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Cover Art for LOST ERA Novels, 2004 Calendars and a New ENT Book, Plus Pre-Order Details


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Typhon Station is a very fastpaced PBeM RPG with skilled, experienced players and a warm sense of bonding and community. We play at the turn-of-the-century, 2400, and are located in the Typhon Expanses, bordering the Neutral Zone, proximate to the Romulan Empire, and near the Iconian Digs, and are on the first warning route of the original Borg Incursion.
We have three stations to post from, SB 185, USS Odyssey, and USS Wraith. They all have general and particular storylines and all interact. This game is not for the faint of heart! The writing is superb and comes hot and heavy. We have some open spots and also we will consider character suggestions. So, longtime RPGers and novices, check us out. See if you want to make Typhon Station your home away from home.

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ST4:TVH Collector's Edition DVD

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Posted: 07:14:43 on March 05 2003
By: Steve Krutzler
Dept: Trek Books
Pre-order using the links belowThe Phi Phi books database has added the cover art for two upcoming STAR TREK: LOST ERA novels. THE LOST ERA: THE SUNDERED is written by Michael A. Martin and Andy Mangels and follows the lost voyage of the Starship Excelsior under the command of Hikaru Sulu in 2298:

"Unprecedented peace talks with the violently xenophobic Tholian Assembly trigger a deadly confrontation aboard the Excelsior. Now Sulu and his crew -- including Chekov, Rand, Chapel, Tuvok, and Akaar -- are thrust into an unexpected conflict between the Tholians and a mysterious new enemy, the Neyel whose origins, if revealed, could lead to war with Earth itself.

"As the Tholians weave a web of vengeance, the Excelsior is flung beyond the galaxy to discover the hidden truth about the alien Neyel, forcing Sulu to question where his responsibilities lie -- with the fragile peace he must preserve, or with the victims of his own world's tragic past."

THE SUNDERED is scheduled for publication in August 2003. You can pre-order the book from any of the following merchants to help support TrekWeb:

Pre-order using the links belowTHE LOST ERA: SERPENTS AMONG THE RUINS is penned by author David R. George III. This novel will feature Captain John Harriman, Demora Sulu, and U.S.S. Enterprise-B from STAR TREK: GENERATIONS as well as the Tomed Incident with the Romulans (TNG's "The Neutral Zone"), according to Pocket Books editor Keith R.A. DeCandido. The story takes place in 2311:

"In the midst of escalating political tensions among the Klingons, the Romulans, and the Federation, Starfleet goes forward with the inaugural flight of Universe, a prototype starship that promises to revolutionize space exploration. But the Universe experiment results in disaster, ravaging a region of space dangerously close to the Romulan Star Empire, apparently confirming suspicions that the Federation has begun testing a weapon of mass destruction.

"As the military buildup accelerates on both sides of the Neutral Zone, Captain John Harriman of the Federation flagship USS Enterprise, NCC-1701-B, is fated for a final confrontation with his oldest enemy at a flashpoint in history-with the Beta Quadrant one wrong move from the outbreak of total war."

SERPENTS AMONG THE RUINS is scheduled for publication in September 2003. You can pre-order the book from any of the following merchants to help support TrekWeb:

Pre-order using the links belowThe Pocket Books 2004 STAR TREK calendars will become available in July. This year's slate includes STAR TREK NEMESIS, ENTERPRISE, THE ORIGINAL SERIES, and the SHIPS OF THE LINE calendars. The latter features the Enterprise NX-01 on the cover. There will also be a day-to-day calendar, featuring the NCC-1701 on its cover. You can find more cover images here.

Finally, Psi Phi reports that a new ENTERPRISE novel is set for publication in November 2003: DAEDALUS by David Stern.

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By cooper2000 ( ) at 17:46:15 on March 06 2003
URL: | User Info
was the worst captain ever out of starfleet that we ever saw. The idea that they gave him the Flag ship of Starfleet not to mention his own book is just silly.

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The Lost Ear
By Rat Boy ( ) at 19:01:20 on March 05 2003
URL: | User Info
Certainly sounds like an interesting concept, especially with the novel about the Tomed Incident (one wonders who Captain Harriman's worst enemy could be). I just hope the one with the Tholians isn't already contradicted by "Future Tense."

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