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Communicator Offers Fans Chance to Ask Questions of STAR TREK Producer Rick Berman


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Posted: 19:51:49 on February 06 2003
By: Steve Krutzler
Dept: Enterprise |
The official STAR TREK fan club and its magazine the Star Trek Communicator have for years provided fans with inside information about all things TREK and a bi-monthly interview update with executive producer Rick Berman. Now the magazine will offer fans the chance to send in their own questions for Berman.

The president and founder of the fan club, Dan Madsen, made the announcement today at the magazine's official web site.

"This is your chance to ask Star Trek's executive producer a question you've always wanted to ask about Star Trek's past, present or future," Madsen said in a bulletin board posting. "We will pick a number of them and they will be included in my next update with Rick. Your name will be printed in the magazine along with your question."

You may submit questions by e-mail at For more of the original post check out this page.

The Communicator's latest Rick Berman Update will be published soon. You can purchase a subscription to the magazine and help support TrekWeb by visiting this link.

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By Toroth's 1st Officer ( ) at 17:10:11 on February 07 2003
URL: | User Info
Someone gets really mad every time we pose harsh questions.

You're not "involved" with mr. Berman, are you?

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My question:
By Defiant ( ) at 14:34:38 on February 07 2003
URL: http:// | User Info
I am a skeptic...
By cooper2000 ( ) at 13:16:59 on February 07 2003
URL: | User Info
Like the statement he made a few days ago that was posted on Trekweb, Berman will undoutedly sidestep any questions of real worth and if asked if he thinks Trek needs work he will say, I think its fine. We are doing a great job. Nothing will be accomplished because he doesnt know theres a problem or doesnt want to fess up and we will keep getting the same lazily written Trek episodes.
You have to admit the problem before it can be dealt with. rick or Braga or Paramount for that latter have been unwilling to do that.

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Let's be real
By Trekforever ( ) at 01:04:57 on February 07 2003
URL: | User Info
Now, now, let's be realistic...they will undoubtedly pick "safe" questions to ask for a publication- you know, things like:

Question: How did you get to become an executive producer of the most famous Sci-Fi show?

Berman: Work hard, and never give up. My mom taught me that, and you should do this too in following your dreams!

Other most likely notables are "Who is your favorite Star Trek character?", "Will we be seeing more Klingons on Enterprise?", "Can I have your autograph", "Where can I send a check to you", etc.

See, these are the REAL questions that fans are dying to know about the elusive and almighty Mr. Berman!

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Question #1
By Snails ( ) at 22:34:44 on February 06 2003
URL: | User Info
Do you ever feel guilty about what you've done to the Star Trek franchise ?

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