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First Photo of Klingon Episode "Judgment," Plus Rick Berman Talks ENTERPRISE


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Posted: 09:20:41 on March 04 2003
By: Steve Krutzler
Dept: Enterprise | stenterprise.com
Executive producer Rick Berman speaks about the second half of ENTERPRISE's second season in issue #143 of the Star Trek Communicator, available on newsstands soon. Berman says the year will end with a cliffhanger and episodes like "Judgment" should please fans.

"We’re working our way towards the end of the season—-we’re hoping to have a terrific cliffhanger at the end," Berman told the Communicator's Dan Madsen. "I think as these characters getmore complex, because they have a season and a half of back stories now,it’s getting more fun to develop the interrelationships between them."

The issue also contains the first photo of veteran DEEP SPACE NINE and VOYAGER actor J.G. Hertzler as 'Advocate Kolos', a disillusioned Klingon defense attorney who represents Captain Archer in a Klingon court in "Judgment." You may click the photograph for a larger view.

Click for larger

The bulk of Berman's Update this time around concerns the box office performance of STAR TREK NEMESIS, but Rick says he's not averse to mixing STAR TREK casts--including characters from ENTERPRISE--into future feature films.

You can read the full article in issue #143 of the Communicator, available soon. The issue also features a new interview with ENTERPRISE writer/producer Chris Black, Anthony Montgomery, and an article on the TOS episode "Journey to Babel." Read about Berman's NEMESIS remarks here.

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Season Two (2002-2003)
Prod #Title Airdate
128 Shockwave, Part II 9/18/02
127 Carbon Creek9/25/02
129 Minefield10/02/02
131 Dead Stop10/09/02
130 A Night In Sickbay10/16/02
132 Marauders10/30/02
133 The Seventh11/06/02
134 The Communicator11/13/02
135 Singularity11/20/02
136 Vanishing Point11/27/02
137 Precious Cargo12/11/02
138 The Catwalk12/18/02
139 Dawn1/08/03
140 Stigma2/05/03
141 Cease Fire2/12/03
142 Future Tense2/19/03
143 Canamar2/26/03
144 The Crossing4/2/03
145 Judgment4/9/03
146 Horizon4/16/03
147 The Breach4/23/03
148 Cogenitor4/30/03
149 Regeneration5/??/03
150 First Flight5/??/03
Season One (2001-2002)
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That's a really "sad" photo...
By PokeTrek ( ) at 22:05:34 on March 06 2003
URL: http://geocities.com/atlashill/Poketrek/ | User Info
You can't tell that's Hertzler in there! (Hence, the "sad" reference) I hope more vivid screenshots are posted real soon.


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By cooper2000 ( ) at 13:17:59 on March 04 2003
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By Rat Boy ( ) at 11:45:35 on March 04 2003
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Don't look at him, he'll drive you mad!!!!

Oh wait, I'm thinking of Kollos with two Ls.

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