Could you tell us something about it ?

    Beltran : That I don't like Kate Mulgrew ? No, I like Kate. She is a very strong willed person. However, there are other strong willed people in the cast, including myself. So, did she do things I sometimes didn't like ? Yes. So did some of the other cast members. And I am sure they feel the same way about me. Did I get angry with her at times ? Yes, I did and sure she got angry with me at times too, but also the other cast members, so now that a year has past most of that is forgotten. I don't remember those bad things that bothered me so much at that time. Now I just think of my fellow cast members as good friends that I spent a lot of time with for seven years. And we are still keeping contact with each other.

    Q : Let's leave VOYAGER now and talk about ENTERPRISE. The new series is out. Have you seen it already and do you like it ?

    Beltran : I haven't seen ENTERPRISE. I tried watching it, but after having been on VOYAGER for seven years I am just not interested. I am not interested in the Star Trek movies either. I am filled with it. I have already done that, I know what it is about. I know that there is going to be a certain amount of shakes and bombings and the shields are going to go down to 20 percent and the warp core is gonna bust and some aliens are gonna try to kill everybody and they will make it through, so...whats to see ? I already know that. Thats for the fans. I am not a fan.

    Q : If you don't like Star Trek anymore, do you still enjoy being on Star Trek conventions ?

    Beltran : I do because I don't have my Star Trek uniformon, I don't have the tatoo and I don't have to say technobabble. I can just be myself and I have always said that I enjoy the fans very much. I enjoy talking to them, I enjoy meeting them, I enjoy answering the questions as honestly as I can. So that part of it I have always enjoyed.

    For the complete interview, you can download the 10-minute Real Video file here.

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