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Andre Bormanis -- Staff Writer, ENTERPRISE
Thursday, November 14th @ TBA
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    Con Report: Denise Crosby Recalls PLAYBOY, Alexander Siddig Talks 'Bashir Bashers' at Bridge Party Event
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    Posted: 08:30:59 on September 24 2002
    By: Steve Krutzler
    Dept: General Star Trek

    In the final part of our special reports on last month's Slanted Fedora STAR TREK Bridge Party fan event in Las Vegas, Jacqueline Bundy focuses on remarks by TNG's Denise Crosby and DS9's Alexander Siddig.

    Written for TrekWeb by Jacqueline Bundy, edited by Steve Krutzler

    Denise Crosby’s Wild Side

    Like so many of us, when she was younger Denise Crosby had a bit of a wild streak. “I was pretty rebellious at the that time,” Ms. Crosby recently told fans at the Las Vegas Bridge Party event. In response to a question from a fan Denise talked for the first time about a photo spread she did for Playboy Magazine in 1980.

    “I was twenty and had no desire to be an actress, as a matter of fact I wanted to be a musician,” Denise elaborated. “A photographer met me and suggested shooting some test shots for Playboy.”

    But when she saw the photos for the first time she was pretty unhappy with them. “I thought the pictures were pretty ridiculous. I looked like a little girl with big bows and everything,” she explained. “The photographer just didn’t ‘get’ me. He wasn’t able to capture my personality.”

    Her reaction to the photographs led to another act of rebellion. Ms. Crosby decided on the spur of the moment to cut her hair off. “I walked into the Vidal Sassoon salon in Beverly Hills and asked them to cut all my hair off.” The hair stylist was reluctant and asked if she really wanted to do this. “I was adamant. I wanted to cut all my hair off, so I did. They cut it real short, I had about two inches of hair left.”

    When she met with the editors of Playboy to discuss her test shots they were understandably upset by the change in her appearance asking, “What have you done?” Another photographer at the meeting and calmed everyone down and asked to be allowed to do another set of test shots. “Hefner flipped over the new test shots and the magazine ran those. We didn’t do another shoot, they ran the spread using the second set of test shots.” Crosby said.

    While she has no regrets over appearing in Playboy that issue is something she won’t sign for fans. “Maybe when I’m 90,” she laughed, “but not now.”

    The Evolution of Dr. Julian Bashir

    Overenthusiastic, young, naïve, and more than a bit annoying is how many fans described the character of Dr. Julian Bashir when DEEP SPACE NINE first aired. “I was definitely wet behind the ears,” Alexander Siddig told fans. “Both as an actor and a character.”

    Making a rare stateside appearance Siddig talked about the evolution of his character at the Las Vegas Bridge Party event.

    “I wanted to take the character from being unlikable to being a hero,” he recalled. “I wanted him to gradually grow and change.”

    But the actor almost didn’t get the chance. The character wasn’t too popular with the fans. Some were more vocal than others and didn‘t hesitate to express their feelings about his character. “There was even an Internet group called ‘Bashir Bashers’,” he joked referring to fan reactions early in the series' run.

    “At the end of both the first and second seasons the network wanted to fire me. I was the least favorite character on the series. But Rick Berman stepped in each time and stood up for me. By the third season the character came into his own,” Sid added.

    His character may have been a late bloomer in many respects, but bloom he did. As the tenth anniversary of the series premier approaches, DS9, is in Sid’s opinion, “more popular now than when it was in it’s original run.” If the fans reaction to his appearance in Las Vegas is any indication, the same could be said for the actor and his once bemoaned alter ego.

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