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Discovery Channel Looking for TREK Homeowners Who Want Futuristic Makeover


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Typhon Station is a very fastpaced PBeM RPG with skilled, experienced players and a warm sense of bonding and community. We play at the turn-of-the-century, 2400, and are located in the Typhon Expanses, bordering the Neutral Zone, proximate to the Romulan Empire, and near the Iconian Digs, and are on the first warning route of the original Borg Incursion.
We have three stations to post from, SB 185, USS Odyssey, and USS Wraith. They all have general and particular storylines and all interact. This game is not for the faint of heart! The writing is superb and comes hot and heavy. We have some open spots and also we will consider character suggestions. So, longtime RPGers and novices, check us out. See if you want to make Typhon Station your home away from home.

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Posted: 08:58:22 on February 23 2003
By: Steve Krutzler
Dept: General Star Trek
"Have you ever wanted to bring the feel of Star Trek in your home?" asks the Discovery Channel, announcing a new series called MONSTER HOUSE. Produced by the same people who bring the cable network's MONSTER GARAGE to life, the series is touted as a combination of that show and the immensely popular TLC home improvement show, TRADING SPACES.

MONSTER HOUSE will "turn your house over to qualified, imaginative professionals" who will turn it in to a "monster" house. Chosen homeowners will have an all-expense paid RV trip for a week while the transformation takes place. When they return, they'll find their domicile turned into an "extraordinary, Star Trek-themed house." Even themed furniture and applicances could be included.

The show is currently taking applications from qualified homeowners in and around the Los Angeles area. You can email monsterhouse@origprod.com or call 818-503-5875 to apply. You can also fill out an application at the series' web site, www.monsterhouse.tv . There will be compensation to the selected homeowner.

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By steveleenow ( steveleenow@yahoo.com) at 20:35:20 on February 23 2003
URL: http://www.steveleenow.com/ | User Info
...being a student representative on my University's Board of Governors, I'm tempted to heavily advocate for the inclusion of "Star Trek Doors" on the new campus they are now considering development.

Wouldn't that be cool? You wouldn't have to worry about opening doors, especially when you're carrying stuff!


- Steve =)

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Don't get your hopes up just yet
By starbaseops ( starbaseops@yahoo.com) at 11:05:11 on February 23 2003
URL: http://www.geocities.com/starbaseops | User Info
I would have done this in a heartbeat. My wife even said I could (all you married men know that women have 2 votes, and men only have 1). However, when I went to the website to grab an application, there is a disclaimer that states they are only looking for homes that are within a 1 hour drive of Los Angeles at the moment.


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By Brikar ( brikar99@yahoo.com) at 11:05:05 on February 23 2003
URL: http://www.geocities.com/brikar99/ | User Info
...good god. They are out of control.


"Sometimes, when I think about two girls doing a spell, I go and do a spell all by myself."- Xander

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