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What a Difference a Week Makes: "Cease Fire" Pulls Out All the Stops to Deliver Best Andorian/Vulcan Episode Yet, Says Deus


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Posted: 06:49:58 on February 13 2003
By: Steve Krutzler
Dept: ENTERPRISE Reviews
Reviews Ex Deus

Written by O. Deus, edited by Steve Krutzler

"Cease Fire"

Summary: Archer attempts to mediate between a Vulcan and Andorian territorial dispute.

"Cease Fire" is a much stronger follow up to "The Andorian Incident" than the rather mediocre "Shadows of P'Jem," which saw Enterprise's entire command crew blunder into getting captured and remaining outside observers to much of the action. "Cease Fire" by contrast sees Trip taking a strong command posture where in "Shadows" he was reduced to yelling ineffectually at the Vulcan commander. Archer and T'Pol again find themselves in hostile territory but Archer maintains control of the situation and does his best to find solutions. The Andorians and Vulcans are also far better developed here than they were in either "Andorian Incident" or "Shadows". Though the Vulcans are still portrayed rather unsympathetically and the episode makes it clear the writers' own sympathies lie more with the Andorians than the Vulcans, this is still the first time Ambassador Soval has been developed at all and portrayed as anything but an arrogant and bigoted martinet.

Between the special UPN promos, two major franchise guest stars and top notch production values in the planetside scenes, the action scenes and gorgeous CGI work on the Vulcan and Andorian ships, "Cease Fire" seems to have had the benefit of a special push from the producers and the network. More money has been spent on-screen and this time out it's been combined with a fairly good script to make for the best Vulcan\Andorian episode to date. Like "Andorian Incident" and "Shadows of P'Jem," "Cease Fire" does suffer from the outsider syndrome in which the crew are outsiders intervening between quarreling aliens. Where the previous two episodes both tried to resolve this dramatic problem by having Archer and T'Pol taken hostage, "Fire" avoids such obviously cheesy gimmicks in favor of more generalized 'behind enemy lines' sequences.

While it does end up deploying the hoary formula of the fanatical subordinate contrasted with the more sympathetic leader as the central dilemma whose resolution comes when the former is exposed to the latter, it's still preferable to the fanatical leader contrasted with the more sympathetic subordinate, which Voyager's latter seasons used almost non-stop. This formula is still a widely used television cliche and although Plakson's part is woefully underwritten, the actors do what they can to give each line their own unique style and spin. It doesn't always work and Plakson's stylized film noir delivery, which worked quite well during her TNG appearances is often out of place, especially in her final scene, it still makes the material more interesting to watch and lifts the dialogue somewhat above its formulaic roots.

By contrast there are flashes of clever and off-beat dialogue such as the battlefield exchange between T'Pol and Ambassador Soval, which "Cease Fire" could have used more of instead of the old standbys about war, negotiation and peace that marked Combs and Plakson's repartee and any Star Trek viewer has already heard time and time again. There is just enough good dialogue in "Cease Fire" to cause one to wonder if Chris Black wasn't being held back by the producers from being a little more adventurous with the lines in a few of the key scenes. Devoting some more time to developing Shran's character with scenes that don't necessarily directly advance the plot would also be a good idea. Combs' Weyoun made quite an impression in a single episode mainly because time was dedicated to developing his race and his character even in an episode where he was doomed to be killed off by the end. By comparison we still know very little about the Andorians except that they are part of an Empire, are angry a lot of the time and don't much like the Vulcans and that isn't a lot to go on when building the identity of an entire species.

"Cease Fire," though is a good place to start laying the ground work. Shran here develops more of a personality and thus an identity and even a sense of humor. Ambassador Soval gets a background and a history and a somewhat dry sense of humor of his own. Archer manages to go through most of the episode acting like an able and competent Starship Captain who can think on his feet without behaving foolishly and can act as a diplomat instead of ranting over the slightest insult. T'Pol manages to get more relevant character development in an episode not even centered around her, than she did in the T'Pol-centered "Stigma." Phlox manages to steal another sickbay scene that doesn't even center around him and Trip gets another moment in the sun.

Trip's threat to fire on the two groups of ships is a bit on the irrational side considering the legal fact that Starfleet had been called to mediate the dispute and had no territorial status here and the practical fact that based on what we've seen up till now, any single one of the ships from either fleet could have taken Enterprise apart without breaking a sweat. Still, it harks back to proper TOS tradition and by playing it as much for comic value as suspense through Archer's last minute message, it avoids the kind of overblown self-righteousness such scenes usually involve for Archer. The fact that Trineer is also a better actor and Trip a more likeable character than Archer undoubtedly helped as well.

All in all, "Cease Fire" could have used a more original plot but still has plenty of memorable character moments, snips of memorable dialogue, and noteworthy production values while effectively advancing the galactic drama of the Federation's founding.

Next week: From Andorians and Vulcans to Suliban, Oh My.

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    And Therein Lies the Crux...
    By Brannon ( ) at 11:27:26 on February 20 2003
    URL: | User Info
    ...of the problem. Episodes like "Cease Fire" tend to make for servicable hour-long diversions, but nothing is really done to advance the characters and plot lines of the theme of this series, which was supposed to be the temporal cold war. While I enjoyed "Cease Fire" I never thought for a minute that it was any more than what it was; a decent script, adequate acting, and acceptable dialogue. No where did it attempt explain very much in a dynamic way like the current better television series' do.
    "Enterprise" still bites the big one and will continue to do so as long as they (read as Berman and Braga)are only interested in keeping their jobs and laying the blame for their failures on someone else.

    Quality entertainment takes chances, explores possiblities, and wraps things up in different packages now and then. "Enterprise" almost never does this, instead relying on cliches and over used plot devices, although occasionally, being able to make something out of it, like in "Cease Fire".

    I don't know for sure, but I will bet you a one year plan that B and B had little to do with this episode except to sign off on it. If I'm wrong, I'm wrong,..but you know...

    "So far, so creepy" Xander Harris


    "...but that's just my opinion, I could be wrong.." Dennis Miller

    "...I could be wrong, but...you know,...I'm not." Adrian Monk

    [ Reply to This | Parent Comment ]

    Respect at last
    By Berman My Man ( ) at 17:24:37 on February 15 2003
    URL: | User Info
    Finally Rick Berman will get the respect he deserves! He gets too little credit and too much blame.


    "There's no way telling what happened."

    -Rick Berman

    [ Reply to This | Parent Comment ]

    I liked it, but...
    By DarthSpock ( ) at 19:37:08 on February 14 2003
    URL: | User Info
    I really liked that episode. I have been very critical of the show, and infact had stopped watching, but this episode had me interested, and I liked it enough to tune back in next week.

    The only problem I had with the episode was the feeling that the writers missed out a good chance to make humans major players in the quadrant.

    I thought a great ending would have been to have the planet a class M, and the compromise would be that the planet would become neutral, being run by all three powers. 2 to 1 majority rules between the Vulcans, Andorians, and Humans. It would have been a fantastic foreshadowing of the cooperation that is going to grow between them to form the Federation, not to mention that having a human colony on the planet so far from earth would require Starfleet to build more ships to maintain contact. That would increase the size of the fleet. The fleet that will be necessary in the upcoming Earth-Romulan War.
    The possibilities are endless.
    Well those are my 2 cents


    "I am not sure what disappoints me more... your cowardice or your stupidity."

    [ Reply to This | Parent Comment ]

    2 good ep's in a row.
    By Noxmagic ( ) at 20:27:03 on February 13 2003
    URL: | User Info
    Cease Fire was a very, very good episode, an outstanding follow-up to last week's strong Stigma. Many of Trekdom's strongest episodes have involved political intrigue, warfare, and desperate diplomacy. Cease Fire had all of the above. Archer's forced diplomatic turn was a nice foreshadowing of a key role Star Fleet captains will have to fill in the decades to come, while the further development of these early nasty Vulcans continues to be fascinating. I enjoyed how the actor who plays Soval finally did not go over the top with his portrail of a Vulcan...in the past, he has "flown off the handle" way to easily and to an unacceptable degree than Vulcans generally should. Perhaps this actor has finally learned that with Vulcans, less is more. Bakula did, as usual, a solid job with a commanding, take charge Archer, while its always good to see the wonderful Trip. While I don't disagree too terribly with Deus' review, I find myself in the awkward position of agreeing and disagreeing with his take on Archer/Bakula. While I actually like Bakula as an actor (I get the feeling Deus does not care too much for Bakula) I have to agree that not only is Trip a far more interesting character, but Trineer is a superior actor to Bakula. I wonder if Ent. would be a stronger show if Trip, just as he is currently written and acted by Trineer, was captain? Would it be a bad thing to have Archer die heroically saving Enterprise, and Trip be switched to the command ranks and promoted to captain? The justification could be that Enterprise might be so far away from earth at this point, it would be a shame to call her home. Or, perhaps events could be taking place that would call for Enterprise to remain where ever she is fulfilling her duties (Romulan War anyone?). In any event, the best part out of the many high points in Cease Fire was probably the Andorians. Shran is an excellent character, and acted wonderfully. My only hope is that we will see plenty more of the Vulcan/Andorian conflict.

    [ Reply to This | Parent Comment ]

    What's wrong with Bakula?
    By BKPeak ( ) at 19:56:43 on February 13 2003
    URL: | User Info
    I'm extremely disappointed in Scott Bakula's portrayal of Captain Archer. In "Cease Fire", when he stopped Trip from firing on the Andorian and Vulcan ships, it sounded like he was reading some lines for an elementary school play. He's got to stop coming across in such a patronizing manner.

    [ Reply to This | Parent Comment ]

    Speaking of great dialogue...
    By Shaun ( ) at 18:19:37 on February 13 2003
    URL: | User Info
    ...just rewatched "The Apple" for the first time in years and still get a big chuckle out of, "Would you mind being more careful where you throw your rocks, Mr. Spock?"

    [ Reply to This | Parent Comment ]

    Nice, but...
    By Brikar ( brikar99@yahoo.com) at 15:41:10 on February 13 2003
    URL: http://www.geocities.com/brikar99/ | User Info
    The shuttle crash was one of the show's ugliest effects shots ever.


    "Sometimes, when I think about two girls doing a spell, I go and do a spell all by myself."- Xander

    [ Reply to This | Parent Comment ]

    Cease Fire's Real-Life Parallel
    By CaptainO ( ) at 15:38:10 on February 13 2003
    URL: | User Info
    Much more timely than "Stigma," Enterprise now offers this story to mirror the mid-East crisis. Star Trek has been a show that has always shown terrorists in a different light than most other television, most notably the Bajorans. "One man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter" is an axiom that Trek takes to heart, and it's nice to see it here as well.

    This is always a controversial subject, but hopefully episodes like this will allow people to understand why wars are fought and why terrorism is used even though it means the death of innocents.

    [ Reply to This | Parent Comment ]

    Well ...
    By timmer33 ( ) at 14:12:45 on February 13 2003
    URL: | User Info
    I did not see the episode, but I don't like hearing things like "finally great cgi ... finally great action ... finally a good budget ... " etc. Seriously, Trek should be able to succeed with a small budget. And the f/x are unimportant. If you can't afford them, don't use them! If the script is good, and the acting is above average, you can create an amazing tv show. TOS was one such example. Even with budget slashed, they still managed to produce good episodes. It's because of the script! Here's hoping we get more quality scripts.

    [ Reply to This | Parent Comment ]

    Deus! You're back!
    By Edzo ( lordedzo@hotmail.com) at 12:37:18 on February 13 2003
    URL: | User Info
    Nice to see you, Deus! I really lost you over your "Dawn" and "Stigma" reviews and thought I would never find you again. At last, now, we are in agreement.

    Yes! No more of Trip yelling. I hated that as much as I hated Kes screaming like a rutting banshee. Nice control on Connor's part, just like Scotty in command cool and serious.

    Yes! Nice development for Soval. I, too, had tired of his one-note characterization.

    Too bad there wasn't more for Reed, Mayweather and Sato to do, but at least they each had something to say.

    Good stuff from Phlox and T'Pol (as usual). Even Archer wasn't all bad.

    Nice to see Plakson again; hope she busts out of jail and returns again.

    Combs was good, too, but his "Shran" will never be as interesting as his "Weyoun." Maybe not his fault ... after all, Behr, Moore, Echevarria and Wolfe aren't writing for him on ENT.

    Let's have more of this type of episode. I don't mean "break the bank" every week; just up the genuine action/suspense quotient.

    Finally, anybody care to guess on how Enterprise NX-01 gets grounded, damaged shuttles back up to the ship?



    "I suck 'em down like Coca-Cola."

    --Kramer, "Seinfeld"

    [ Reply to This | Parent Comment ]

    Not THAT good ..
    By mooseday ( ) at 12:34:17 on February 13 2003
    URL: | User Info
    .. frankly I found it a bit boring and very predicable - even down to the final " Is this true? " , " you fools, you can't trust them " type lines at the end.

    It may be me, but where is the DRAMA, the tension, the intrigue? OK, cool SFX but the episode didn't make me care what the outcome was. The best drama could have come from the Trip subplot, trying to fend of both sets of ships.

    Why did Shran believe his aide so easily. Why couldn't Shran side with her for a few episodes, introduce a nice story arch as Archer has to prove to Shran she's a traitor increasing the cool "trust" arch.

    Everything seems ends a bit too tidily.

    Trip was good though, and he is by far the best character in the series. To be honest they could ditch the Archer, Tpol, Trip trio and go for the Archer,Phlox and Trip trio instead.


    "He dipped his toes in the pools of normality, then went back to bask on insanity beach" - Aquafibio

    [ Reply to This | Parent Comment ]

    Good Episode
    By Burkins ( ) at 12:06:49 on February 13 2003
    URL: | User Info
    Cease Fire was a solid episode, even though the main plot was not terribly inspired. There is finally some advancement of the premise that Enterprise should have been focusing on right along - the formation of the UFP. Characterization was strong throughout. Acting and direction were uniformly excellent.

    I must say though that Deus is unduly biased when it come to Scott Bakula's portrayal of Archer. Even when Deus is forced to comment positively on a particularly good piece of acting from Bakula, he does so with a left-handed swipe that leaves no one in doubt about his personal dislike for the actor.

    Deus has been unceasingly negative about the choice of Bakula for Captain of Enterprise since before Broken Bow even aired. His sniping comments are really getting funny, if not embarrassing at this point.

    The producers have given Archer some of the most troublesome and need I say silly pieces of action and dialogue in the entire series. And Bakula has carried even those off with aplomb. He has managed to invest Archer with personal integrity and empathy, humor and passion, complexity and charm DESPITE some of the drivel he's been given to say and despite the fact that the producers did not seem to know what or whom they wanted to make of Archer after Broken Bow.

    Deus' continual ambushes are vapid and biased... and growing quite tiresome. And they are after all only opinion, not fact, regardless of the 'ex cathedra' tone he gives them.

    Far from being the great actor Deus gives him credit for, Tucker's rather lame attempt to emulate Archer's look of determination when he ordered Enterprise into the breach between the Andorian and Vulcan ships resembled Howdy Doody with a hemorrhoid problem. Trinneer may be likeable, but a great actor he certainly is not. Although he is improving, there were times when he seemed to need a giant water pic to remove bits of scenery from his teeth.

    A little even-handedness would be much appreciated in these reviews.

    [ Reply to This | Parent Comment ]

    The Galactic Community
    By aquirius ( ) at 11:33:59 on February 13 2003
    URL: | User Info
    Sense the beginning when I heard that this story arc was part of the show I have greatly anticipated it's development much more so than the Temporal Cold War. This is what Enterprise is all about, humanity's timid steps into the galactic community. This was a excellent episode, I even taped it.

    TPTB seriously need to delivery more of this. It's one of the essense of Enterprise. Now with the Tholian involvement in the TCW my interest is peaked on that story arc too. What is this INTERPHASE of space anyway.

    So when WILL we get to see the Tellarites?

    [ Reply to This | Parent Comment ]

    This is more like it!
    By BWilliams ( BWillNCC1701E@webtv.net) at 10:39:04 on February 13 2003
    URL: | User Info
    Now THIS is what Enterprise is capable of when they have some really strong writing! Big props to Chris Black for the strongest script of the season thus far! And equally big props to the cast for keeping things running smoothly without any lulls in the story. I haven't checked out the final act yet, but it sounds like it's as good as the rest of the episode, based on the comments thus far.

    This is what the show needs more often: strong, well-written scripts. Keep it up, and you'll have a solid series for the entire duration of its run.

    [ Reply to This | Parent Comment ]

    Great Episode and good review Dues..
    By Tbar ( tbar@divertigo.com) at 10:26:47 on February 13 2003
    URL: | User Info
    I am in agreement with Dues on this episode. For once in a long time, I really felt satisfied with this episode. It was what I was expecting from Enterprise. The crew being outsiders just getting their feet wet in this glacatic community. And the allusion Archer offered to humans being out there to join a larger community and not just explore space was excellent.

    Good work..

    [ Reply to This | Parent Comment ]

    By Phaser1701 ( garavin@rochester.rr.com) at 10:08:08 on February 13 2003
    URL: | User Info
    I agree, and disagree with your assessment, Deus. Like you, I appreciated the planetside and orbital CGI's, and the development of the characters, particularly Shran & Soval. I also enjoyed the B-story, with Trip struggling like a blue-helmeted UN Peacekeeper, to keep the rival sides from tearing into each other. Unfortunately, the flat plot sapped much of my enjoyment, and resulted in a story that even great performances could not lift from the depths of mediocrity.

    Things I Liked:
  • Shran/Combs. Shran has shown a great deal of growth in the 4 eps in which he's appeared. Kudos to Jeff Combs, who continues to deliver a nuanced and very competent portrayal of what could easily have been just another cardboard cutout antagonist.

  • Suzie Plakson. Another very welcome addition to the guest cast. She played one of the best TNG guest characters, and it was nice to see her here again. It's unfortunate that the part she was given to play was so hackneyed and cliched. She did get a nice turn in her bit of fisticuffs with Archer, though, and damn, if she wasn't the sexiest alien we've seen in a while!

  • Soval/Gary Graham. I was also glad to see that, despite the apparent hostility of TPTB to Vulcans in ENT, Gary Graham (an actor I've always appreciated) got a chance to breathe a little life into Soval, who really has been little more than a cardboard cutout, and one we're obviously meant to throw darts at. Glimpsing his past as an intelligence officer in an occupation force gave him some much needed depth, as did his brief exchange with T'Pol during the battle scene, and his exchanges with Archer.

  • Trip as diplomat. The B-story(such as it was) with Trip was much better than the A-story. He acted much more like a diplomat and a peace-maker, at least up until the end. The idea of placing the Enterprise between the rival ships was masterful, and Trip's handling of the Andorian and Vulcan commanders was quite adroit. He really seems to be learning the finer points not only of command, but also of its larger responsibilities. Kudos go to the entire secondary cast as well for the great ensemble work in these scenes.

    Things I didn't like:
  • "BTDT" Plot. Too bad the plot was as pellucid as Transparent Aluminium. I saw the Shran/subordinate thing coming with their first scene together. There was, however, a real gem in that scene-- Did anyone notice that when Shran chastised her for questioning his orders, her antennae drooped? It was priceless, and a terrific use of prosthetics to give some insight into an alien character.

    Likewise, I found Archer's sick-bay soliloquy on the place of humans in the community of worlds to be banal, particularly given Bakula's wooden delivery. We already know what part humans will play in the formation of the Federation, and the fact that the strength of humanity is in helping widely divergent races to find common ground. As Steve is fond of saying, show us, don't tell us.

  • ENT being able to locate Archer's biosignature even when the Vulcans couldn't. This was useless to the story, and unbelievable in the context in which it was presented. Maybe Enterprise's more primitive sensor arrays were shown to somehow be affected by the Andorian jamming, it would have been more effective. In the end though, it just looked like some deus ex machina to keep the humans in the game.

  • Sickbay scene-- another useless scene. Bombarding Archer with radiation? It was clearly a simple plot device to get Archer into sickbay so that he could have the exchange with Phlox. Phlox could have offered his advice in any circumstance without this useless plot scene. In fact, they could have deleted the radiation treatment, then had Archer actually getting sick while on the planetoid. That would have thrown a wrinkle into the negotiations, provided an additional point of mistrust on the part of all the participants (Andorians and Vulcans could accuse each other of poisoning Archer, and the negotiations), and created an opportunity for some real drama in this ep.

  • Trip's threat to fire upon the rival ships. This is out of line with his earlier, much more subtle and appropriate approach to the problem posed by the Vulcan and Andorian belligerents, and undiplomatic in the extreme. It undermined the success of the scene, though they did go some way to point out that their chances of successfully attacking the Vulcans or Andorians were slim, when Trip orders Reed to try to target their engines. It would have been much better to see him match the moves of the other ships, keeping Enterprise betweent them, and reinforcing the point that they were there to talk, not fight. With the planetside situation resolving itself, Archer's call to Trip could have settled the matter, with a little more dramatic tension in the mix.

  • Archer's pathetic remark about compromise. As with the sickbay scene, I suppose this would have been better had it been delivered by someone less wooden, but Bakula just can't pull off aphorisms like this. Much better was Shran's comment about drinking to their mutual dissatisfaction. That was funny, with an edge of truth, and Combs handled it beautifully. Similarly, Soval's backhanded compliment to Archer at the end of the scene (and the subtle look T'Pol gave her captain in response) were acted with a flair that Bakula simply can't match. It's unfortunate that the top guy in the cast is so bad, compared to much of the rest of the regulars, and many of the guest cast. It's a glaring problem that ENT has yet to redress.

    Overall, an ep that could have been a lot better, but with some bright spots thanks to the skill of the ensemble and guest casts.


    Honi Soit qui Mal y Pense...

    [ Reply to This | Parent Comment ]

  • Great Episode, Great Review
    By Weyune ( ) at 09:56:12 on February 13 2003
    URL: | User Info
    What is this world coming to? I actually agree with one of O.D. 's reviews!

    A quality episode. I was actually proud of Archer this episode rather than most where I can get a little embarrased by his immaturity. More great acting by both Trip and T'Pol.

    I really hope that RB and BB learn from episodes like this one and deliver more quality episodes as the series continues on. I don't usually dislike too many episodes, but I feel as if they could definitely improve some of them. Cease Fire was just that.


    "This man thinks like me"

    -- Rico the Columbian Drug Lord, in "Crocodile Dundee II"

    [ Reply to This | Parent Comment ]

    You've gotta be kidding. . .
    By Michaelj ( ) at 09:44:25 on February 13 2003
    URL: | User Info
    Deus, only last week you were rightfully blasting the producers for undermining one of the most beloved races in TV franchise history, and now suddenly you're willing to give them a pass?

    The only things this mess had going for it were the gorgeous FX work (Enterprise does have some real artists on staff; unfortunately they aren't the ones with the word processors), Combs' sympathetic performance, and Suzie Plakson, who can make Vulcans, Klingons and Andorians sexy without breaking a sweat (and I, for one, like her film noir delivery). The producers' lack of creativity and respect for the source material grows more apparent every week, and as with our government, in the words of Ray Bradbury, the gargoyles have taken over the cathedral.

    [ Reply to This | Parent Comment ]

    By Akita1999 ( ) at 09:43:25 on February 13 2003
    URL: | User Info
    Enterprise scores a bullseye. And so does Deus. Cease Fire was an excellent episode from start to finish and raised the bar. Cease Fire shows us what Enterprise should have been all along -- a rougher, tougher, and smaller universe of species (Vulcans, Andorians, and "Pinkskins") and disputes (territorial dispute).

    I loved this episode. It is my favorite episode to date in Season 2. It ranks up there with the best that Enterprise has done. Even my long-suffering wife (who watches Trek only because I do) liked the episode and commented that Enterprise is getting better.

    Deus's praise and critical comments are right on the money. I've always enjoyed his reviews even when I disagree (like last week). Although the episode had some small warts, they were masked by the superb special effects, strong performances, and decent writing.

    I knew Enterprise was capable of delivering this type of entertainment. This is the best evidence of all that, despite the oversaturation argument, Trek still has some good and entertaining stories left to tell.

    [ Reply to This | Parent Comment ]

    One small weirdness...
    By Republicanus ( ) at 09:22:37 on February 13 2003
    URL: | User Info
    ...in this very good episode.

    The only part I didn't like was when Archer beat up a girl.

    Somehow, it was just too funny.

    [ Reply to This | Parent Comment ]

    Finally, a true Federation-building episode
    By ety3 ( ) at 08:50:01 on February 13 2003
    URL: | User Info
    I agree with much of Deus' observations, especially the use of Archer as a diplomat, instead of the overly sensitive, occasionally incompetent (or naive) captain we've come to expect.

    Hopefully, they'll continue to make episodes like this, showing the Enterprise bringing alien races together and getting ready for the big payoff in 2161 when the Federation is founded.

    So, when do we get to see the Tellarites?

    [ Reply to This | Parent Comment ]