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Andre Bormanis -- Story Editor, ENTERPRISE
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Story Editor Andre Bormanis Gives ENT Sneak Peek in Live Chat: Transcript Inside!

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Posted: 00:13:29 on November 15 2002
By: Steve Krutzler
Dept: TrekWeb Features

ENTERPRISE story editor Andre Bormanis stopped by last night to give us a sneak peek inside writing the newest STAR TREK series in his third TrekWeb Live Chat. Unfortunately, Andre was called away to a writer's meeting after only a few questions, but we will endeavor to reschedule another chat soon. Stay tuned for details.

In the mean time, here is the transcript for as far as we got last night. We wish to thank Andre for his attendance and hope he can join us again soon!

Good evening, I'd like to welcome everyone to tonight's TrekWeb Chat! This marks the nineteenth chat and five years since we began with Ronald D. Moore and Michael Piller in 1997! We are delighted that Andre is joining us for his third TrekWeb Chat after doing two last season. Welcome Andre!

Thanks... great to be back!

Andre has been the science consultant on STAR TREK for several years and is now a story editor on ENTERPRISE. His most recent work was the teleplay for last night's "The Communicator" and last season's "Silent Enemy" and "Desert Crossing."

Andre, do you have any opening remarks that you'd like to make before we begin with questions?

Not really... glad to see the forum is alive and well and that the fans are actively discussing and debating Enterprise.

 T_T asks: Not to ask you to dig too deeply into spoiler territory or anything, but as far as what amounts to the writer's rotation, when's your next at-bat likely to be?

Probably episode 18 or 19. The Communicator was #8. I've been busy with story development and other duties. I hope to write two more shows this season.

On what episode # is the writing staff currently working?

Number 16 is currently being scripted; the story for 17 is being developed, and someone will probably start writing the script by the end of next week. We obviously have to work pretty far ahead of the air dates.

Number 13 is currently in production, Dawn, is that correct? Can you give us any mild tidbits of what to look forward to there?

It's a very exciting adventure written by John Shiban, formerly of the X-Files. It involves Trip on a strange and unique planet, dealing with an interesting adversary.

Jimmy_C asks: At the end of "The Communicator," the alien government thought that their enemy had *really advanced* tech. Any chance we'll see the reprecusions of "The Communicator?" Such as a war or something?

We don't have any plans for that at the moment, but it's a good question. You could argue that Archer might've done more damage to this planet by convincing General Gosis that his enemies have extremely advanced weapons and are preparing an attack. On the other hand, Gosis will pretty soon find out that the Alliance has nothing of the sort, so perhaps Archer ended up doing less damage than he fared.


NotSpock asks: Are there any plans to utilise the Andorians again in the near future? Or the Tellarites? After all, both of these races along with the Vulcans and Humans are integral to the foundation of the UFP.

We made a reference to the Tellarites in "Dead Stop," but we don't have any plans to bring them into the story at the moment. You can count on seeing the Andorians again.

Perhaps in "Cease Fire"? Will we see any familiar faces?

Tune in and find out! :)*

PJ in NH asks: Why was Malcom the one chosen to lose his communicator (I'm not complaining -- I really enjoy seeing story lines which include Malcolm), I'd just like to know why he was chosen over some of the other characters.

Mainly because he seems like the guy who is least likely to make that kind of mistake. Malcolm is very meticulous, always extremely careful, and of course was absolutely mortified when he discovered he lost the communicator. It gave Dominic Keating some nice emotions to play, which he did extremely well, as always.

Jan Schliecker asks: André, I would like to know if you were satisfied with all the directors so far. How was the director of your episode "Desert Crossing", David Straiton, chosen (the ball game was spectacular), and doesn't Fred Dekker want to direct an episode (he used to be a movie director)? Thank you.

I thought David did a great job! That was his first time directing for Star Trek.

I don't know if Fred is interested in directing television; he's working on a feature film project at the moment. I'm afraid I was just called to a meeting. I can do one more question.

Here's a good ender and hopefully you can make it back online soon...

Trey Andrew Pyle/EntFan! asks: Are there anymore Romulan episodes in the works? Or do we have to unfortunately wait til next season?

We haven't finalized the stories for the rest of the season, so we can't count the Romulans out. You'll see a lot of them in "Nemesis."
Sorry to cut this short. Thanks again and I hope to come back soon.

Well, duty calls and we hope to get you back online soon! TrekWeb would like to thank Andre Bormanis for taking the time to chat with us all tonight ! This chat is Copyright 2002 All rights reserved.

React to this story below and then see what others are saying about this topic at the STAR TREK BBS.

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