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UPDATED 1/28: Casting Correction J.G. Hertzler Returns in Klingon Episode "Judgement," Plus Talks 'Martok' Novels (SPOILERS)


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Posted: 00:12:41 on January 27 2003
By: Steve Krutzler
Dept: Enterprise |
UPDATED 1/28: TrekWeb has been informed that Mr. Hertzler will be playing another Klingon lawyer, Advocate Kolos, not Prosecutor Orak as previously reported. Casting for Orak and more information has been added below.

Actor J.G. Hertzler spoke to students of a recent University of California, Riverside screenwriting course taught by TOS writer Judy Burns ("The Tholian Web"), revealing an upcoming guest appearance that brings him back to the world of STAR TREK. Hertzler will play the Klingon Advocate 'Kolos' in ENTERPRISE's upcoming "Judgement."

In the episode, the ancestor of the infamous Klingon traitor 'Duras' (from ST:TNG) faces military inquisition for his failure during a mission to a rebelling Klingon colony. Archer and the crew of the Enterprise NX-01 get pulled into the fray, and the captain is even called to testify before Klingon prosecutor 'Orak', played by John Vickery, another DS9 veteran ('Gul Rusot', "Tacking Into the Wind"). Kolos is a sort of public defender assigned to Archer's case. You can read more about the episode's plot in TrekWeb's mission log below.

Hertzler played the cantankerous Klingon 'Martok' o DEEP SPACE NINE and becomes the latest former TREK actor to make a stint on ENTERPRISE, joining the ranks of Jeff Combs ('Weyoun', 'Shran'), Ethan Phillips ('Neelix', 'Ulis' in "Acquisition"), Rene Auberjonois ('Odo', 'Ezral' in "Oasis"), Fionnula Flanagan and others. Combs will next be seen in February 12's "Cease Fire" as the Andorian Shran, along with TNG guest Suzie Plakson ('K'Ehleyr'), who will play the first Andorian female in that episode.

The actor is also the co-author of two new Pocket Books novels being published later this spring, THE LEFT HAND OF DESTINY. The two-book series tells the tale of Chancellor Martok's return to the Klingon homeworld following the conclusion of DS9 and was co-written by author Jeffrey Lang who, Hertzler told the Riverside students, provided an entirely positive co-authoring experience. Although expressing some disappointment at various passages that didn't make the final cut, Hertzler told the class that the idea behind the novels was to retell the famous Arthur legend through the Klingon veil.

You can learn more about THE LEFT HAND OF DESTINY at Psi Phi. You can also pre-order the books from any of the following merchants and help support TrekWeb:

Thanks to 'Patrick Hayes' for the report.

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I like the sound of this episode.
By Akita1999 ( ) at 10:00:11 on January 27 2003
URL: | User Info
This update makes me even more interested in seeing this episode. I like the direction that Enterprise is going conceptually. I looks like B&B are trying to refocus the series back to the types of stories that the fans like and expect to see. I hope that my optimism is well founded

It will be good to see Hertzler again. I always liked him on DS9.

Keep your fingers crossed. And hope that better days are ahead.

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Interesting concept!
By BWilliams ( at 09:00:50 on January 27 2003
URL: | User Info
Mr. Hertzler's ideas on portraying the King Arthur legend with a Klingon slant - now that sounds like an excellent story! I can't wait to read it! :)

[ Reply to This | Parent Comment ]

enough is enough...
By Beckett ( at 00:21:52 on January 27 2003
URL: | User Info
I can just about fathom using Combs in Enterprise (us he's so good) but they REALLY need to get some new actors!!!


Nemesis had all the right buttons there waiting to be pressed, but like Data on a Reman keypad Paramount seem to have pushed the wrong ones. :/

[ Reply to This | Parent Comment ]

By Rat Boy ( ) at 23:33:53 on January 26 2003
URL: | User Info

Sure, it'll be the only other one outside of "Crash Landing" that I'll watch this season, but hey, I was fully expecting to ditch the rest of the season.

Martok was the best Klingon ever done, and I'm glad to see that Hertzler gets another shot in front of the camera.

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