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Nov 06 | Kate Mulgrew's husband Tim Hagan lost his gubernatorial bid in Ohio last night to incumbent Governor Republican Bob Taft, according to Cleveland Plain Dealer (thanks to 'sky' for this).

Nov 05 | Activision has released STARFLEET COMMAND III to manufacturing and it should arrive on store shelves later this month, according to Sci-Fi Wire.

Oct 30 | Nicole de Boer talks THE DEAD ZONE with Britain's SFX Magazine this month.

Oct 30 | The Cincinnati Enquirer published a detailed profile of Kate Mulgrew in its Oct 27 edition, exploring Mulgrew's perspective on her husband's campaign. Mulgrew is the wife of Ohio democratic Gubernatory candidate Tim Hagan.

Oct 30 | John Lucas, director of TOS's "The Enterprise Incident," "The Ultimate Computer" and "Elaan of Troyius" and writer of "That Which Survives," "The Changeling" and "Patterns of Forice" has died at the age of 83, according to the AP.

Oct 29 | The official X-MEN 2 website has opened up its 'Cerebro' section with tons of new photos, desktop themes and more. Go here.

Oct 24 | Kim Cattrall ('Valeris') talks SEX AND THE CITY and mentions playing a "sexy Vulcan" in a 60 Second Interview at UK's The Metro. (Thanks to 'Gitch' for the tip)

Oct 24 | UPN has ordered a one-hour live-action series adaptation of Marvel Comics' black superhero comic NIGHT THRASHER, according to Sci-Fi Wire.

Andre Bormanis -- Staff Writer, ENTERPRISE
Thursday, November 14th @ TBA
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  • Star has posted 3 new photos from the upcoming ENT episode titled 'Marauders' here.
  • UPN trailer for "Marauders" available for download at MediaTrek and AllAboutStarTrek.

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    Dominic Keating Credits Brannon Braga With Dynamism of 'Lt. Malcolm Reed'
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    Posted: 07:55:29 on September 23 2002
    By: Steve Krutzler
    Dept: Enterprise |

    In a new interview with, actor Dominic Keating discusses his early acting career and inspirations for getting into the field. He says the financial security of ENTERPRISE is enough to make any actor seriously dispatch concerns about playing the same character for seven years.

    "I had a brief moment on the Bridge in the first couple of days when I was pressing button 502 over and over again," he says. "The thought crossed my mind, 'I'll never do Ibsen.' Then the first check arrived and I thought, 'Ibsen, Shmibsen!' There was some trepidation. You are signing yourself up for a long haul playing one character. But I was at a time in my life where I wanted the security that a job of this nature was going to offer me. I was very excited about the prospect of being able to afford actually having a family, an educated child."

    The actor says he likes the humanity in his character, Lieutenant Malcolm Reed, a trait which he credits to the creativity of co-creator Brannon Braga.

    "They've given me another episode like that in the second season, episode three — "Minefield" — myself and Scott [Bakula] in a two hander on the exterior of the ship and floating in space. It's a fantastic piece of writing that Brannon [Braga] came up with."

    Keating continues, saying he thinks Brannon might be the perfect person to develop a dark side to Reed's personality.

    "I talked briefly with Brannon about this, and I know that the one thing he appreciates about the way Malcolm Reed's developed is that he is truly at odds with his character and he is quite enigmatic. You cannot pigeonhole this character. You can, but he does have the ability to play at odds with himself and not have the audience say, 'That's not in character.' I think the one thing Brannon appreciates, and I certainly do, is that Malcolm Reed is very human. 'Shuttlepod One' allowed the audience to see that. I think he can take this character any which way. I would love to see them explore a very dark side to Reed, something in the way of a Laurence-Harvey-tortured-man. And if anyone can write that for this character, it's Brannon Braga."

    Check out the full interview, in which Keating also talks about his newfound fame, here.

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