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Dec 08 | Digital Domain talks with Linux Journal about designing STAR TREK NEMESIS visual effects in the Linux operating system.

Andre Bormanis -- Story Editor, ENTERPRISE
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Dec 13, 2002: STAR TREK: NEMESIS hits U.S. and Canadian theatres
Dec 31, 2002: TNG Season 7 DVD Box Set U.S. Release
Jan 3, 2003: STAR TREK NEMESIS hits UK theaters
Jan 16, 2003: STAR TREK NEMESIS debuts in Germany and Australia
Feb 13, 2003: STAR TREK NEMESIS debuts in the Netherlands
Feb 14, 2003: STAR TREK NEMESIS debuts in Brazil
Feb 26, 2003: STAR TREK NEMESIS debuts in Hungary
Feb 25, 2003: ST: DS9 Season One DVD Set U.S. Release
Mar 4, 2003: STAR TREK IV: THE VOYAGE HOME Collector's Edition DVD Arrives
Mar 21, 2003: STAR TREK NEMESIS debuts in Norway
Mar 26, 2003: STAR TREK NEMSIS debuts in Belgium and France
Mar 28, 2003: STAR TREK NEMESIS debuts in Sweden

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Dina Meyer and Herman Zimmerman Talk NEMESIS's New Romulans
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Posted: 15:44:49 on October 24 2002
By: GustavoLeao
Dept: Star Trek: Nemesis

The latest issue of DreamWatch magazine, just out in the UK, features an exclusive interview with actress Dina Meyer, who plays 'Romulan Commander Donatra' in STAR TREK NEMESIS.

"I had a prosthetic forehead that they stuck to my head." said the actress, who also plays 'Oracle' in the new hit TV Series BIRDS OF PREY. "The morning make-up routine consisted of me getting my head wrapped - they make your hair pin-curled and they put your head in a wig cap, so all your hair is pulled off your face. Then you go to the make-up trailer, where they attach the prosthetic ear tips and then they pile on the make-up. When it's sunny outside and you're sitting with 14 layers of slick greasepaint make-up on, it's not comfortable."

As for wearing the Romulan costume, she reports that it wasn't quite as bad. "I did have to stand much straighter in it, because of the way they zip you into it - you kind of feel like you're up on a cross."

Overall, Meyer feels fortunate to be part of the new TNG movie. "I've never been a Trekkie, but Star Trek has been around longer than I have, so it was really exciting to just have something to do with the franchise."

The magazine also features a brief interview with veteran Trek production designer Herman Zimmerman, who talks about the movie sets he created for NEMESIS. When asked if it is harder each time to devise designs that don't repeat those previously seen, Zimmerman says, "Yes and no. It's always from the script, so the writer gives you a good idea and you run with it. It's not too hard after you've done it a while. You just can't be afraid to do something new."

About Shinzon's glorious Warbird, the Scimitar, he notes, "It is a Romulan ship, so we've tried to maintain some of the older ideas. We were able to do more with the costumes. The features, because they're on a large screen instead of a small screen at home, require better detail, more attention. The Romulans have been kind of an Art Deco culture. If you look around that's what you see. You see echoes of the 1930s' geometry, movement in architecture. The Romulan Senate set is the most elaborate set I've ever designed. It's been built in an incredibly short time with the best-skilled craftsmen in Hollywood, so I'm very proud of it."

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