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  • Photos and the UPN Promo for the upcoming episode 'VANISHING POINT' can be found at Star and Mr Video.
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    Posted: 07:54:10 on October 01 2002
    By: Steve Krutzler
    Dept: Star Trek: Nemesis

    Written for TrekWeb by Jacqueline Bundy, edited by Steve Krutzler

    The upcoming movie, Star Trek: “Nemesis” was the hot topic at this past weekends convention in Pasadena, California which was held to celebrate the 15th Anniversary of Star Trek: The Next Generation. The event promoter, Creation Entertainment, arranged for a display of some of the costumes and props from the movie as well as original artwork and scenic design sketches.

    Marina Sirtis, Michael Dorn, Wil Wheaton, Patrick Stewart, Gates McFadden, Brent Spiner, James Cromwell, and “Nemesis” screenwriter John Logan were all in attendance as well as several TNG guest stars. I was able to attend Saturday’s events where a large crowd enthusiastically enjoyed all that the day had to offer.

    First up on stage was Wil Wheaton. Wil began by thanking the fans for lobbying to have him included in the convention. If you have never had the opportunity to see Wil at a convention, you are really missing something. He is an extremely personable and entertaining man. He was also the only actor to make themselves available to the fans all day to sign autographs, pose for pictures or just to chat.

    Asked about his cut scene, Wil told the audience that he understands why the edits were made. “The scene I was in [at the wedding reception] didn’t really do anything to advance the plot of the movie,” he stated. “It was inconsequential to the overall story.” But he did emphasize that he’s very happy he had the opportunity work once again, however briefly, with his “surrogate family.” “The check cleared,” he joked much to the audience's delight.

    Wheaton also spoke about his memories of Gene Roddenberry. “Gene Roddenberry was an awesome guy,” he told the crowd. “I love Gene’s view of the future. And on a personal level I felt very close to him. Gene’s office door was always open to me. Here I was just a 14 year old kid, but if I stopped by his office and he had anyone with him he would ask them to leave and talk with me about whatever was on my mind.”

    A cherished possession for Wil is Gene Roddenberry’s own set of ensign bars. “Gene had received a field promotion during the war. During the filming of the episode when Wesley was promoted to acting ensign [Where No One Has Gone Before] Gene came to the set. Paramount wanted to bring in a bunch of press but Gene said no ‘this is a private moment’. During that visit he presented me with his own ensign bars.”

    Excitement built through the afternoon as the crowd began to anticipate the arrival of Patrick Stewart. After telling the audience that they owed a debt to the producers of X-men 2 for giving him the day off to attend he asked the capacity crowd if they were ready for another Star Trek movie. When the roar died down he went on to say, “I was an enthusiast for not producing another film 24 months after ‘Insurrection’. I felt a longer break would benefit everyone.” Mr. Stewart was in his element, teasing the crowd and telling stories.

    Obviously excited about the new film he told the audience he had seen the rough cut of the film just ten days ago. “It was terrific,” he said. “This film really represents TNG. It is filled with very intense relationships and has strong emotion, something I think has been missing from the films since ‘Generations’.” “The last half hour is quite a roller coaster,” he added warning the crowd to “bring one of those little packets of tissues.”

    Calling screenwriter John Logan “a true fan” he praised the script. “During story meetings I attended with John and Rick Berman someone would make a suggestion and John would say, no we can‘t do that because in episode so and so…” Adding, “Brent Spiner made significant contributions to the script and you’ll see him in the credits with a co-story credit. There is one idea in the movie that is mine, but I won’t tell you what it was.”

    Asked by a fan if this is to be the last TNG film Stewart replied that he isn’t certain but his own feeling is that the impression the film poster gives “is an advertising ploy.” Reminding the audience of the bottom line he told them, “It all comes down to buns on seats. The opening weekend must be fantastic. It’s a difficult time to be opening a movie; there is a lot of competition. You’ve got ‘Harry Potter‘, the new Bond film and ‘Lord of the Rings’ among others.”

    “So you all need to go see it on December 13th. And again on the 14th, and the 15th…” he added laughing at himself. “There are wonderful nuances you won’t catch the first time. Lots of subtleties of the Picard maneuver.” If “Nemesis” is the last movie for the TNG crew it will be a fitting end he feels. “I think we have made a movie we can be very proud of. But there is a sequel just screaming to be made.”

    Mr. Stewart also spoke of his other work saying that this past year has been a year of solid film work for him between “Nemesis” and X-men 2. “And next year Wendy and I will be traveling to Budapest to film ‘The Lion in Winter’,” he commented. He’s very enthusiastic about working on this remake of the original screenplay. After that that he hopes to return to the stage. “I hope to be opening in a play in London in May 2003 and in the fall of 2003 in another play in New York.” Details haven’t been worked out yet so Mr. Stewart declined to mention anything further about these potential productions.

    After being joined briefly on stage by Gates McFadden Mr. Stewart took more questions from the audience on a wide variety of topics that included his experience working on “Saturday Night Live” which he described as “terrifying” and his relationship with William Shatner. “I’m proud to say that Bill has become a good friend. He is a first class individual.”

    The final stage appearance of the afternoon was by Gates McFadden. She told the audience that she’s been spending a lot of time in France where she is hoping to start a theater company. Moving almost immediately to questions from the audience she spoke of her year off from TNG. “I was told at the time that they wanted to go in another direction for the Doctor.” At a later date however she was told a different tale. “I was always pushing for Crusher to be a strong character, for her to be well rounded.” Apparently she rubbed one of the producers the wrong way. When there were changes in the staff after the end of the second season she was asked to come back. “Patrick called me himself and asked me to return.”

    Sharing memories of her television directorial debut with the episode “Genesis” McFadden said, “I loved every minute of it. I had done a lot of theater directing and had been asking since the first season about directing an episode. ‘Genesis’ wasn’t a typical Next Gen script and I was privileged to work on it.” Saying she was “given a lot of creative freedom” with the episode Gates also mentioned how touched she was by the loyalty of the crew that week. “It was the week of the big earthquake and a lot of the crew had suffered damage to their homes. The studio actually shut down for two days and the crew was told to take as much time as they needed but out of loyalty to the series and to me they came in to work so we could finish.”

    When the questions returned to the topic of “Nemesis” Ms. McFadden admitted that she was “disappointed with the previous movies in terms of my role.” Adding that she hadn’t seen any of the new film yet “I had some wonderful scenes in ‘Nemesis’ but I don’t know how many have been cut.” Whether or not she ever plays Dr. Beverly Crusher again may be unknown but “I have always loved the character's sense of humanity.”

    As a side note Brent Spiner also revealed that Data's cat, Spot, will have a small moment in the film.

    In related news, the parade of new publicity stills for NEMESIS continues, with the first close-up shot of the Kolaris III "alien nomads" available at AuctionWorks.

    Happy Birthday TrekWeb!
    Finally, we're celebrating another anniversary today: TrekWeb's 6th! We've been online since October 1, 1996--thank you for all your support over the years. As we begin our seventh year bringing the very best in STAR TREK coverage to the 'net, we hope to be here for yet another six!


    Steve Krutzler

    UPDATE 16:30: The official STAR TREK web site has posted a brand new photo gallery featuring props and production art work displayed at the 15th Anniversary convention last weekend. Among the photos are Shinzon's costume, Guinan's costume, Romulan and Reman weapons, concept drawings for the Romulan and Reman space ships and even's Troi's pink wedding dress. You can reach the gallery here.

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